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2016 LITTLE GUY MYPOD MAX teardrop with AC | EverDave #camper #ultralight

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Check out my new [to me] Little Guy MyPod M@X Camper!!!! I am super excited to get this thing out to the local campground. There isn’t a whole lot to it, which is why I bought it. I can run everything off the battery except the AC and the 110V plugs.

Foreign hey what’s up everyone it’s dave and i’m back with another video today oh i gave it away nice so i want to do a video on the new camper that i just got so um this is a uh tooth lean my pod little by little guy now this is the my pod max they have two different versions just the my pod and the ipod max all right so um i will start this video by saying

That i towed it with my subaru impreza i did put a hitch on it and i put a uh the wiring package on it i will tell you disclaimer per subaru for the 2017 at least it is not rated to tow anything all right however i’m told that it will tow a thousand pounds and i can tell you that it pulled this camper without any problems whatsoever all right gas mileage did drop to

About 22 miles per gallon doing about uh 65 to 70 on the highway all right cool so all right so i’ll give you a little tour of the outside of it all right so first thing is um i do have the electric tongue jack that’s on here so that is not standard that’s an option that that they put on it all right it is a two inch bowl so down here you have the 13 inch wheels

It is a full aluminum frame and the whole body is fiberglass all right so you got your roof vent up on the top and then that is a powered roof vent as well so super cool all right i got some chalk blocks down there just in case right i did buy this at camping world i will talk a little bit about that uh maybe later in the video but overall experience was decent

But they definitely have a lot of room to improve um in the way that they handle stuff so anyways uh all right and then left side of the camper same as the right except here you have your panel for cable tv if you want to run cable tv in there and then this is where you hook up your 30 amp service um all right um does have the battery on it of course and then the

Battery is ready for solar panel so you can put a solar panel on here if you want to all right so there’s a quick view of it i know you all don’t really care much about the outside right oh yeah this is the antenna for your radio all right so let’s unlock this puppy and get you all the view of it oh this is um an outside uh porch light that you can control from

The inside it’s hard to see but because it’s daylight but it is on all right so it is hot in here right now but uh so we’ll give a little bit of a tour so okay you do have um two sleeping pads right there is no storage underneath okay so um you cannot store anything underneath of it so all the storage that we have that’s not too bad in here all right so um all

The storage that you have is literally just these two cupboards um this one here and then that one on that side and it does go all the way across so um it’s open all the way in the front so it’s not it’s not too horrible but you do have a little bit of storage so there you go all right um you got a 12 volt radio um and a dvd player it is says it’s bluetooth

I haven’t tried it out yet it does have a um this is the jensen there’s different models i’ve seen different radios i think really they just put in whatever they could get maybe at the time but um that’s that um so uh power there we go yeah all right all right so we’ll turn it off so we don’t get any any uh hits from youtube saying you can’t tap this video

On here all right so um you got a speaker on this side and then you’ve got a speaker over on this side as well um oh yeah let’s do this actually so let’s uh crank this lid open here and i’ll show you the fan so um and then just i gotta turn the no that’s for the ac never mind all right so i gotta check the switch on the top let me pause real fast all right so

Yeah the uh the little safety switch on the top um sticks occasionally so i’m gonna lubricate that but and then we got the ceiling lights in here too so you got two lights one there and one there which is um it’s pretty bright in here so yes um that is an air conditioner so everything in here can operate off of the 12 volt battery with the exception of uh uh

The air conditioner so the air conditioner is the only thing that does require uh you know to be plugged in to shore power or whatever you want to call it it does have an ac fan switch down there and that’s uh so that it did have a just like a fan going on for the ac but i don’t know how much that would cool anything down um i haven’t read the owner’s manual i’m

Told this is kind of like a an antenna for my tv um yeah there’s some sort of name on there but anyways yeah all right so that’s an antenna for my tv which i’m just gonna put up against there right here again so you have a 12 volt plug here so if i want to put a 12 volt uh like um refrigerator freezer type camping one i can do that and then i’ve got two 12 volt

Plugs i mean i’m sorry two usb plugs for charging there and then two 120 plugs or 110 plugs there so um correction of my statement uh previously so you would also need that to be on for uh be plugged in for that to work all right so um let’s uh close these so i don’t smack my head on them and i’m not going to turn the tv on for you right now or anything we’ll

Do that later but this little fan is going to applying nicely and pulling some air through here so that’s cool um the window panels on the side um they’re kind of nice they’re kind of annoying at the same time um so you you to do that is how you close it and then you just push in and and then that slides them open so this one here i’ve got to do some repair on i

Think it’s just stuck wrong but here again same concept slide it open and close it so um it’s actually actually pretty cool if you think about it the way that it works the uh just a little sliding mechanism there see that it’s pretty neat just lines and lines up and it’s closed and then of course they’re open so and the windows are tinted on the outside too so

All right so i know let’s go ahead and spin around here all right so we have spun around so here is the um porch light and ceiling lights i’m gonna go ahead and turn those off because we don’t need them on um then i’ve got a fire extinguisher up here and a uh smoke detector all right so uh and then the door so um i’m gonna all right so i’m gonna lay down on

The passenger side here all right so my head is just a little bit away from it uh for those curious i’m 5 11. all right write about it the army keeps making me shrink a little bit every year but anyways so here we are you can see i got that much space above my head and then we’ll just spin it around and there’s my feet so my feet are inside the door i’ll set

Up without moving my feet so there you go so i assume if you’re six feet tall that you should be able to fit in here um nicely all right and that’s uh so two people yep two people real easily or you know a person and their their dog that would work really well as well now i’m going to show you something else i’m gonna pause real fast um this is my 30 amp cord

And uh some some cancoozies that they gave me anyways um there aren’t any shelves or anything in here so um that’s that is it’s just a very simple uh setup which is why i like it which is why i wanted it i wanted nothing fancy just um something to take and i can go fishing um or camping or whatever the case may be but i wanted an ac unit and i wanted to be off

The ground so let me show you one more option you have real quick all right so if it’s just one of you going right or just you and your dog uh and your dog is is you’re okay with your dog just sleeping on the floor right which i am and she’s used to it anyways and i could bring her little doggy bed in here if i wanted to but anyways you can stack these mattresses

Double thick have sleeping just on one side and storage on the other side so you can put your camping bins in here um your if you had like i said one of those camping refrigerators you could put that sucker right there man and uh plug it in and have uh your food in here inside an ac you know controlled area as you know something that you you know paid for those

Utilities at the campsite um but here again yeah i think that’s a pretty cool setup and it works out really well now they do have a tent option that you can get like a canopy that comes out from the back of this it’s about i think like 350 dollars roughly and then you do have to get one piece that goes up here like a lip for it to hook onto i’m not sure how much

Extra that piece was but that is a view of my camper i’ll go around it here again if you guys have any questions feel free to hit me up um i don’t know a lot about it you know yet other than what i’ve told you just because i just got it and like i said the research for me was i wanted a camper that i could tow whether legally or not with the disciple my subaru

Impreza that would get me off the ground with a little more security and this is what i found oh and i wanted ac in it if possible and that’s what i found all right oh i forgot to mention one more thing for stability it does have um the jacks stabilization jacks and uh here’s a picture of your suspension if you want to see it all right so this is the 2016 my pod

Max max gives it the ac um and entertainment package i believe all right all right so thanks so much for watching i got the sun in my eyes here all right here we go all right thanks for watching i hope you guys enjoy it if you have any questions or whatever please hit me up and as always thanks for your subscriptions uh thanks for your likes and your comments

I really do appreciate it alright thanks so much god bless when life keeps falling and wonder where he is in all this mess he’s right there to guide you unseen you’re not alone

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2016 LITTLE GUY MYPOD MAX teardrop with AC! | EverDave #camper #ultralight By Ever Dave