2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited


Hey guys this is matt croissant at mccarthy hyundai in blue springs missouri giving you some information on this 2017 hyundai sonata hybrid limited coming in a nice white pearl coat here you’ve got some nice chrome accents traveling along the side of the vehicle some nice uh pin stripes as well chrome body side moldings get some sharp led tail lights vehicle

Comes with a backup camera as well as a heated back glass nice rear bumper applique as well got the hybrid wheels on here giving you some extra efficiency when you’re on the highway this vehicle also gets some great city economy as well projector and headlights up front with some led daytime running lights turn indicators get some nice door edge guards on here as

Well keyless entry you also have blind spot monitoring on the driver windows here taking a peek inside we’ve got power locks windows and mirrors front two windows are automatic got a nice wood grain trim here as well then you also have some nice memory seating in here which will memorize the mirrors and the seat for you got a power driver seat one two three four

Five six seven eight way adjustable with power up and down lumbar support and to the left here you’ve got dash illumination controls as well as blind spot monitoring options fuel door and trunk release and your traction control let’s go ahead and take a peek inside all right so we’ve got a nice leather wrapped steering wheel here for you this manually tilts and

Telescopes right here as you can see then mounted on the steering wheel you’re going to have controls for voice recognition cycling through your audio sources adjusting volume changing tracks and presets answering and ending phone calls and then on the right hand side you’ve got your window button which will give you access to your drive display here on this

First screen it’s going to show you driving and fuel economy information including a digital speedometer so you’ve got some great information on here next page is for music and the next one you can set service intervals and check your tire pressure as well as the engine temperature and various settings that you can also adjust in the vehicle because this is a

Hybrid there’s some special icons ev lets you know it’s going in full electric mode and then this lets you know that the vehicle is ready to drive because sometimes when you turn it on you won’t hear the engine so this lets you know that the vehicle is on over here we also have cruise control options and then on the left hand side your right hand wand will control

Your blinkers brights and headlights and then the right hand wand will control your wipers and your sprayers up above we’ve got a nice sunglass holder as well as some interior lighting controls auto dimming rear view mirror with your blue link controls as well as home link garage controls right here too then down here we’re going to have the cd player as well

As your entertainment system this is your home screen right here this will show you a combination of your favorite apps and then going over to all menus you can check your radio music images the auxiliary port as well as pandora your phone apple carplay and android auto blue link the quick guide siriusxm weather traffic and travel data you can also access other

Applications like sound hound set up your voice commands and control other various settings as well down below is going to be analog controls for your entertainment system as well as a nice digital clock and down below is your dual climate automatic temperature control system uh this vehicle is equipped with heated and cooled seating for the driver and passenger

Seat and then um with that you’ve also got a nice little power center here with two 12 volt outlets and a usb port and auxiliary port and a nice little storage area shifter is going to be right here putting it in reverse is going to bring up your backup camera the rear mirrors have also tilted downward as well so you can see your rear wheels you can see a clear

View of your bumper here and then moving to the left and right you can see it’s got dynamic passing to show you exactly where the sonata will go as well you’ve got various drive modes on the vehicle you can see you’ve got eco sport in your normal driving mode it’s going to pop right up there on screen for you and then some nice storage here a couple extra cup

Holders center console has a nice upper tray and a deeper well for storage and then your glove box is lockable has all your owner’s manuals inside all right that’s going to be it for the front area let’s not forget our visors have a nice card holder here and here they’re mirrored as well as independently lit they’re also telescopic too so you can slide this in

And out that’ll reach the full length of the window for you all right checking out the back seat here nice and spacious this limited sonata does come with some rear sun shades for you give you some extra shading even with the window open you’ve got some nice storage in the doors with some extra bottle holders as well as some hardback seating with some cargo nets

Or bags and then you’ve got rear ventilation as well as a 12-volt outlet back here and a nice perforated leather back here as well got a nice large armrest with some extra cup holders here and then you’ve got some handles hooks and lighting up above here too now these rear seats do fold down i’m going to show you how to do that here fuel door is on your left sorry

About that got a phone call taking a peek into the trunk here see it’s nice and spacious you’ve got your cloth floor mats back here as well as a cargo net and a tire mobility kit as well nice little accessory then because you have the tire mobility kit typically the spares underneath here but this is where the hybrid battery is kept so that is why you have that

Nice little tire inflation kit that should be able to get you to the dealership get that swapped out rear seats fold down by pulling on either one of these tabs right here and then over here it’s going to be your battery access for the hybrid model as well so that is going to wrap it up for this 2017 hyundai sonata limited make sure you like and share this video

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2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited By Car Guy Croissant