2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4WD Double Cab Trailer Tow Package Black Oshawa ON Stock #170249

View photos and more info at This is a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Double Cab 143.5" SLE with 6-Speed A/T transmission Onyx Black color and Jet Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector.

It’s a beautiful day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2017 sierra sle 1500 four-wheel drive double cab in the onyx black with an ecotec3 5.3 liter direct inject v8 engine six-speed automatic transmission it’s got the kodiak edition with these beautiful silver bra ultra bright machined aluminum wheels and z71 suspension package it can do

It all let’s have a look let’s get a look inside the vehicle are gonna start with our power windows power locks and power mirrors as well and you do have heated mirrors on both driver and passenger side and on the driver side you’ve got a spotter mirror as well trailer break over here on the left hand side four wheel drive selector and you also got your interior

And exterior lighting nice leather wrapped steering wheel and on the left hand side behind the steering wheel you’ve got your headlights and turn signals and you also have some toggles behind here where my fingers are to save some favorite and radio stations and scroll through them all you’re on the road and you have congest the volume forum i’d over here on the

Right-hand side of the steering wheel and you also have your hands-free options a driver information center which will take you through now right now we’re on the info page it’ll show you how fast you’re going which is zero right now of course a pair of trip computers so you’ve got fuel range remaining oil lafe remaining tire pressure monitoring and fuel economy

All of that right here the driver installation center included you can also change some radio stations right there at the touch of a button and you’ve got your phone hookups and navigation screen all this can be found right here on your drivers information center and behind the steering wheel you’ve got your gear shifter with trailering mode let’s take a look at

The eight inch touchscreen now start over here on radio show you got am/fm sirius xm satellite radio back to the home screen got your audio options hands-free calling hookup projection for your smart phone for selected apps navigation as well already built into this one so one press here and that navigation screen will come to life to get you back where you want

To go home screen text messaging as well and you’ve got the full range of onstar services in this vehicle and here is your cd player located below volume switch menu control here so if you don’t know god if you’re not comfortable using a touchscreen and some people aren’t you can use the toggle switch and just push that in and you’ve got your air conditioning

And heating here dual climate zone automatic as well so whatever temperature you set on the driver and passenger side it will remain that consistent temperature heated seats as well and you also have your power adjustable brakes located here great for guys like me with some shorter legs and you also have your traction control this will have the led box lights in

The back of the truck light up ultrasonic parking sensors and downhill traction control or a descent rather and speaking of that ultrasonic back up camera there we go have a low key there and if i was to take my foot off the brake here and just sort of coast a little bit closer to that truck or those trees it would give me an audible tone to let me know that’s a

Little bit more closer attention and connectivity couldn’t ask for more we’ve got two usb a pair of 12 volts in a traditional power outlet here as well so you will not be wanting for power that’s for certain lots of storage space and we also have para cupholders here a nice leather wrapped armrest with a wireless charging dock here no cables necessary but if you

Don’t have a compatible phone and that’s not a problem just open this up and you’ve got lots of connectivity inside for devices you’ve got a 12 volt adapter here and located on the other side you’ve got a pair of usb and an auxilary as well and lots of space here for some storage over here on the passenger side you’ll see that we’ve got in all cloth upholstery

Continuing throughout this vehicle and you’ve got your power windows and power locks over here on the passenger side a double glove box in the top portion is a locking glovebox take a look at that pop it open and lots of storage space there for you and the lower one as well and as i mentioned the full range of onstar services in this truck there’s your onstar logo

Right there and above that door openers and some dome lighting hang your little storage place there first time at some sunglasses that sort of thing alright last thing from the interior of the truck take a look here that is a full powered sliding glass window in the back of the truck and that’s controlled right here with just one touch of a button 22 inch ultra

Bright machined aluminum wheels with some heavy duty all-terrain goodyear tires in that z71 suspension package there’s nothing you can’t do in this truck over here you’ve got your corner step and those are your ultrasonic parking sensors in the rear and you’ve got your trailer and hitch hookups ready to go the trailering package coming with this vehicle and you do

Have a locking tailgate sits an easy lift and lower tailgate system so easy is the word we’re talking about here see that one little pull on the handle not tailgate system comes down nice and smoothly inside you’ll find a number of these cargo hooks tie down a load keep it nice and secure and the led box lighting is located right under there and again i’ve got one

Hand on the camera one hand on the tailgate and it’s just as simple as that body color door handles throughout this vehicle open it up and you’ll see some storage space located here on both sides as well as power windows and those will come on the right hand left hand side of the vehicle and you got that nice woodgrain accent there once again lots of leg room here

For your passengers there is your power window and again need some more storage space how easy is this one hand here on the seats and up it comes both of those seats will do that just as easily and those seats again come down with just one hand as i have one hand on the camera and one hand on the seat 22 inch wheels with the tyres said 71 suspension package it’s

Got the rancho brand rear monotube shocks absolute beast of a vehicle and it is gorgeous inside note and it’s the 2017 sierra sle 1500 four-wheel drive double cab in the onyx black with an ecotec3 5.3 liter direct inject v8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission and of course comes equipped with the safety and connective of onstar you want to test-drive this

One and i know you do come on down to mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa let us show you we’ll do whatever it takes

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2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4WD Double Cab Trailer Tow Package Black Oshawa ON Stock #170249 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.