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2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Review

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In this one I’ll take you for a drive in the 2016 Mercedes-Benz G63! I’ll also go over the exterior, interior, engine bay the history of the G-Class & more…Hope you like!

It was built to feel like it’s gonna last forever and his timeless design is unmistakably mercedes-benz it’s due today courtesy of sun motorcars in mechanicsburg pennsylvania i’d with me the 2016 g class celeste drive what’s up you guys go purdy here today in the 2016 mercedes benz g class and i say g class because of course there is the g550 that starts at 119

Thousand nine hundred dollars but then there is the amg g 63 that’s going to start at a hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred dollars that is what i am in today then there is the g65 that’s going to go for around two hundred seventeen thousand nine hundred dollars as far as the power plants go the g550 is gonna come with four hundred sixteen horsepower at 5,500

Rpm four hundred and fifty pound feet of torque available at 2,000 rpm that power is going to come from a four liter biturbo v8 which is gonna propel the car to sixty and only five point eight seconds so for an suv with the curb weight of nearly three tonnes that’s unbelievable of course that power is going to be set to all four wheels the g does have a permanent

All-wheel drive system and that is going to be set through a standard 7-speed automatic transmission like i said this is not the g550 this is the g63 so this one is going to be powered by a handcrafted 5.5 liter biturbo v8 putting out 563 horsepower 561 pound-feet of torque which is all ready to send this thing to 60 in 5.3 seconds and then that final engine on the

G65 that’s gonna come with a handcrafted six liter amg by turbo v12 making 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque enemy is 60 and 5.2 seconds is he know we have to do we have to do a quick little acceleration see how quickly that 5.3 seconds in an suv really feels like let’s go it feels different at an suv of thalia wow this thing stops on a dime – for as big

As this glorious this thing has got some ridiculous brakes also another really cool thing the reason i wanted to check out the g-class this thing has such an amazing history to it this thing’s been in existence for 37 years now and it’s sturdy frame and galvanized steel body it’s all handcrafted and in addition to that the frame is also flowed with hot wax to help

The g reduce corrosion and the wiring harnesses are also handling and overall the whole process for creating a g class it’s all going to take a little over 40 hours so therefore there’s definitely some exclusivity to this one and then after that 40-plus hour process is completed there’s one single inspector at the very end that’s gonna completely scrutinize the

Vehicle make sure everything is up to par for leaves the factory instruct our germany i hope i said that right but dang i fired this thing up it sounded like such a beast so on that note here’s the exhaust clip i will say as far as visibility goes this this thing is a mammoth there’s a little bit of blind spots in the back two corners like there all with most suvs

But this thing does have rear cross-traffic alert so in my side mirrors right now there are little orange triangles it’s gonna let me know if there is somebody to my left or my right so when emerging i’m not going to have any issues because of that another thing i got to say i’m not used to this thing rides up pretty high i like it though and i can definitely feel

Like with its permanent all-wheel drive system and riding up this high this thing is gonna be an absolute beast in the snow another thing i’m noticing right now i’m a huge fan of is there is a suede finish throughout the interior of this thing and not only that but the seats also come with a diamond pattern stitching that looks absolutely amazing the amg logo is

Embroidered into the backseat rest it looks awesome and of course with the g’s permanent all-wheel drive so also have the ability to lock in the differential settings that’s going to be located just below the infotainment display that’s another reason this thing is just made to go off-road and so although i’m not going to take it off-road one more thing i do want

To test out before i get to the rest of it is there are paddle shifters on this one so i want to see how quickly they react this is an suv a lot of suvs have been known to have slower reacting paddle shifters so let’s give that a shot wow they actually react on a dime the paddle shifters are very quick in this one so no complaints from me anyways that is it for

The test-drive portion of this review let’s check out the exterior now it’s a front and center as the mercedes-benz 3-point star then to both sides there’s led daytime running lights and bi-xenon headlights which sit just behind the chrome grille guard if this design seems a bit straightforward or aggressive it’s because the design was originally developed to

Excel in the military for example there’s the hood mounted lighting for extra visibility when the hazards were on also the flat glass windows were designed to make emergency replacement much easier to accomplish in remote areas of the world so yeah my opinion the g-class looks awesome but it was definitely built to be functional as well anyways continuing around

The side the wheels on the g63 comes sized up to 20 inches with the twin five-spoke design well the g550 will come in at 19 inches in the g65 at 21 inches but then there’s also added ventilation to help the engine breathe along with amg badging found on the g63 ng 65 obviously and there’s also rear privacy glass and new side mirrors to come with integrated turn

Signals as well but then just below that was the rugged stainless steel running boards which definitely helped me getting into this beast and with this being the g63 though perhaps the sweetest thing about this one was the amg sport exhaust which was a dual exhaust setup with genuine side pipes polished and chrome and that sound was simply brilliant so they’ve

Finally around back there’s something that most vehicles actually don’t come with anymore and that’s the rear mounted full-size spare tire which is protected by a cover trimmed and a polished stainless steel and of course there was also some badging to both sides as well but now since them back here to open that rear door simply pressed in on the silver button

And was greeted with a diamond pattern stitching on the inside which was definitely a nice then cargo capacity back here came in at a maximum of 79.5 cubic feet and i did find a privacy sheet as well to help hide whatever cargo i had back there then moving on to the back seats they did come heated rear legroom comes in at 40 1.9 inches and i will say i did have

The front seats back a little more than normal sir just trust me here for a 6-foot adult 41.9 inches is definitely plenty then heading up front the first thing i noticed was the for spoke steering wheel design which is actually kind of nice because most steering wheels out there are three spoke right now and although this one was completely wrapped in leather the

G-class can also come with a wood finish on the top and the bottom as well then this front seats did come ten way power adjustable with memory settings for up to three different drivers the front seats did come heated and cooled as well then looking up i noticed not only a power sunroof but the dynamic a headliner which is basically a suede finish with much easier

Care and upkeep and definitely a nice touch on this one but now to start the g i took this awesome amg key you’re seeing right here put it in the ignition and then upon start up the gauges did do a full sweep and came finished in a clean black and white look with carbon-fiber accents on the interior of the speedometer and tachometer and of course in between those

Gauges was a ton of other information like a digital speedometer the temperature trip information the amount of miles left until you’re out of gas navigation information audio information bluetooth info and other safety information as well however most of the fun tech was found front and center while i was first able to scroll through different audio information

By the way the standard sound system is provided by harman kardon and comes with 450 watts at 12 speakers including a subwoofer then back to that center display everything on that screen can be controlled by using the circular dial located just behind the shifter and yes it was definitely very easy to use but here i could also check out the standard navigation

System bluetooth info and the rear view camera of course which leads me into safety so besides the all-wheel drive and locking differentials there’s also six way airbag protection including dual front airbags plus side curtain airbags for both rows also standard is distronic plus which is an adaptive cruise control system that adjusts your speed to the vehicle in

Front of you then there’s also an electronic stability program anti-lock brakes rain-sensing windshield wipers blind spot assist trailer stability assist parktronic which uses the sensors in the front and rear bumpers to detect objects then there’s also a tire pressure monitoring system adaptive pranking technology brake assist and illuminated entry system in the

End the mercedes-benz g-class is a beast from it’s beefy tires and thirty exhausts to that massive chrome grille guard up front the attention to detail that goes into building one of these is phenomenal with the handcrafted interiors and of course amg’s handcrafted engines when the master technician actually signs his work when he’s finished this one is definitely

Built to last and will get you through just about anything so for the ultimate peace of mind a three-ton g class is definitely where it’s at thank you guys so much for watching be sure to like the video and subscribe it i will see you guys in the next one stay go this thing is a flippin beast

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2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Review By Gold Pony