2016 RAM 1500 Rebel 5.7L V8 4WD Crew Cab – POV Offroad Review

Ride along with us as we drive the 2016 RAM 1500 Rebel through the field course at Autobahn Country Club during the 2016 MAMA Fall Rally.

Hey guys chris aim is here with winding road magazine today we are at autobahn country club driving on the field course with the 2016 ram 1500 rebel this one has the 5.7 liter v8 hemi and is the four-wheel drive crew cab msrp starts at forty six thousand eight hundred fifty dollars and has three hundred ninety five horsepower coming out of that 5.7 liter v8 curb

Weight is fifty three ninety two pretty cool looking truck hope you guys enjoy the drive thanks for watching this is the rebel obviously and what we did with it was we needed a truck and the off-road environment for the half-ton segment they went a little further than what was already out there but not completely nuts so that was so expensive it wasn’t attainable

So okay we had was upgrade 4×4 truck platform already with air suspension and all we had to do is recalibrate the ride height to clear the 33 inch meets no needs now it’s got a lift kit bigger wheels and tires a custom interior and honestly you couldn’t build this truck for what we can sell it for which is about 42 grand with a hemi wow that’s a starting price it

Is we drive for rebel and it’s a it’s a great package including all a little detail work that gets done on the truck but yeah it looks it looks great in here we’re riding at normal i ride heights right now we’re not we’re not as high as we could go so you can actually bump it up another inch or so leave it to a pickup truck to have a cell phone holder haha great

All right there you go yeah that’s right my buddies ram has got a newer truck huh yeah he’s got the dually diesel big one with like the nice beefed up transmission so let’s see if our in this type of a situation we probably want to be at max right i not really not really yeah cuz you’re you’re not you’re not cry poor crawling you’re not needing it you can run

Max height right height but now you risk topping out when you go over with anything okay but so you lower it i place it here at the number three lights that’s amazing okay you can play with it if you want to try it max right i began well my mom loves the air suspension on trucks cuz i can push bob and yeah meal and she can get in and out of it easy oh that’s sweet

Are there any sport settings for you can autumn annually shift a little two buttons on your right thumb on the steering wheel right there okay oh yeah gear – gear plots you can hold a gear if you want to you that’s not bilstein shocks on it so they just fake heat a lot better so you can take beatings like this a lot longer than a standard pair of shocks okay the

Biggest phone is definitely is having 33 inch tires again a little over there now we’re running a pulled pressure right now just about 50 psi if i was going to run like this all day probably drop it down to 25 30 something like that okay something else that we have that our competitors don’t is a leaky suspension system in the back everybody else is run at least

Rings okay not only do you have airbags you also have a link suspension to manage the acts a lot better so you don’t get axle wrapping you don’t get lateral changes from putting pressure on turns which leaks rings just aren’t very good at holding okay because we actually have links that position the axle where we want it at different points in the suspension cycle

Yeah just kind of cruising around here i can definitely feel that that extra grip from the tires yeah are we too will driver for a hearing for your for okay we’ll do one more lap got that nice reverse camera there i’ve always wondered where were we before reverse cameras my uh my mom wanted to buy a new 200 she wanted a car and i said okay where the dealership

In california dealer bought two brand-new black-on-black ram 1500s tim two off-road shop lifted them wheels tires ah put a huge premium on the lift kit wheel the tires and now you got a truck that’s really not set up you know stability control and everything else so we can sell someone who truck like this and it’s good to go yeah that’s right and back librarian

Engineer and it’s been yeah it’s been engineered properly and developed yeah definitely there’s a lot of good power from that hemi throttle response feels nice cool those made for that’s right you

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2016 RAM 1500 Rebel 5.7L V8 4WD Crew Cab – POV Offroad Review By Winding Road Magazine