2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review

The Hyundai Sonata (Korean: 현대 쏘나타) is a mid-size car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1985.

All right i got a question for you when i say hybrid what auto brand do you think of and i bet you the majority of you thought or said toyota because they’ve been so good at making hybrid and toyota synonymous there of course are other hybrids out there but they suffer from a lack of awareness this latest hyundai sonata hybrid is trying to change the brand’s

Perception style and refinement in an economical package the regular sonata sedan got a major refresh last year but the hybrid comes a year later it still has the same chiseled good looks with an oversized grille sharper body lines and in the case of the hybrid subtle badging it might be hard to notice but this car does have slightly different front and rear

Bumpers and a tweaked grille now at the time of recording this segment the pricing for this 2016 model has not officially been announced but if we look at the 2015 hybrid it’s forty five hundred dollars more than the regular gasoline version at just over $28,000 so with almost five thousand dollar difference you have to really crunch the numbers to see if buying

This hybrid version makes up the difference in the cost of fuel even the base model is very well equipped including heated front seats leather wrap steering wheel bluetooth connectivity usb push button start dual zone automatic climate control and a backup camera on this top model with the tech package gets navigation and an upgraded stereo system leather seats

That are heated and heated seats in the back now what all sonatas get is this unique design to the center console that’s wide and open i particularly like all the redundant buttons here if you want to change from radio to media to phone what have you you just push a button same thing for the heat you don’t have to go in through a control unit or a touchscreen it’s

All right there it’s the little things with this latest hybrid that make a difference like the battery pack is now hidden under the trunk floor offering a vast and useful cargo space for families this car is no longer a sacrifice one cool new feature is the hands-free trunk release all you do is stand behind the car it detects the key fob when the truck releases

Automatically and this is standard on all models now this sonata hybrid is different than conventional hybrid systems because the power goes from the gasoline engine through an electric motor to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission a conventional automatic there’s no cvt here and that delivers a ride that most consumers are used to the lithium

Polymer battery pack has been improved by 13% and the regenerative braking system is also been optimized by 10% even the six-speed automatic is more efficient the hybrid system is almost seamless something that couldn’t be said about the first version the easy mode is broader meaning it can drive at low speeds in coast and evie mode even at higher speeds well over

100 kilometers an hour what hasn’t been improved is the ultra light steering feel and vague feedback some drivers might like this but take note if you’re on a test drive this 2016 has some driver ease that lets you know if you’re driving normally economically or aggressively i seem to be in the normal to economic camp returning 6.6 liters per hundred kilometers the

Official rating is 6 litres in the city and 5.2 on the highway so i’m very close to the posted numbers now that’s 6.6 litres per 100 kilometres that i’m able to achieve in this car is driving it in the eco mode there’s driver settings here normal sport and eco and driving with a very light touch or light for me anyway and i’m getting not as good as the registered

Numbers but pretty close now if i was to drive it more of the way i would like to drive it those numbers would tumble quite quickly which brings up the point if you’re going to buy and spend the money on a car like this an alternative to this car is not just a toyota hybrid it’s also a diesel so hybrids one way to go around it but diesel’s and other this new 2016

Sonata hybrid definitely is more efficient in the previous model better looks on the outside and cheery refinements are definitely welcome especially the trunk is much more usable for a family but as i mentioned off the top hybrid is usually synonymous with toyota and that’s a battle all manufacturers face if they’re putting out a hybrid product this one hopefully

Will get some attention the thing is in real-world driving conditions hybrids and diesels get about the same amount of efficiency it’s up to you whether you want to buy a regular gas a hybrid or a diesel this hybrid however is much better-looking remember extended reviews of many of our segments are available online at driving television calm

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2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review By Wheelsca Official Channel