2017 Honda Clarity – 2017 honda clarity fuel cell – New cars buy

2017 Honda Clarity – 2017 honda clarity fuel cell – New cars buy

20-17 honda clarity 2017 honda clarity fuel cell new cars like welcome to our car blog this time we will be shared information about the latest cars is coming from honda brand the title of an article we take is 2017 honda clarity 2017 honda clara v fuel cell new cars like we will be try discuss details about this car ranging from reviews concept redesign rumors

Exterior interior specs changes engine colors pictures release date and also prices congratulation to read and we hope your enjoy it and then we’ll come back again here the 2017 honda clarity fuel cell steps up to a mid-sized form drives like a battery electric car and earn a range rating of 365 miles but you’re still tethered to a tenuous hydrogen fuel link

Network the 2017 honda clarity fuel cell is a midsize four-door sedan that’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell it doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge a battery instead the driver needs to refill it with high-pressure hydrogen at a specialized and expensive station of which there are very few at this point the clarity went on sale in japan in the spring to 2016

And is now offered only in parts of california where hydrogen stations exist it comes in just one trim level but is well equipped for a midsize sedan the clarity fuel cell will be a very low volume police only model though honda is growing in three years worth of free hydrogen fuel still if you’re not near one of california’s academic and clay and near a few the

Link stations as well clarity fuel cells citing are likely to be as rare as those of exotic supercar models within a year it’ll be joined by two other clarity versions those are an all-electric model though reportedly with a small battery that give only about 80 miles of rated range and a plug-in hybrid model with at least 40 miles of electric range which may

Be the best seller among the three the clarity fuel cell is the latest in a long line of fuel cell vehicles honda has built since 1999 all of them released only in handfuls it succeeds me fcx clarity another hydrogen sedan model of which about 16 released in the u.s. from two thousand eight to twenty fourteen its rivals are the trio tomorrow so damn and hyundai

Tucson fuel cell both offered in similarly limited areas although toyota plans to deliver up to 3000 of a variety you’ll sell models each year honda plans to offer only a small fraction of that we spent a day and more than 80 miles in a clarity fuel cell sedan outside santa barbara california in march 2017 including a quick fuel top offset that cities one hydrogen

Station once you find the filling station of the proper pressure and communications interface the clarity fuel cell can be refilled in about three minutes we rate the 2018 see hours at six point zero out of ten although that number doesn’t include the safety score because it hasn’t been rated for crash safety by the nh ts ever ihs and probably won’t be it wins for

A comfortable interior and quiet ride but loses points for strange exterior lines that don’t quite come together and use that’s limited only to the state of california filing em design the 2017 honda clarity fuel cell is about the same size as the honda accord mid-sized sedan but it looks distinctly different the shape looks to have been created from equal parts

Of three departed models the previous clarity fcx sedan the honda insight hybrid hatchback and the honda accord cross our fast that utility vehicle the exterior lines are challenged for flattering angles and in profile the clarity appears for trade at the rear fenders its bulk is slightly disguised by a black roof which holds the eye or the high tailed camp back

Design will be familiar to those who followed high-efficiency green cars the rakish fastback profile has a bit of a list with a prominent lip spoiler at the tail the greenhouse also tapers at the rear to a thorough dynamics which is partly to blame for the odd rear fender contouring the clarity includes like twain aerodynamic wheels under buddy aero channels and due

To the tougher sight lines that the upkick in back introduces an extra rear window in the trunk lid to help with rear visibility honda says the cars are given a lustrous holding that changes its look with the changing light inside the clarity’s passengered space is divided into four spaces one for each occupant with the tunnel creating dividing the cabin down the

Middle a small shifter allows easy finger-tips selection the forward reverse neutral or park modes through a shift by wire system the dash itself is right in step with other honda models although the instrument panel itself offers a more futuristic energy focused layout and trims and door handles do offer a futuristic departure from honda other production models

Performance and efficiency at a simple level the clarity fuel cell is powered by an electric motor rated at 174 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque that drive from the front wheels the electricity that powers it comes from a fuel cell under the hood with a small lamp emv and battery packs under the front seats can provide added power when sudden acceleration

Is needed the 2017 honda clarity uses honda’s latest generation of its so-called v flow fuel cell stack it’s smaller but more powerful and honda notes that if the entire system fuel cell stack power electronic and drive motor fits under the hood in the same space as a conventional v6 drive train the fuel cell runs most of the time that the vehicle is moving the

Battery pack also recaptures energy from breaking or unused energy created by the fuel cell and store that for future use when needed for efficiency or sudden power the clarity uses sophisticated double wishbone suspension and it’s turning radius is just 17 points 7 feet behind the wheel it drives confidently and holds the road better than some other mid-size sedans

Honda says its acceleration and performance are roughly those of a 2.4 liter four-cylinder gasoline vehicle of the same size our rough estimate 40 to 60 mph acceleration was nine point two seconds on a part with mass-market electric cars though not perhaps the mid-size luxury sedan sat the clarity’s price of more than fifty thousand dollars the one disappointment

Is that while the clarity drives like an electric car it’s the line performance is more measured because it can’t pull maximum current from its small battery and the fuel cell prefers to operate at a steady output the clarity fuel cell is epa-rated at 365 miles of range from it’s 5.5 gallons of highly compressed hydrogen that’s higher than the rise 312 miles and the

Tucson fuel cells 265 mile rating as well as higher than any tesla model now on sale in overall energy efficiency honda claims that the fuel cell clarity is twice as efficient as a compact hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle california requires one-third of hydrogen fuel to be produced using renewable energy but virtually all hydrogen fuel today is made from natural

Gas producing carbon dioxide as a by-product the pure battery electric vehicle charged from the grip is still more energy-efficient however in virtually all cases comfort and utility the clarity offers comfortable seating for four adults and we’d like in the driving position to be very similar to that of the current accord the driver’s seat offers power adjustments

In multiple axes though the front passenger seat doesn’t adjust for height it’s a little tight on rear headroom for toddler adults but rear legroom is good as you expect in a large sedan honda suggests a cabin is elegant yet futuristic it includes some nice materials not usually found in mid-sized sedans from volume brent’s including the nice spacious weighed like

Material on the dash surface the interior is made of a plant-derived honda bio fabric there are drink holders for each occupant as well as various trades and storage cubbies including doors pockets and center console space and there’s under trunk storage the trunk itself is 11.1 cubic feet small though likely adequate for a generous run to the grocery store honda

Notes the trunk can’t take four sets of golf clubs suitable for a foursome occupying all the serving spots one of the reasons for the very height trunk line was to provide adequate trunk volume behind the intrusion of a large armored cylinder set crosswise behind the rear feet that holds hydrogen fuel at pressures of 10,000 side the energy information display in

The clarity include the three dimension display with me through four hydrogen consumption the ball shaped gauge battery levels motor output and trip and efficiency information those few screens and the tiny shifter aside however one of the clarity’s advantages over the other two hydrogen powered cars on the market is that it’s quiet enough to be mistaken for an

All-electric car honda managed to muffle the pumps compressors and other hardware that are sometimes audible into yoga i’ve an electric car driver might not know from inside the cabin that the clarity fuel cell didn’t plug in and that’s a compliment safety and features safety features measure up entirely to those in other sedans with sophisticated technology as

Well as the usual complement of airbags the clarity fuel cell comes standard with a rear-view camera adaptive cruise control forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning with lane keeping assist the high-pressure armored hydrogen tanks have been extensively crash tested to ensure that while the car may crumble around them

They will stay intact as in any large sedan with a tail is high rear three-quarter visibility is not good but despite the very high and slanted rear window rear visibility through the mirror is better than you expect due to a window in the panel between the tops of the two rear seats and corresponding window in the trunk lid this gives a two-part rear view with

The lower half being through the top of the trunk compartment but it works there’s only a single trim level for the clarity fuel cell reflecting it’s likely very low sales volume it comes standard with all led lights dual zone climate control power adjustable heated front seats the head-up display for speed and other information and an eight-inch touchscreen audio

System that includes bluetooth pairing along with android auto and apple kakli among other features thanks you

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