2017 Ford f350 crew cab vs 2017 Ram 3500 crew cab. Part 3. Suspension.

Howdy guys today i want to talk about suspension between these two trucks we got this pickup and then we got this pickup part of the series this is gonna be third part o suspension yesterday’s video is way too long so i’m gonna make this as short as possible what concerns you concern consumers or i should say us consumers couple things comfort ah let’s say vehicle

Control and payload you’re gonna say oh there’s numbers bullcrap you can save those numbers and save yourself some headache all once you hook up i’ma start with comfort ford is the winner ford’s the winner on the comfort it is a smoother ride it’s just a smoother ride it’s a softer ride takes the road a lot better and easier oh let me show you the suspension the

Part where the ford wins is the fact that the spring on it is longer so it has more of a cushioning effect or this one they’re just even see it spring shock fairly flat spring shock we got a step so that’s where the ford gets a softer ride now as far as suspension goes those trailing arms and see that bad boy and then you get this trailing arm there are similar

Guys there they’re a lot a lot alike so i wouldn’t say one’s better than the other but i gotta say the ford rides better and the dodge controls better meaning with the load because it’s not as soft so doesn’t give as easy it keeps the road holds the road whatever you want to call it a lot steadier easier smoother not smooth steady there’s a wander that would be

The word here that i’m looking for oh so comfort for control dodge payload they’re both junk um what happened to those days were won tons were won tons sad story my 99 250 had more leaf spring than my 2014 and 17 dodge with 350 these leaf things are junk guys ram.4 i don’t know what the frick you guys are thinking one buys a 3,500 or f-350 they need payload and

You ain’t giving them junk jack if you load up this trailer load up if you hook up this trailer to this truck this truck would always already be sagging it’s not because as airbags and this trucks not well it’s not sagging because as airbags so as far as payload ram slightly wins the competition we’ll find let’s let’s be all dramatic here as those reviewers are

You know goes to the rim yeah go stare ram ram has a little bit more firmer leaf spring than the ford ford ford with an empty gooseneck sacks pretty bad and then when you load it up it’s it’s no good it was rough for us i don’t know two three months we had the truck with no airbags oh it was tough this truck oh it’s a little better but guys it’s still a joke for

3,500 as i mentioned my total 500 so all quick recap i’m trying to make some videos short as possible quick recap comfort goes to the ford all control what the trailer goes to the ram as far as payload goes to the ram i guess all that a little bit firmer up front suspension goes a long way with the trailer that the truck just doesn’t wander as much as with one of

Those so that’s about it you know if you want payload buy one of these put airbags and never look back i’m nitpicking as far as ford and ram what are you guys thinking about but that’s it you know it’s all i could tell you about suspension one doesn’t blow the other one out of the water nothing dramatic here but it’s just the truth in fact of the matter is just

Effect alright guys as always have a mighty fine day

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2017 Ford f350 crew cab vs 2017 Ram 3500 crew cab. Part 3. Suspension. By PD Diesel Power