2017 Ford Transit 250

Heres a look at a 2017 Ford Transit 250.

Hello everyone today i’m at spirit ford located in dundee michigan taking a look at this 2017 ford transit 250 cargo van this particular model has the 3.7 liter v6 engine as you can see it’s absolutely huge tons of storage space as you can imagine we will go and take a look at the interior in a couple of seconds this particular one does not have any windows in

The back i’ll take a look at the inside starting off you do have your fuel fill up right here and the interior of the vehicle which is pretty cool this stuff up is real easy so it’s recessed a little bit just a short little hop you do have a cup holder down there along with some storage nice handle window controls rear controls – mirrors with a little blind spot

Assistance on the bottom blind spot marriott’s real nice you have a cup holder you have your light controls right here as well as another deep pocket for storage coming to the – you do have a fairly basic – leave your speed tachometer fuel level engine temperature basic readouts kind of like a plasticy feeling steering wheel turn signal indicator washer fluid

Selector pretty pretty big storage bin right up top over the radio and you do have a pretty basic radio hazards heating cooling buttons you have a line in court right there little storage tray as well as three more couple there’s a 12-volt course electress shift knob right here there’s a little bit of storage underneath that cup holder area coming over to the

Passenger side you do have a really deep glove compartment as well as some storage down there and a couple there over there these seats are pretty nice i do like that they do have arm rests feature you do have a lot of room in between the seats the emergency brake the seats are not power so you do have to pull up bar right there to get to get to them to move

Overall pretty basic interior this is a cargo van so not really expecting super fancy you do have a really nice visor however it does not have a vanity you do have storage up above here i don’t know how well you’ll be able to see in there that’s really cool them to do and then you have your map dome light controls right there getting to the rear of the vehicle is

Real easy you just kind of turn and move i am 6 feet tall and i’m standing up with a hat on right now and i don’t hit the top slots really cool you do have a lot of room in here you’ve got a couple beds it’s really nice now let’s go outside and show you how to get in from the outside getting in this vehicle from the side the only way to do it on this particular

Model is to come to the passenger side where there’s the mastiff door and you have side entry into the vehicle as you can see it’s absolutely huge you have led lights up top and in the back to help you load things in low light situations close thing this is real easy you just pull it in it pretty much closes itself no need for automatic closing door to open the

Rear door just pulling the handle and it will automatically come to a stop right here if you want it open farther than that come to this pull it to the unlock position and it will be locked in place with a magnet you do have speakers back here as well which is pretty cool to open this side pull this little lever this is the same it locks unlock it and there you

Go you have an absolutely crazy amount of storage in holland capacity that’s crazy something cool about this one is you can actually open the side door while the rear doors are open and they won’t hit because of the angle so getting up into it it’s easy my steps right there use some more light up into the overhead storage container bin closing everything is real

Easy like i said before pretty much closes pull that off the magnet walk that one this door does have to close first so pull this guy closed closed for good to go it’s pretty awesome once again this is the 2017 ford transit i’ve got a v6 in it here’s a window sticker you have optional equipment with no charge with the exception of the air bags which are $60 base

Price is thirty four five ninety total msrp is thirty-five eight forty-five i’d like to thank spirit ford for allowing me to come to their a lot and do videos if you have any questions i’ll leave their info in the description if you like the video please like and share and as always have a great day

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2017 Ford Transit 250 By DeLo Enterprises