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2017 Hyundai Accent Sport

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Good afternoon this is david a pacific toyota and lexus of cannes given the virtual tour of our 2017 high and i ascend sport hatchback now i’ll give you a quick tour of the dealership if you haven’t been here before so we’re standing in one of our two pre-owned vehicle yards as you can see we’re stocking over 130 cars at all times and now that spread across

Two different sites as well on mall grove road which is the main road ends in out of cans we’ve got our lexus of cannes dealership just there as well and the toyota new vehicle sales team is up there as well look just behind them is the service center for all that makes and models of the cars that’s how i sure i’m just there so that’s where the photos get taken

Probably recognize it’s we wrote a sign there well the finance or the admin team lived there as well so it’s a nice lively office so i’ll get you back to the hyundai and as i said on the phone i’ll be as honest as i possibly can even though i did mention everything that i’ve seen on the over the phone with you as well that i’ve seen on the vehicle so we’ll get into

It so there was one little stone ship just there and one little stone ship just there that i mentioned to you other than that front bumpers in excellent condition and as you see you’ve got those alloy wheels there as well see tire tread there as well and coming towards the body of the car and i’m as i said on the find that the body itself is in really really good

Nick you can see that there’s not much or anything that i can see at all so i’m very happy and confident in the car there it’s been your elbow wheel at the back there’s some good tire tread there also as well now i’ll show you the roof just as sure there’s no sign of any howl damage or anything like that for you which is really good so we do a comprehensive car

History report including the driver weigh price for you which obviously shows it’s no money going on it has never been in a ride off and have been flooded all those sort of things so which is really really good the rear bumper this is saying it was just brushed touched so you just got a brushed touch just there and there and also there as well and as you can see

They’re quite about a meter and a meter away and you can’t even barely see it so if it blends in very very well a couple more that we just need to do is just there there and there there obviously something that i can work on i’ll quickly show you the boot obviously you’ve got the sport badge there as well a nice deep boot space especially with this sort of model

Very very nice it’s got your alloy wheel also so it’s a really good bonus plus all that spare tire kits there as well coming towards the passenger side now as you can see that your alloy wheel they’re some good tire tread there as well they’re coming towards the driver passenger side sorry the only one little nickyta seen was just that there which i can even get

That brush for you i said obviously the other alloy there as well so overall the exterior very very good condition i’ll take you through the inside now as well just to show you the seat condition as you can see rear seats in great neck it’s only done 30,000 case so it’s a very very clean car and not really used at all so i’ll jump in the driver’s side cut the one

Key key there which has got the unlock unlocking stuff flick out one you can see there your window switches your mirror switches are there as well and lock and lock the doors you see it here jump in it so you’re writing a screen there as well aircon controls that’s okay what the service both all the books in there as well got a service cool this history the

22nd of the 29th to the second saturday lost weight overall a very very nice as well especially the hood lining all of that really really nice they are quickly show you the kilometers just there so thirty thousand four eight zero so accessories just then so i’ll pop that on it and just show you underneath the engine bay as well just so you got as you can see the

Condition yeah the little little engine that it does have as you can see no songs of any accident damage or anything like that we do do the checks before which is really really good but overall a very very nice reliable little car and a very nice great little hatch that’ll be very fuel-efficient in a reliable car especially with the factory warranty and you can’t

Extend that through our mechanical protection plan as well so we can have a chat about that later on but for now thanks for watching the video and we’ll be in contact soon

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2017 Hyundai Accent Sport By David Di Lucchio – Pacific Toyota \u0026 Lexus