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2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab Silver Oshawa ON Stock #170916

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View photos and more info at This is a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 with Automatic transmission Quicksilver Metallic color and Dark Ash seats with Jet Black interior accents interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector.

Hey it’s beautiful day at mills motor is 240 bond street east and oshawa this is the 2017 gmc sierra 1500 double cab in the quick silver metallic or the nikko tech 3 4.3 liter direct inject v6 engine 6-speed automatic transmission on the inside got child safety locks power windows and power locks right here you got your interior lighting and behind the steering

Wheel you’re gonna find your headlights turn signals and intermittent wipers cruise control here on the left hand side and you got your gear shifter with trailering mode here on the right you also have a driver information center here accessed by spinning this wheel it got trip computer fuel range remaining fuel economy gauging tire pressure monitoring and oil

Life remaining and more and see we also have our hazards located here am/fm radio 6 presets here for your favorites and we also have scrolling tracks here through again you’re gonna plug in via usb and you can scroll through some tracks there on a pair of device media button air conditioning temperature controls front and rear defroster fan speed operator got your

Traction control and led lights for the back of the truck and 12-volt power located here and a little bit of a storage space 40/20/40 split bench seat here in the front all cloth upholstery room for three and if you have less than three passengers you can fold this down you got three cup holders here place to rest your device and you can power up by running the

Cable under here two usb ports as well and 12 volt power divided storage and this will talk about it away quite easily power windows and locks over here on the passenger side and a double glovebox if the top portion is a walking glovebox and had some interior led lighting located above and a sunglass storage compartment all right got 17-inch aluminum wheels here

And general all-season tires corner steps to work yourself in and out of the back of the truck hookups here for trailer and hitch and a locking tailgate lots of space there to work with play with and you’ve got your cargo hook tie-downs located both left and right front and back and led lighting located above into the double cab now bench seat which currently

Is up to show you just how much extra cargo space here you can get power windows in tinted glass and room for three across the back and to put this back in position it’s going to pull this tether right here and down it comes nice and easily and done that with just one hand on the camera so very simply done and to put it into position again it’s going to pull this

Tether push up on the bench seat and stays in place and you’ve got these rubberized floors down here so forget about how dirty they can possibly get because you can just sweep out that dirt get a damp cloth just wipe it clean so those dirty work boots the football cleats all that sort of thing doesn’t matter very easy to take care of and that’s the 2017 gmc sierra

1500 in the quick silver metallic and you want to give this on a test drive come on down to mills motors at 240 bond street east in oshawa or we’ll always do whatever it takes

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2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Double Cab Silver Oshawa ON Stock #170916 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.