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📢📢 2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve 4×4 📢📢

Afternoon everybody clay here at mallard motors got a new truck on the lot i’m going to show you some details on real quick uh before i get started don’t forget that we do have a referral program where you can earn yourself 200 bucks in cash i’ll tell you more about that in just a second but what we got here is a 2016 model nissan titan xd platinum reserve

Edition so this one is going to be all loaded out it’s got everything except the sunroof white in color it’s got the 5.6 liter v8 and it is four wheel drive got the chrome plated front grille you can see it’s got the word titan on the front looks really cool got the upgraded hid headlights got led daytime running lights you also got fog lights on the front and

Tow hooks got a front facing camera which i’ll show you where that comes into play in just a minute also got parking sensors on the front it’s got toe and mirrors on the side chrome door handles and chrome plating on the back side of the mirrors you got blinkers on the mirrors as well kind of got the two-tone thing going on with that uh strip of kind of metallic

Gray running around the bottom got decent tread left on the tires then you’ve got some 20 inch premium alloy wheels i like that finish on there it looks really good you got fixed running boards on both sides goes all the way back to the bed full-size four-door crew cab i love this little platinum strip on the back there it’s almost like a mirror you can even

See me got a towing package on the back parking sensors back up camera spray in bed liner you’ve also got built-in little tool boxes on the inside of the bed as well as some tie downs it does have keyless entry and it’s got remote start start it up with the remote and also kill it with the remote leather interior combination of black and brown unusual but

I think it looks pretty good i like the square stitching in the seats and the brown leather is really really soft softer than this black part you’ve got wood grain on the interior leather on the doors got the cool brown stitching on the black it looks really nice got some heavy duty floor mats back there even have heated seats for the back seats got some air

Vents and an ac outlet got a proximity button on the driver handle so as long as you’ve got the key on you you can lock or unlock the car with that button here i’m going to give you a closer look at the tow and mirrors got power windows power locks power adjustable mirrors programmable seat memory power adjustable seats in the front two seats again with the

Black and the brown looks really good and then the front two seats have the platinum reserve emblem on them power adjustable steering wheel over here it is push to start and i’ll show you that i think the vehicle had to be on for the power to work got a 133 000 miles on the dash no check engine lights got cruise control on the steering wheel and some controls

For the radio and hands-free calling got a nice big touch screen media center built-in navigation all right you also got a backup camera and here this is where you can see the front-facing camera you’ve got a camera on both sides on the mirrors and you’ve got the backup camera so you’ve got a full 360 degree camera right there works really good for getting into

Parking spots you can see exactly what you’re doing uh you got bluetooth so you can hook your phone up for music or calling and you got a cd player and auxiliary input dual climate control over here you can get a heated steering wheel this is your toggle for your collision and your parking sensors got a trailer brake system you’ve got heated and cooled seats for

The front two seats turn dial differential there electronic got the cool platinum reserve logo there closer look at that wood grain i’m trying to remember if i’m missing anything this thing’s got a lot of extras i know it’s got a power sliding back glass and that may be about it all right it’s a badass truck so if i missed something or you want more information

You can give me a call you can reach me at 870-639-9200 um and about the 200 you can earn through our referral program if you’re going to send somebody to us give me a call ahead of time let me know who you are who you’re sending and when they purchase a vehicle we’ll give you 200 bucks in cash just for bringing us business all right appreciate y’all

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2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum 4×4 – Mallard Motors – #TrustTheDuck By Mallard Motors