2017-2020 alfa romeo giulia spark plug coilpack connector removal….

This is the alfa romeo julia 2.0 liter engine uh 280 horsepower same as the 200 horsepower uh we’ll talk about doing a spark plug change the 17 say to do them at 30 000 miles the 19 2019 models say to them every 60 000 miles so uh you know whichever way you want to do it to keep warranty compliant or whatever but nonetheless it’s um easy to do the spark plug

Change same as any other car as far as removing the coil packs the only thing we’ll talk about in this video is how to get the coil pack connectors little harness off um little connectors off without doing any damage if you’re like me you’ve probably broken a lot of tabs on many cars on these so i’ll show you the kind of easier way to do it you really only need

Two tools necessarily probably only one but you know a little flathead screwdriver might be helpful and perhaps the possibility of using a 90 degree pick you probably won’t need this but i’ll show you just in case first thing to remember is uh to make sure the first thing you do is kind of push this um this connector towards the coil pack itself so you know

Usually you think well i want to pull away from it but that’s true but the first thing you want to do is seat it as close into the coil pack as possible and that’s so that this tab doesn’t get hung up on the actual coil pack tab down there so and i’ll show you down the road what what i mean by that so um then we want to make sure we pull this white clip back

You’re gonna hear it unclip actually it’s it’s actually unclipped right now so that’s that’s how it’s gonna look in the clip position you can try it with your fingertip you heard it click um and if that gives you a little bit of trouble or if you got fat fingers or something uh you can just use a screwdriver and just turn it and there it came undone okay so the

Next thing you want to do is while you’re pushing in towards the coil pack you’re going to be pushing down on the um white little tab there the white little connector okay so you’re going to push down on that and then you’re pushing in and then you’ll pull out in one motion and there now that pulled off just fine and the reason why you’re pushing down on that

Tab i’ll show you is see that black tab right there is as you push down on it it pushes the tab upward and that gets it to go over this little tab right here that’s on the quote pack itself now sometimes it gets hung up on it and it’s like you know you try pushing it it doesn’t seem to budge and even though you try and push it in there to to clear the tab it

Won’t work so in that case you could just use this 90 degree pick and you can just kind of get underneath that tab and push up on it and then push back on the connector let me get under there real well and that’s gonna allow it to come right off like that so that’s if you’re struggling with it and that way you know you don’t break the tab or anything like that

But that’s another way to get it off right there and we’ll push it back on and clip it back in and now it’s good and snug again okay

Transcribed from video
2017-2020 alfa romeo giulia spark plug coilpack connector removal…. By bhvrdr