2017-2022 Chrysler Pacifica minivan 3.6 Pentestar oil change DIY

Just a quick DIY video I put together on doing an oil change on a 2017 and newer Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Very easy job that takes 20 minutes at most. No lift or jacking required.

Today we’re going to be doing some more work to the pacifica it’s due for an oil change and it’s probably one of the easiest oil changes i’ve ever done takes no more than 20 minutes with just very basic tools and no reason to jack the vehicle up as you can reach the drain plug just from laying down next to the car this oil change would be the same for 2017

Through 2021 and probably newer ones than that they all have the same 3.6 liter v6 all you need is the oil pan flathead screwdriver for the access panel underneath the drain plug and for the oil filter housing a 24 millimeter and a 13 millimeter for the oil drain plug we’ve got the factory filled pennzoil zero w20 full synthetic and the mopar mo349 oil filter

Cartridge that is it first step is to crawl under the car and you’re going to want to remove the access panel right here all you need is a flathead screwdriver and that comes right down i usually remove it just to get it out of the way after that you’re going to remove the drain plug my bad drains i’m going to move up back to the top crack this so it drains

Easier and then i’ll work on removing the oil filter cartridge which is that 24 millimeter once that’s loose you could just pull it right up and that’s all there is to that i’ll simply replace that wipe any excess oil off and put that one back in don’t forget the new cartridge filter will come with a new o-ring seal just use the flat head screwdriver to pry the

Old one off get a little bit of oil on the new one and put it right back in new filter just goes right in like that clicks in that’s all there is to it one thing that i also want to mention is you do not want to over tighten that cartridge housing as it is made out of plastic and can crack if it’s over tightened once the oil is done draining get back under the

Car re-tighten the drain plug and again you don’t want to over tighten that put on the access panel and you’re done under the car so now we’ve got all the oil drained the drain plug reinstalled and the cartridge filter replaced now it’s time to refill with the oil i’ve got a funnel here and we’ll pour the entire jug of five quarts in the vehicle i actually

Didn’t mean to buy the high mileage stuff but it’s probably no different this car doesn’t have high miles it’s a 2017 with just around 60 000 miles so this will take a few minutes but we’re gonna pour the entire jug as it takes exactly five quarts for the three point six pentas everything is all buttoned up caps back on place dipsticks push down last thing we do

Come around into the vehicle and we’re going to reset the oil life monitor this you actually have to do with the vehicle off but we’ll go ahead and put it in ignition on in the oil life menu simply push and hold okay to reset and you’re done hope this helps you guys you

Transcribed from video
2017-2022 Chrysler Pacifica minivan 3.6 Pentestar oil change DIY By James Powles