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So daytona beach florida home to hanksters hot rods muscle and collector car showroom where we own all of our cars we are not a consignment dealership we own every single one in the building if you’re watching this video on youtube please be sure to check out our website hanksters.com that is where you can find all of our most current inventory if we

Are funded in full for the vehicle or if the vehicle sells it comes down off of our website but our videos stay on youtube at all times we do not take them down since we are in daytona beach we are home to jeep beach which happens in april of every year you can see thousands and thousands of jeeps um so we sell a lot of jeeps because we’re in daytona and we

Have the beach and jeeps are a hot commodity down here in florida today we’re going to present to you a 2017 jeep rubicon 3.6 liter v6 of course power steering power brakes and ac got the cool american flag there in the jeep grill the halo style headlights put the hood down so we can show you guys the full color scheme on this jeep here it’s like a desert

Sand color or a beige color whatever you want to call it with the black accents it’s kind of a cool combination it is the recon edition all-terrain bfg’s on all the way around you’re going to see a black leather interior on the inside of the jeep and red accents such as the seat belts the netting the jeep in the weather textile floor mats really really great

Condition in this car all of it the leather front and back 26 000 miles on this jeep is the original mileage take a look in the back there just going to see a bench seat some cup holders some grab bars there behind the head rests again red seat belts really nice uh offsets here with the with the beige and the black and the red kind of a really cool color

Combination going on on this jeep life is good awesome uh supporting the red white and blue life is good living in daytona you do have a jeep bag back there with a pull strap the weather textile mat here in the back carpeting underneath is in great shape full-size spare of course tow package red tow hooks on the bottom underneath there coming out of the rear

Bumper you have your brush guards here on the tail lights so if you’re going off-road and taking it in the woods hopefully no tree branches will come back and smack your taillights and knock those out not as much to show you in the jeep here as there is in the classic cars that we show you know this is only being uh not even a three-year-old jeep yet it’s

In great condition got your weather textile jeep floor mat here in the back goes across the entire rear floor there check out the passenger side everything in here is in great shape off manual of course i’ll show you that later on in the test drive presentation soft top i don’t see any uh anything in the paint anything in the plastic front bumpers in great

Shape really really great looking jeep pretty cool huh so we’re gonna take it outside we’re gonna throw it on the rack and show you what the undercarriage looks like this being only 26 000 miles it’s nice and clean then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and take it for a drive here on the beach in daytona so wait a couple more minutes we’ll

Show you underneath and we’ll show you what daytona beach looks like underneath our 2017 jeep rubicon i’m not really going to say much because the vehicle kind of speaks for itself i just want to show you guys how clean the undercarriage is on this thing it’s almost like brand new front disc spray some force the oil pan is nice and dry everything looks good

From the cross members to the exhaust system everything’s still original on me you know it’s the original exhaust probably the original brakes definitely in the original tires which are in good shape really nice looking jeep kind of a unique uh vehicle again we uh specialize in the late 60s early 70s muscle cars is what our forte really is but you know every

Now and then if you come across a sweet looking uh ride you gotta take advantage of it especially when you’re in daytona beach and beaches are highly uh jeeps are highly desirable and also we take you know a lot of people have cool cars we take trade-ins like this vehicle right here we’re gonna lower it down we’re gonna take it out on a ride we’ll show you guys

Daytona and take it to the beach see what’s going on inside our 2017 jeep rubicon the fuel gauge is functioning of course because it’s 2017 uh you have your speedometer not only digital but also analog tachometer 26 000 miles as we mentioned earlier temperature right where it should be this will come with the uh jeep somebody put a heads up phone holder in

There got a mic up here on the sun visor for your bluetooth or your command of your radio here which is an alpine touch screen xm all the bells and whistles of course um power windows you know power door locks of course all your controls down there for your ac and your heat hazards you’ve got heated seats in this puppy not that you need it around here maybe

A little bit in january and february it gets kind of nippy in the mornings but that’s about it volt power outlet you have uh dual mirrors which are power of course four wheel drive e-brake cup holders six-speed our door locks we already mentioned the power windows got your uh console lid here that’s the defender edition i would presume got your little storage

Compartment up here sure what you put in there garage door openers sunglasses who knows whatever you want to put in there you know one thing about jeeps that’s great as they hold their value they definitely especially here in florida they are not cheap to own because you can be five or six years old depending on what accessories you have on them and what

The look of the jeep is you’re getting almost retail money for them all the time no matter what if you’re a private seller it’s a great uh selling point buying point of a jeep not that a jeep isn’t cool enough because they certainly are especially when you can take the top off almost all year round here in sunny florida cruise control obviously again phone

Through the radio horn cool jeep take you up over the bridge onto beach side and see what’s going on at daytona beach today well it is going into winter here in daytona beach so we have a little bit of overcast skies rough waters and lots of seaweed definitely doesn’t look as good as it does on a july or an august day but nevertheless we will have sunshine

This week we’ve had we’ve got some tropical storms moving through this week and this weekend so this is what it looks like when you have tropical weather here in daytona but you are looking at daytona beach the atlantic ocean in our 2017 jeep rubicon we’re gonna hop out here we’re gonna pop a couple photos on the beach for you and then we’re gonna take it

Back to hanksters which is about five miles from here heading back over to the latin bridge on our way to you can hear the door locks locked automatically um we are heading back to the showroom hangster’s hot rods in daytona beach take a look at the inlet there that is shooting to we are in poor horns right now that’s shooting down towards daytona beach norman

Beach hanksters hot rods is in daytona beach and if you’re interested in this jeep it’s 386-944-9219 that is our contact phone we also have a website which is hanksters.com you can see our daytona beach location inventory as well as our homework city pennsylvania inventory this guy kind of looks like we’re in pennsylvania today we have a texas tab a make offer

Tab we have 80 to 90 photos of each vehicle along with these video presentations that we do for you we would love to earn your business we encourage all of our buyers to come in person make a day trip out of it two-day trip hell stay weak there’s a lot to do a lot to see we’d love to have your business hangsters.com check us out you

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