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2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger RWD 3500 155 LT w/1LT 47K MILES 6.0L V8, 15 PASSENGER, DUAL A/C

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What’s going on everybody my name is spencer and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another midtown video today my friends you’re looking at a 2017 chevrolet express 15 passenger van lt with the wide exterior with the 6.0 liter v8 engine with only 47 000 original miles this vehicle has been fully serviced to have some inspections needs absolutely nothing go

Ahead and take a look without a byline or density scratches the blemishes no curving scratching on the rims tires have plenty of tread want to go ahead and start with the side doors to go ahead and open up those bam and bam and over upstairs danger odors seats look like they’ve hardly been sat in as you come around take a look at all of the seats very nice very

Clean decent amount of legroom in each row very nice now we’re gonna go ahead and come around to the back these go all the way so does this one just like so and here’s the trunk area very nice very clean the doors there’s a handle and a lock just in case someone is trapped back here um they can let themselves out let’s go ahead and shut that we’re very nice

So go ahead and hop into the front windows power locks again the ripster stains or odors i’m going to take a look at the miles 47 995. let’s go ahead and start this up steering wheel steering wheel options it does have cruise control does have the manual option right here automatic lights different controls heating air controls radio and stereo controls it

Does have auxiliary plug-in difficult tools in here traction control 12 volt plug-in there outlet usb another 12 volt plug-in little storage compartments down here so you can store your phone wallet keys whatever you need three cup holders more storage right there very nice very clean and there’s the rear heating air controls right there at the top very nice

Very clean up the hood hop on down apologize for my sniffling um it is allergy season down here in ohio take a look at the hood no rock chips things dance nothing like that take a look underneath the hood super clean super well taken care of absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically whatsoever like i said before 6.0 liter v8 these vehicles are amazing super

Reliable uh very smooth driving um i drove it you know the other day in a super smooth absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever such a great vehicle for you know churches churches or you know whoever you need to put back there if you have any questions about this vehicle give us a call at five one three four two zero zero zero zero zero or go to our website

At where you can view all the photos i’ve taken of this vehicle every angle imaginable you can also fill out an application get pre-approved for this vehicle or any other vehicle listed on our website once again any questions there’s our phone number 513-42000 thank you so much for watching have a blessed day

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2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger RWD 3500 155" LT w/1LT 47K MILES 6.0L V8, 15 PASSENGER, DUAL A/C By Mid-Towne Auto Center