2016 GMC Yukon XL SLE

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Hey guys this is makris on to internet manager at mccarthy chevrolet buick gmc in marshall missouri getting you some information on our 2016 gmc you’ve got an excel as an led so this is a lower level model that comes with an aluminum clip front parking sensors nice alloy wheel set to the running boards roof rails up above for extra cargo just in case the super

Large hatch in the rear doesn’t give you enough space you got privacy glass on all of your rear windows vehicle comes with a remote start you also get a power liftgate rear parking sensors tow package backup camera led tail lights are also included tons of features on the inside as well summit white looks very nice very clean looking ride you also have 4g lte

Wi-fi onboard up front here you’re gonna have a nice set of projector beam headlights with led daytime running lights you also have fog lights included on this model first up we’re gonna go ahead and take a peek inside the front passenger and driver area we’re gonna get power locks windows and mirrors with this vehicle up front you have a child lock as well as

A window lock you do have a bose audio system onboard which is really nice get a set of all-weather floor mats included – power driver and passenger seat with lumbar support you’ve got automatic headlights with fog lights four-wheel drive is also included you’ve got your parking sensor adjustment here traction control and you also have adjustable foot pedals on

The vehicle hopping on in here you’ve got a leather wrapped steering wheel with cruise control and then on the right hand side voice recognition and bluetooth controls and this directional pad will control your drive display up here for you where you can access information on the vehicle as far as your trip fuel economy tire pressure and other information you’ve

Also got your audio phone navigation and other options that you can customize on here too just to the left here on the left hand wand this will control your blinkers brights wipers front and back and the wipers on this are also automatic rain sensing so you can actually just turn that on and leave it on the intermittent setting and it’ll wipe for you depending on

The volume of water hitting the windshield so very nice feature to have definitely loved that driving down the highway shifters gonna be on the column for you with manual shifting capability as well as a tow mode and then last but not least the steering wheel itself does tilt up and down for you up above you’re gonna have a nice sunglass holder and you can see if

You angle this up slightly it’ll hold into place and be a wide angle mirror for you excuse me i’m kind of sniffily right now so you can see all of your passengers without breaking your neck you’ve got led lighting on all three rows access for your power liftgate homelink garage controls here and then a nice auto dimming rear view mirror with your onstar controls

Just below that is going to be your gmc intellilink system you have access to your audio phone projection will give you apple carplay and android auto you have onstar navigation and other various applications that you can download and quick easy access to your presets down below that you’re going to have analog controls for the entertainment system which includes

A tv player here you also have some extra storage with a usb port included in this felt blind cargo tray down below that is going to be your tri climate control system it is an automatic control system so we can set this on auto sync it up to the driver we’ll set it to about 74 degrees that feels comfortable right and you notice that you’ve got triclimate here so

You have rear climate control rear passengers can also control their own climate or you can lock it up front below that you’ve got a 12-volt outlet with two usb ports a little bit of storage for your phone a couple of cupholders a nice little phone holder on top of the center console and then inside you’re going to have 12-volt outlet with two more usb ports and

An auxiliary port and this vehicle also has a rear entertainment system so you’ve got some wireless headphones with the remote sitting in here for you too like i said this sle model has a lot of great equipment and features on the inside for the whole family just over here you’re gonna have a lockable glove box with your owner’s manuals inside and then up above

You’re going to have some visors that are mirrored lit and telescopic it’s going to be about it for the front area guys take note you do have a little bit of storage on the side of the console here too we’re gonna go ahead and check out the other two rows as well as the hatch so you can see you’ve got some great storage and the doors with a bottle holder up top

This sle model comes with a bench in the second row so you have a seating for a total of six people comfortably back here you’re going to have some more power options in the vehicle you’ve got a power inverter that you can plug anything into 12-volt outlet as well as that rear climate control with a little bit of storage down below which is a great place to hold

Those headphones instead of the center console up above is going to be your rear entertainment system you’ve got one screen installed on this vehicle and then down below your passengers get to enjoy their own armrest with cupholders the second row seats do recline as well as fold down for you and they also fold all the way up and out of the way too so there’s some

Great storage configurations on here just real quick taking a peek at the third row back here you can see you’ve got bottle holders on the right hand side cupholders included you also have some on the left hand side with a 12-volt outlet seating for three is available back here too moving on to the back here and the hatch there’s a couple ways to open up this glass

If you’re not familiar with this vehicle looking just under here you can see you’ve got a button that pops open the back glass right here i can get that there we go so that pops open gives you quick easy access to groceries or whatever you might be able to easily grab back here or if you need it all the way open your power liftgate button is down here on the handle

So back here as you can see you’ve got ample storage space even with the third row up here and to uninstall that all you have to do on this model is just reach forward pull this handle and that’s kind of spring-loaded for you so it’s really not much effort made on your part it just flies right on down there so if you can see with the seat belt out of the way so

With this set with a third row fully down you can see you’ve got tons of space here and just for a good example say if you have something just a little bit longer that you need to fit in here but you’ve got a couple pastors here maybe just one that wants to use the armrest you know why not you can fold this down by pulling once on this lever or one more time and the

Seat will come all the way up for you and you can see on the back of these you’ve got a pull tab so that your third row passengers can get in and out of the vehicle quite easily as well so just pull that back down locks into place and then this will not lock into place unless that is latched down there so it’s got some safety features you do have your latch system

For child seats in the second row too so tons of nice features in this vehicle we’re not quite done yet back here as well you have some extra storage underneath here you can see this has a lift support that stands right on up for you for easy access you’ve got a cargo net back here you can see you have a couple of partitions that you can utilize to customize some

Storage for some smaller items and pieces great to keep roadside tools underneath here and things of that nature and then to the right you do have a 12-volt outlet over here for some tailgating purposes so tons of great features in this vehicle you’ve also got again some hooks and handles lighting and ventilation on all three rows too so a great family vehicle this

Has very low miles as well just in the 30s for 2016 that’s pretty awesome if you’d like any more information on this yukon xl head on over to mccarthy chevrolet buick gmc com again that’s mccarthy chevy buick gmc comm make sure you like it share this video with your friends and family leave a comment if you have any questions or compliments about this particular

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2016 GMC Yukon XL SLE By Car Guy Croissant