2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: His Turn – Her Turn Car Review

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Oh right and welcome to another edition of his turn her tear and i as usual in the hughster important of this paul ryan along with lauren six the car code you play that part well i know i’m identifying as the his turn okay i am her turn lauren six we are here driving something a little different here are we we are in santa barbara california are we in santa barbara

California are we i don’t know where i was you know tonto in about a california with and here since 1913 so i’ve been told just a year before we arrived yeah just speak for yourself anyway we didn’t quite into a lot of drive events and sometimes are like hey you know which one do you pick but when i got invited to this and i knew was a hydrogen powered vehicle i

Said you know i got to do this i really truly it’s only in california i mean how often do you get this opportunity yeah in the analects pointed out this is a california only vehicle for now right now this is the 2017 honda clarity and this is the fuel cell versity f clarity yes so this is a fuel cell i always told new york new jersey massachusetts and connecticut

Which is the northeast corridor those states that they’re looking at next but what they need is one thing infrastructure and they have that already here in california for hydrogen and it doesn’t take any longer to fuel up in hydrogen than it does in gasoline or a car that’s an alternative fuel vehicle i usually kind of go yeah give me some i want to burn some

Dinosaurs i really do and this is trick stuff unless it’s like a porsche 918 or something like that this is a quantum leap this is a this is a big change from what we’ve been used to and the reason why is because it’s the size of an accord you can put five people into it comfortably we’re driving around town it’s it toom quiet it is oddly quiet it really is in

My golf cart quiet and that’s the eerie part that takes you a moment to get used to but once you do you really kind of embrace that i like the torque on it if you just you know the low-end torque if you take a look at the torque curve on a chart it banging spikes and it just holds so it’s really nice in that regard and remember most of the time you drive torque

In your car you know horsepower and it’s a nice number even some that you pull out when you’re playing that game but the the torque is what you really need to drive this has got all the right stuff all of the surfaces are terrific they’re soft they’re nice finishes i i’m surprising myself then i’m thinking you know what i’m never going to give up my 911 yeah but

Never but if i just wanted a car to drive you know just as a daily driver where i didn’t want to put out a lot of money for fuel this would this would make a lot of sense and have you time we wind up in a gas station done place we’re looking at we’re going to make this movie a lot more bountiful this time by coming to north dallas and santa farm how long got the

Deli at this pen i’m mainlining the corned beef and off we go nicely we get it place it’s very busy even the middle today the way we look at before i eat paleo which means you know we no dairy no soy no nothing icky right so there are times i have an exception and that is when it’s real proven with real rami unreal right what’s cool but as we thought on triple d

Which is diners dives and driving and now i’m going to get my first by this because guy serious like he was really loving it already know where to start so that omaha is really risky oh my commute a moment i ate a moment this is that was the real new york pickles i have a home in new york city and there’s nothing like these are real math powers who’s never

Had a real new york help oh my god these are worth the moment this is my first time ever driving a production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle i have driven prototypes before for the ford explorer and they shed the equinoxes against the mid-90s when we thought this was the way to go because the current administration which is the bush administration thought this was the

Smart move police officer look when you put it in sport mode which is what i have now you get this really low like wine like the term violence computing it was so quiet it’s a weirdly quiet and not a minute angle shot it’s kind of like futuristic always guidances beam me up but as far as this being aside the clarity overall it’s nothing different from any how the

Vehicles you would expect it’s got lane launch it’s got the great technology the 8-inch screen everything you would have in any car android auto apple carplay tons of outlets there’s nothing you’re not giving anything up you’ve got five passenger seating you’ve got lots of headroom you’ve got everything you would get in any sort of type of product i think the one

Thing is what you’re getting is the performance and it’s interesting how it charges i’m noticing a charge area here in the digital page in front of me and we’re about half tank looks like no actually one hour about a full tank has better got to learn these new cars there’s nothing different from any other vehicle other than what it’s pushed by what it’s propelled by

And this hydrogen fuel cell technology is cool it’s california only right now which is kind of bad but let’s go find someone and ask some questions so this is the new clarity fuel cell which is a fuel cell electric vehicle and that’s the point it’s in all-electric car rather than get its electricity from batteries it has a fuel cell stack generating electricity on

Demand combining hydrogen from the fill tank and oxygen from the air making electricity as needed so the beauty of hydrogen is that really it can be made from a number of resources and regionally take advantage of the energy mix that we have throughout our country for example where we have lots of solar electricity hydroelectric electricity or wind farms you can

Electrolyze water in make hydrogen hence h2o we have an abundance of natural gas and we can make it from that we can also make it from bio methane which is a renewable resource so today over 33% of all the hydrogen brought to customers here in california comes from renewable resources this is a ever increasing pathway to 100% i came into this thinking it’s going

To be a car that’s what i’m not walking out of this saying this is a car that i could own you know i even know you can’t on it you can leave so you couldn’t yet you lease it that’s true and the numbers what was it like two hundred no no no 369 i see three please i will have it down below the lease rate includes 20,000 miles in the lease package as well as $15,000

In hydrogen you would not know you were driving a hydrogen vehicle except for the fact that it’s so quiet it’s unbelievable it’s so quiet that you hear things that you don’t normally hear in a car that are you’re in every car get smashed out by oh really it obviously was designed well it’s honda i mean they’ve been working on this since the eighties nitrogen is

Everywhere we’re all these trees are giving us more so it’s not being farmed it’s not being 500 he’s smoking something vulcan hydrogen secret hydrogen farms in idaho they told me so for more information on this vehicle there’s more information down below please like share and of course comment subscribe and subscribe hits that button at the top subscribe and of

Course follow us on our facebook page has turned her true and you can follow me at lauren fix else ones of social media just at la you re nf ix and where can we find you i see let’s see i tweeted me paul brian and you can find me on facebook the paul brian der and easily found there the motor minute yeah you’re everywhere yeah i think it’s all over the place and

We thank you so much a fine description is we’re trying to find you the waist you could do is try to find yeah since it’s a given case to be honest

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