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B6219 is the stock # for This 2016 Ford Super Duty F-350 Single Rear Wheel Crew Cab Long Box XLT 4 Door Pickup Four Wheel Drive with 6-Speed Automastic transmission White Steel color cloth interior.

Hello to you from prince george motors fleet departments you are looking at a 2016 f350 diesel it’s a long box screw cap calm down and find us just off a highway 97 here in prince george or 1331 central street is once you’re going to put into your google maps give us a phone call at 250 563 8111 and ask any of our sales professionals to set up an appointment for you

If you want to take a closer look at this truck stock number is be 62 19 this is what you’re going to quote them so that you get the right truck all lined up right i’m going to show you a few things on it you’ve got the chrome accents on this truck they’ve dressed it up a bit you come on inside you’ve got the full rubber flooring in here make everything a little bit

Easier cleanup you’re out there doing what you do you’ve got your power windows your power locks in the course your power mirrors as you come on in you’ve got your headlights and of course your dash dimmers there on the left your steering wheel and your tilt steering as well as we come on inside this truck you got your cruise control coming on to the other side

Is your hands-free bluetooth phone and of course your stereo as we continue on to the dash is very basic nothing that’s going to go to out of control for you you’ve got your cd player ja actually is also a six pack cd changer your radio your climate controls your four-wheel drive you got your exhaust control down here of course some storage space 12 volt charger

Traction control and of course the famous sink that you’re going to find on the ford vehicles right down here you’ve got some cup holders that tuck away nicely out of your way because as you can see it is a 40 20 40 split seat so if you got some extra people you’re hauling around you can flip up the center here locks into place and it’s got a three-point harness

Underneath the center seat you’ve got some storage in here as well keep things tucked away out of sight take a look in the back its crew cab and again like i said you’ve got the full vinyl flooring in here makes everything a little easier can’t see it’s a little dark you got a three-point harness all the way across for passenger safety center console for their

Comfort and of course you can flip up the seats one side or both lock them into place and you’ve got some more storage under there we’re going to come on way down the backside of this long box one-ton diesel as you can see again they’ve put some chrome accents on this truck it dresses it up nicely your trailer to a package back here a couple of different sizes in

Here so whatever your trailer hitch are you are your your your ball i guess so you’re going to put in here is gonna fit coming on up just underneath the floor level is your backup camera to gain the chrome accents and a full box liner in this truck come on down in cs prince george motors pre-owned inventory 2016 f350 diesel pickups got 15,000 kilometers on it we

Look forward to meeting you down here and i want to wish you a spectacular day

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2016 White Ford Super Duty F-350 4×4 Crew Cab XLT Long Box Review | PG Motors By Prince George Ford