2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited With Ultimate Package

Are you looking for a midsize sedan at a great price? This Sonata Features features a gorgeous upscale interior that is very spacious regardless if you are sitting in the front or back. The Hybrid powerplant makes plenty of horsepower for merging and passing yet sips fuel delivery an EPA city rating of 38-mpg and 43-mpg highway. The Limited Trim package provides you with luxury car-like features and comfort.

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this gorgeous 2017 honda sonata hybrid uh this is a limited with the ultimate package making it the ultimate version of the hybrid sonata that you can get if you’re looking for a fuel efficient vehicle uh that has lots of luxury car comfort low ownership costs at a great price point this is

Definitely worth a look i acquired this one from tesla uh as you know tesla only or maybe you don’t know tesla sells new teslas and for used cars obviously people might trade in a variety of uh used cars for a new or used tesla but tesla dealerships are only equipped to sell tesla’s so any off-brand vehicles like this that they’ve taken on trade uh they wholesale

Them to dealerships uh like us and i would definitely jump at the opportunity to get this one because this sonata only has fifteen thousand uh 534 miles at the time of making this video very low mileage for 2017 and according to my market research it’s actually the lowest mileage 2017 honda hyundai sonata limited for sale in the area possibly even in the west

Coast uh so really is a lot of bang for your buck i even have the original build sheet on it uh this had an msrp of thirty five thousand six hundred five dollars uh right now it’s a price in the low twenties uh i don’t talk about exact prices in my videos because uh prices for us um they change on a weekly basis we do market-based pricing on all our cars so we

Have software that looks at the market conditions or continuously adjusting the prices of our inventory so if i said a price on this video um it might not be accurate after a week or two because we likely change it uh so thirty five thousand six hundred five dollar original srp uh the limited has a lot of standard equipment but the ultimate package is a pretty

Hefty optin option package the ultimate package was a 4 400 option package so when you’re doing your shopping make sure you compare apples to apples because obviously a hyundai sonata limited with the ultimate package uh is certainly worth more than one that doesn’t so uh if you see some that maybe are a similar price but one has the ultimate package and one

Doesn’t uh then the one with the ultimate package might be a little bit better of a buy with that package you get a panoramic sunroof with a tilt slide i mean sorry that tilts and opens some panameric roofs they don’t open like our infinity kx30 it has a glass roof panel but it doesn’t open but as you see this one does and if it does get too bright out which it’s

Kind of happening now luckily uh beautiful day today uh you have a sun shade to help dim things down uh we have high gloss uh window uh surround oh that’s part of the um that’s part of the panameric roof uh we have smart cruise control with stop start capability so it looks like it’s a full speed uh adaptive cruise control forward collision warning lane departure

Warning automatic high beam assist rear parking assist electronic parking brake with automatic vehicle hold uh navigation system with eight inch touchscreen display then you get an infiniti uh sound system uh with a subwoofer an amplifier with 400 watts of power that’s pretty pretty a good amount of power for that sound system and so you definitely appreciate that

If you’re an audio file uh sirius xm travel link that’s going to be a subscription based system that looks like they do offer you a trial led interior lights so that’s all the features you get with the ultimate package and you can also see the honda ice sonata hybrid is pretty fuel efficient as well we have an epa city rating of 38 miles per gallon highway 43

Average right around 40 miles per gallon it does have a good amount of power too definitely not lacking in performance as well beautiful leather interior heated and ventilated front seats i have the ventilated seats on right now it’s kind of hot and muggy out and those feel amazing as we mentioned before this one has navigation a parking camera a nice leather

Upper steering wheel wood trim really is a nice nice interior nice place to spend your daily commute i’d say i love the color combination too silver on gray leather silver is kind of like the goldilocks color not too light not too dark um it’s gonna really hold up and be easy to take care of and you notice that the car was beeping at me that’s just reminding

Me since it has a smart key as you can see it doesn’t have a regular key that you put in the ignition you can easily leave the key and forget the car still running especially being a hybrid the engine’s not running right now but the car is still on so it just gives that beeping noise just to remind me hey i’m still i’m still running don’t forget they shut me off

Nice spacious interior even though the hyundai sonata is considered a compact vehicle it has a lot of interior space it’s actually pretty surprising i’m six foot two i had that front seat adjusted from my height and look at all this legroom i have back here it’s actually pretty impressive a lot of other vehicles uh in this class don’t seem to have quite as much

Legroom as this uh so maybe if you’re thinking about using this for uber lyft great vehicle integrated sunshade that’s nice for kids in our car seats those youngsters back there trunk mounted spoiler there it goes beeping again uh hyundai all season floor mats cargo net oh i’d like to also mention too well i had the trunk open a good amount of trunk space some

Hybrid sedans the batteries take up so much space um that you lose some trunk space but it looks like that’s not so much the case with this sonata really is a handsome design easy in the eyes projector headlights give you a great nighttime visibility the whole suite of safety features i really think this is a lot of car for your money and you can see it’s in

Really nice shape hardly a mark on it thank you so much for taking the time today to watch this video hopefully we’ll see you soon and have a wonderful day

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2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited With Ultimate Package By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife