2016 Mercedes C Park Itself? C Class Mercedes Park assist Active PARKTRONIC Assist w Camera Sensors

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Today’s video will be about the pork churning there are sensors located on the core i will show you the reversing camera the rear and parking and of course the parallel parking so yeah basically a video about pork on pork tonic with some real-life moments how to use it the sensors which misses the distance here between objects is located right there the circles more

Over here and of course the font those circles so let’s go then so if you want to activate the camera put the car in reverse we have to shift this lever up the new of this camera the screen is very big 8.4 inches we also have the 180 degrees camera you have white lines those are the position when i hold the wheel straight and go backwards and the yellow lines

Go where i stare so when i stare fully to the right for example the yellow lines show where the core eventually we’ll beat those lines here are rather over the wheels will be so it’s a very handy system so let’s see import in this situation in the world to reverse but i can’t see the surroundings in that situation i put it in reverse i will go to the 180 degrees

Camera now i can see everything so i will just refer us you can see the sensor on the left side of the car it’s turning orange because i’m getting closer and when you have seen a 180 degrees it also shows the bars where the opa object is located there are also we there are also sensors in the back it’s getting red as you can see and also here if you have it with

The normal lines you can see exactly where you’re going so now i will put it in drive again the lines put it in reverse and off you go so now it’s beeping and i’ll show you what distance i have with a pole in front of me i put it in pork let’s see so it’s good in critical so guys i found a parking space for traffic jam parking so the system is on below i think

A 30 minutes power i give my signal as you can see here it shows an error then i have to put it in reverse and then it says boxes tata yes i pressed ok then i have to do nothing so it nurses put it in drive so i pull it in right i still do nothing no brake no gas no i have to give a little gas so it knows it can go forward and then it says porky’s is finished so

That was pretty easy guys i have to say the system isn’t perfect for example at curves it doesn’t detects and detect the curves that precise and i think small objects are abstract obstacles to and bit for the big course or it’s a pretty good system i’m now trying to find the parking spot you i will give my signal it already did detects parking spots but i want

A specific one this tight spot right here it’s pretty tight so i’ll give it a try so again the arrow i put it in reverse i press ok oh it didn’t work so guys i got this parking spot right here i will turn my signal to the right and drive posted it detects the parkings place with an arrow i’ll put it in reverse i press okay for the boxes and i do nothing let’s see

What it does it’s a pretty narrow space pretty tight so i can see that it wants to hit the curb i think but i feel that it just touches the curb and now i put it enjoy let’s see one of those so it’s correct itself now i have to put in reverse if little guess so yeah i think it misses up put it in the right and not in reverse again that’s the term but it doesn’t

Turn as you can see it doesn’t detect the curve look good so i’ll put it in drive again little gasp know it yes sir it doesn’t turn so you can see that the system isn’t perfect this one filled the ss park assist it stopped i will try to find another spot i forgot to mention guys at the traffic parking it put on the handbrake itself i got a new parking spot so

Let’s go and try it this is this time it’s on the left side so we can now see if the less left side also works that good so let’s go i will turn on my signal it detects the parking spots with the arrow and no press okay let’s see this time it’s pretty good i’ll break a bit for myself because i’m a bit scared now it tells me to put it in drive i have to wait for

The scooter and the bicycle with it yes now put it in reverse a bit of gas so it’s finished it’s finished great so this time it it went pretty good may it may be because there are two cars in the other situation i had one car and a curb with a tree so yeah i think that’s the reason so this is a parking spot so without using the focus is the steering i can show

You with the rear facing camera put it in reverse oh i don’t want to do this i’m prince back but you can also just drive so when i steer the lines move with it so i steer like this and if i have the yellow line at the curb it should be good as well eventually i have just so i’m now in position i hope you enjoyed the video more videos will arrive i will do a video

About night drive you can see it on my channel and goodbye i see you soon goodbye

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2016 Mercedes C Park Itself? C Class Mercedes Park assist Active PARKTRONIC Assist w Camera Sensors By MercBenzKing