This is stock number one one two eight nine we are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin your new and used heavy duty truck and ram headquarters today we are checking out this super clean 2016 ram 3500 crew cab long box dual rear wheel this has the laramie trim package it also has the 6.7 liter cummins diesel it has been fully safety and inspected by

Our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this truck is 100 percent ready to go bright white is the color we shoot all of our videos in 1080p 60 frames per second so if you have hd capabilities on your computer tablet or smartphone device turn them on right now because it is definitely your best way to

Check out the quality and condition of the truck before seeing it in person and if you’d like to check out all the photos on this truck in the upper right hand part of your screen is a link to our website click that and check us out there this is a one owner out of iowa clean title history clean um auto check as well has the polished aluminum 17-inch rims and

It has yokohama geolander lt235 adr17 tires and these tires have just about all the tread left on them i’d say probably 80 to 90 percent for sure frame and underbody is exceptionally clean on this truck front fender no dents or dings on there the headlight lenses are nice and clear it does come with the projector lamp headlamps led running lights and factory

Fog lights front bumper is in excellent shape no dents or dings front bumper parking sensors and the hood is very clean as well no dents on there passenger side front fender looks really good do get those fender flares with the laramie package and the passenger side rim no scuffs or scrapes on there looks really good as you go down this side of the truck take

Note of how clean the body is how reflective and mirror-like that paint is we take these hd videos so if you are far away or even if you’re close by and just can’t make the trip down but you’re still interested in purchasing the truck you can see the truck hear the truck and of confidence in the vehicle that you’re looking at before you even get here so that when

You do get here there’s absolutely no surprises and that is why we offer the summit auto fast pass option in the upper right hand part of your screen a link right to our website where you can apply for financing get pre-approved see a payment quote even appraise a trade all from the comfort of your own home so when you do get here all you have to do is drive the

Truck love it you’ll be all set to go those back tires have just as much tread as the front tires very very new this one does have the auto leveling suspension with the rear air bags so it as the load gets heavy this gets pushed up and it’ll automatically inflate those airbags you can see the frame and underbody is very clean on this truck has all the remaining

Factory exhaust and the lower rockers all look really good as well comes with the factory step bars and the dually tub is in really nice clean condition as we come around to the back of the vehicle rear bumper is in great shape it does have full towing package which includes the receiver hitch 4-pin and 7-pin wiring back of parking sensors the tailgate is in

Excellent condition as well this one has a low pro tonneau cover by truxedo and that’s in really nice shape as well and it does have a linex spray and bed liner has the gooseneck and fifth wheel prep package beds in really nice shape you do get a seven pin wiring back here and led bed lighting tailgate shuts nice and solidly and as you go down the driver’s side

Just as clean as that passenger side no dents or dings on the box here and for full disclosure this back rim no scuffs or scrapes on there and down the rest of this side of the truck looks really good really a clean ride for a 2016 especially a heavy duty truck usually they’re not the most well kept vehicles but this one’s been really pampered has the fold out

Tow mirrors they are heated they have directional signals on them they also fold in inside the laramie package gives you the black leather interior there are no rips there are no tears on these seats you get the laramie embossed backrest and they are in really nice condition both of these front seats are heated and cooled we have factory floor mats throughout

Auto headlamps power pedals audio controls in the back of the steering wheel power windows power locks and power mirrors you get the nice wood grain trim and leather bolster on the doors and these mirrors do power fold in i always like showing both sides so that you know all the options are working correctly on the truck we hop inside the vehicle here you can

See that this one has 44 078 miles digital speedometer outside temp and compass display and instrument cluster is very nice and clean you get the heated leather wrapped steering wheel cruise controls on the right bluetooth and information center controls on the left and audio controls on the back of the steering wheel 6-speed automatic transmission with the

Optional tap shift this one comes with the 8.4 3c radio which gives you am fm and sirius xm radio capabilities it also gives you the factory navigation system you have your heated seats and cooled seat buttons and you can also check out that backup camera from the radio here as well and um yeah you got your heating cooled seats you have your climate controls

Here as well including the dual climate controls and if you don’t like using the buttons up there don’t worry you can use the buttons down here more tactile buttons and knobs as well as volume and tune controls turned out four-wheel drive factory brake controller this one does have the alternate trailer height and that’s part of that rear airbag suspension that

We just looked at stability control tow haul factory exhaust brake front and rear parking sensors turn those off and on heated cooled seats and heated steering wheel buttons down there as well 115 volt 150 watt plug-in passenger side floor mat and seat are in excellent condition no rips or tears on there smells very clean inside this truck i don’t think it’s ever

Been smoked in very very well maintained truck map lights homelink buttons for your garage door security systems and lane systems power slide rear window button and on or 911 and assist buttons in that rear view mirror we’ll take a quick look at the back seats and then we’ll start it up and take a look under the hood back seats are just as clean as the front

Seats no rips no tears back here it does have the latch child safety system for any child car seats you may have power sliding rear window with the built-in rear defrost you do get a load floor back here these seats fold up like so that load floor goes down you have a nice flat surface to put muddy boots or tools you’re not going to get your nice leather seats

Dirty or if you’ve got pets you can put both sides down and they got a nice flat place to lay underneath here is more storage you do get a winter front with this truck and on the other side is your factory subwoofer back here you get your heated seat buttons factory floor mat and you do get in-floor storage with removable bins for easy cleaning you can put ice

And drinks in there and it’s like you have two mini coolers wherever you go back the doors have child safety locks on them and the bottoms of the doors all look really really good and we’ll start the truck up see there’s no check engine lights or anything on and i would personally like to thank you for checking out the video today and hopefully from this hd video

You will have been able to tell just how clean this truck is all the way around inside and out under the hood we have a 6.7 liter cummins diesel engine day is very clean runs very smooth once again this truck has been fully safetied and inspected by our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this truck

Is 100 ready to go i would highly recommend it from a quality and condition standpoint and to see more pictures of this truck or one of our other 450 new and used cars trucks suvs minivans wranglers half tons three quarter tons one tons you name it we got it go to that website right there www.summitauto.com full pictures and descriptions of every single vehicle

From two locations all at summitauto.com and if you’d like to check out more hd videos you can go to youtube.com summit auto remember to like subscribe and share on this video and all the videos that you see there back in a second you will see a link to subscribe to our youtube channel and you’re left a link to more ram 3500 truck videos like this one on the right

If you have not been to our website on the bottom link to this vehicle on our website click those check us out and we really look forward to helping you with this super clean 2016 ram 3500 crew cab long box dual rear wheel laramie and bright white clear coat thanks again for checking out the video

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