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What’s up everyone welcome back to park mass but today we’re taking a look at our 2016 nissan titan xd platinum reserve this nissan titan does have the cummins turbo diesel v8 it’s in this awesome black colorway nice gold chrome accents around the whole platinum reserve let’s go take a look inside this 2016 cummins diesel python xd you push the driver door handle

Here you do have your advanced keyless entry nice easy tap on the button to unlock as well as tap fill off as long as the key is in close proximity now on the driver door panel here you’re gonna find your brown and black leather armrest so you do have the nice napa round leather up top rather black feather down below as well as the power windows locks and mirrors

As well as if you have that brown stitching throughout a two-way power memory driver seat storage in the door panel with two cupholders nice wood trimming three rockford ford fosgate style system qfd header typhoon and moving to the driver’s seat here you do have your power driver so you hear lumbar support and you are equipped with this site’s beautiful black

Brown and black leather upholstery you do have the platinum reserve embroidered in the seats there and the flat reserve does look very very nice so go take a look inside so now that we’re inside the platinum reserve titan you do get your push busting start so it starts up on the left side of the steering column you’re going to find your automatic headlight control

As well as your trip reset with your dimmer switch here so you can go through and go through that you do also have your lights here for your fog lights as well as your 400 watt and 150 watt your cargo lamp there as well as the headlight leveling there for the manual headlight leveling on the left hand side of the steering wheel you’re going to find your source

Select for your multimedia and up and down arrow to go through the screen here as well as a side arrow to go through the main settings on the screen give you volume rocker voice recognition and answer and hang up your cruise control on the right hand side but now into the screen here as we scroll over you can see you do have your rpm gauge on the left and your

Speedometer on the right but in the gauge here you can go through you see your kilometer still empty up at the top there you there your off-road uh camber controls your auxiliary gauges for your psi and volts your def level your 4×4 there your trip your fuel economy your direction that you’re facing multimedia you’re listening to your tire pressure monitor the

Sonar the different settings through here that you can go through and set up and change to your preferences but the steering wheel is also is tilting and telescoping all power which is very nice but moving over to the infotainment system here you can find your nice lcd touch screen with the lcd touch screen you do have your am fm and sirius xm radio as well as your

Cd auxiliary bluetooth as well as usb connection then you do have the navigation here as well so you can click into the map here you can navigate the where you want to go a few different options through the screen enter destinations all that stuff you do have different apps on the right hand side for your serious section travel link the voice commands nissan of

The available nissan connect and you can go into the apps if you do have the wi-fi if you do want the 4g lte you can download obviously facebook search online and do a few different apps there as we put the nissan into reversing you get your backup camera with your 360 cam there you also can hit the camera button and see the front camera as well the 360 cam the

Front and the side camera there makes for parking especially downtown as well as you do have your dual zone climbing control with your auto and sink air nice cold air conditioning and then moving down below that you have your traffic control parking sensors and then your heated steering wheel button right to the right there you have your trailer braking with the

Gain control here your usb and auxiliary connection a 12 volt and then you do get the heated and cooled front seats on this dial for both the driver and passenger so both of all they’re all three level settings for both the heated and cooled seats so you do have that option which is very very nice you also have a little bit of storage between that storage down

Below here you can move the cup holders so you can pick which side that you want them on nice and easy to release and just move them quite quickly and you have that storage down below here as well so you can optimize that storage quite nicely storage on the left and right hand sides of the flow through console and then in the center armrest a soft touch leather

Armrest you have a top rubber storage with a quite deep storage down below you also do get the auto dimming rear view mirror here from homelink with your three universal garage door openers it is not focusing on that but you do have the three universal garage door openers up there as well as the sos button and the sliding rear window control for that back window

But let’s go take a look at the rest of the platinum reserve so you’re gonna find that cummins turret diesel badging on the left and right hand sides moving to the headlights here you do have the right led headlights led hm9 lights and your fog lights down below you can see that black front grilling to match the body as well as this off chrome colorway kind of

Has a bronzy chroma to it which is quite nice you have this hexagonal front grille your front camera right up front there very nice styling of the nissan your front parking sensors down below there and your front toe hooks also but moving up to the hood you are going to find the 3m on the hood here so it goes all the way up to a quarter way up the hood which is

Very nice and then taking a look at the key you are going to find the oem remote start here so you can start up the titan xd by nice and easy um start obviously so you can hear that everybody will start up and listen to those here you’ll find your nissan alloy on your all-season tire the 20-inch alloy and moving to the side you’re going to be done on there as you

Come to the back and you have a six foot box with the soft tonneau cover in the back so uh it is removable and foldable but you’re gonna find the platinum reserve on the back here as well which does look very very nice and the 4×4 badging but we can open up the rear tailgate you do have the plastic liner for the tailgate there then the spray in box liner in the

Back here you also do have the razzle on the side and then you can roll off this uh terrifica 2.0 soft throttle cover nice and easily you also are going to find the rear parking sensors in the back here with the nice rear taillight design and see these fly lines throughout the titan let’s get here look what you’ll see them now on the rear door panel you’re gonna

Have the same two-tone leather armrest here with the nice brown napa and the black leather you do have the nice orange stitching to go throughout the rest of the titan power to control storage in the door panel two couplers on the back there in the vacuum you have tons of leg room as these seats are actually all the way back and you’re still gonna find all this leg

Remove it people in the back here very comfortably it seems to fold up in a forward or 60 40 split nice easy to release by pulling the lever they do lock up and have a hook there under below here you’re going to find storage the nice thing about this is that you can pull this out and the rams have a similar surface so you keep your cargo nice and flat and that you

Can lock this up as well so you can lock that with the key and have it locked up so no one can get down here and you can keep things protected just in case but in the back you also can fold these seats down you’re gonna find that nice comfortable leather upholstery and then here you’re gonna find your two cup holders that get that soft touch arm rest and then that

Folds away and you can fold the seats down here by the pull of this little string and you’re gonna find storage behind here with your tools for the jack and all that so you’re gonna have all that stuff and in the back you can find your heated seats for the two side passengers at high and low settings as well as an ac 120 volt that you can turn on or off from the

Front your rear air vents and two more controllers in the back there so you have that with two pockets on the back of the both seats so that is very very nice and lots of room in the back of the titan thank you for watching the quick overview of our 2016 nissan titan xd platinum reserve if you have questions about this titan please visit parkmaster.ca last time

You can find all the information about this titan as well as book this vehicle for a test drive with a qualified test rod you get a 25 visa gift card we hope to see you soon and have a great rest of your day you

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