2017 Chevrolet Trailblazer overview

2017 Chevrolet Trailblazer

You deserve the freedom to explore new and adventurous roads and in the new chevrolet trailblazer there’s room for everyone the trailblazer has always been a front-runner when it comes to power torque and towing capabilities for instance the 2.5 lt 4×2 manual model with 120 kilowatts of power and the new auto model with an impressive 132 kilowatts not to be

Outdone the 2.8 liter engine pushes out a hefty 144 kilowatts the 2.5 lt 4×2 manual model kicks off with an impressive 380 newton winters with the new auto model coming in at 448 and the 2.8 liter models including the brand-new z71 are you ready for this an amazing 500 newton metres across the range six-speed transmissions come standard the 2.5 lt auto and

All the 2.8 models however feature automatic transmissions with manual selection mode and great braking the devil is in the detail and with the trailblazer nothing has been overlooked on the 2.5 lt models the b pillars tastefully blend in with the body color whereas on the 2.8 ltz they’re black the 2.8 z71 however sports gloss black b pillars and matching black

Lower body side moldings the entire trailblazer range stands firm on stylish alloy wheels with the lt models rolling on 17 inches the ltz and z71 set the bar even higher on handsome 18-inch alloys with the z71 s in contrasting black chevrolet have thought of everything the 2.5 lt models offer manual air-conditioning while in the ltz and said 71 you get fully

Automatic climate control in a hurry or want to heat the car up before you get in the ltz and z71 models feature the ultimate convenience of remote start capability the same models also come standard with light-sensitive rearview mirrors which automatically darken when they detect headlights approaching from the rear parking isn’t everybody’s forte and that’s

Where the trailblazers park assist function comes in handy find ria paka cyst on the 2.5 lt models and front and rear park assist with rear view camera on the 2.8 models staying connected is easy in the trailblazer driver and passengers alike can look forward to the mylink touchscreen infotainment system with the bring go navigation app on the 2.5 lt models the

More advanced system in the 2.8 models features advanced embedded navigation and valet mode which locks the infotainment and steering wheel controls protecting you from danger on the road in the 2.8 range is a host of innovative systems like forward collision alert with vehicle ahead indicator lane departure warning rear cross traffic alert beside active safety

Obstacle detection rear-view camera and tire pressure deflation detection in the worst case scenario of an actual accident you and your passengers are immediately wrapped in a protective cocoon of 7 airbags and for added peace of mind the 2.8 models come fitted with electronic stability control traction control hill start assist hill descent control and trailer

Sway assist with innovative features and enhancements like this what more could you ask for how about this a chevrolet’s newly launched complete care package with 5-year 120,000 kilometer warranty and roadside assistance plan 5 year unlimited kilometer anti-corrosion warranty 12 month 15,000 kilometers service intervals five-year nineteen thousand kilometers

Service plan why because we care whatever adventure you’re embarking on there is a trailblazer fit for the task unlock your greatest adventure yet in any of the great new range of chevrolet trailblazers

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