2017 Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI | TEST

TEST A4 3.0 TDI |

You are now looking at the newest generation audi a4, more specifically the version allroad. to be honest, looking at the previous modern exterior of allroad, a few people would say that intergenerational change is needed. however the exchange took place, and it really benefited the “plastic” avant. audi really made a4 more attractive in the past few years, mainly thanks to

More dynamical shapes, that still seem very balanced as a whole, chapter of its own is elaborate interior, but first things first. this day is really interesting for me and i will soon tell you why. today is exactly one year from my first article about new generation a4 allroad, i am sitting in the same car, even when i open the article, the included pictures show exactly

The same car that i am sitting in now, even with the same configuration. anyhow, more important thing is, to make everything even better, it finally snowed in martin, and that is awesome, considering the fact that the car has a term quattro in the name, and the more resourceful of you will figure out why am i so happy. and the audi-drive select control is not that great,

But i am not going to. i’ve also been already talking about the top 12,3” virtual cockpit, the great, very minimalistic dashboard, and because i already had the a4 class, i am not going to repeat myself. i have already mentioned the amazing controls, touch-screens and really nice steering wheel, so now i am finally gonna drive. i am now near martinske hole mountain, that

Are covered in fresh snow, but i don’t really care because allroad has 34 mm higher ground clearance, but the chassis is much stiffer here, which really surprised me, mainly in comparison with passat alltrack, that acts nearly as a boat on the sea when you switch to comfort regime. ou will appreciate the stiffness mainly in terrain, because you will have better overview of

The situation and road. it would be useless to look for air suspension/chassis, because that is to be found in a6 allroad. in comparison with passat, this car seems much more compact, with balanced design features, and is more attractive, moreover you can see in the interior, that this is really a premium class, even thought is true that passat has done a good job as well.

Truth is, that passat has more space in the back, the trunk is a bit bigger, because it’s longer. i must say, that a4, compared to mb c-class and bmw 3-series is more spacious. under the hood of this a4 is 2.0 tdi four-cylinder engine, with 140 kw / 190 ps. interesting fact is, that i don’t have the 8-speed automatic gearbox, because that one is to be found only in 3.0

Tdi version, but i have the 7-speed one, that seems very specific for me, because the first six speeds are close to each other, but the seventh speed can be shifted only in 120 km/h. that is, concerning the situation of current diesel cars as bmw of mercedes-benz really extraordinary, considering the fact that the 7th speed is usually shifted in 90 km/h, maybe even less.

In any case, not many people are interested in this, and because you clicked on this video to see what is this care capable of doing when it’s snowing outside, because it has a quattro, the legendary mechanical all-wheel drive. now i am in a place that could represent a home to quattro, so there is nothing holding me back from trying all the well known possibilities

Of this car and really enjoy the ride. now i am a bit higher, and the driveway is not that visible anymore. i am at the exact spot where i have been with the previous a4, which was s-line, so it has trouble with the ground clearance. you have to work with the pedal, it is better to turn off the stabilisation mainly in the off-road regime, so the system does not have to

Uselessly think, and the over-gassing will be more effective and efficient. i’m at a really high point right now, it is basically impassable. i have the off-road regime, i turned off the stabilisation, but i guess this is just too much. oh well, i forgot to mention that today is friday the 13th, i had the a4, and they were complaining that i am wading with the s-line.

They gave me the allroad and the result is nearly, practically the same. but it is true that i got much higher with this car. it’s versatile, very suitable for our roads, the question is, if somebody is actually gonna utilise it. the car’s name is allroad – suitable for all roads,

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2017 Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TDI | TEST By MARTINZMARTINA