This is stock number one zero nine eight eight we are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin your new and used jeep and jeep wrangler headquarters today we are checking out this super clean 2017 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon recon package this vehicle has the award-winning 3.6 liter pentastar v6 motor it has been fully safety and inspected by

Our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this jeep is 100 percent ready to go firecracker red is the color we shoot all of our videos in 1080p 60 frames per second so if you have hd capabilities on your computer tablet or smartphone device turn them on right now because it is definitely your best

Way to check out the quality and condition of the vehicle before seen in person and if you want to check out all the photos on this jeep in the upper right-hand part of your screen is a link right to our website click that and check us out there comes with the granite crystal painted alloy rims and it has goodyear wrangler duratrac 255 75 r17 tires with i’d say

Just about all the tread left at least 90 percent of the tread or more on those tires in the front front fender is in excellent shape you get the heavy duty decals on the side of the hood there didn’t see any scuffs or scrapes on that front fender this one does have the metal bumpers part of that recon package you get the red tow hooks the led fog lamps the led

Headlamps and running lights get the blacked out grille with the granite crystal inserts you also get the black hood decal which is a anti-glare device there the hood and front grille are in excellent condition no dents or dings on there and that front bumper is in great shape as well passenger side front fender is in excellent condition too and the passenger

Side rim no scuffs or scrapes on that as you go down this side of the vehicle take note of how clean the body is how reflective and mirror-like that paint is we take these hd videos so if you are far away or even if you’re close by and just cannot make the trip down but you’re still interested in purchasing the vehicle you can see the vehicle hear the vehicle

And have confidence in what you’re looking at before you even get here so then when you do get here there’s absolutely no surprises and that’s why we offer the summit auto fast pass option in the upper right hand part of your screen a link right to our website where you can apply for financing get pre-approved see a payment quote even appraise a trade all from

The comfort of your own home so when you get here all you got to do is drive the vehicle love it and you’ll be all set to go frame and under body is in excellent condition you get those heavy duty rock rails with the step pads on them and this back rim is in excellent condition as well four wheel disc brakes on the wranglers and these back tires have just as much

Tread as those front tires as we come around to the back of the vehicle it does have the metal bumper back here as well towing package which includes the receiver hitch four pin wiring get the tail light guards matching spare tires so that’s a brand new tire so you can see how much tread is on a brand new tire compared to uh what’s on the vehicle and those are

Very new tires on there back storage area you do get the case for those front hard top pieces and it’s got a little handle on it as well to carry it once you have those pieces in there otherwise that just folds up and we can kind of sit back here back storage area is very nice and clean and you do get a little bit of storage underneath here as well as the um

Off-road kit then you have those screws for the front hard top pieces you also have holders for your roof and door hinge bolts and then your jack tools are underneath there first thing you’re going to notice is that it has the red seat belts which are pretty cool you get three bolts on each side to take off the back hard top piece and then there’s one bolt up

Top so a total of four on each side then you get your two quick disconnects there and that top will lift right off if you got the front pieces off back door is in excellent shape and shuts nice and smoothly down the driver’s side just as clean as that passenger side i didn’t see any scuffs or scrapes on the color matched hard top looks really good and down this

Side no dents or dings on the doors and for full disclosure this back rim is in excellent condition as well you do get heated power mirrors inside the recon package gives you the black leather interior with the red stitching the rubicon stitched into the backrest like i said you get those red seat belts driver seat height adjuster and these seats are heated

You get the factory all-weather floor mats with the red jeep lettering you also get the red axle lock and sway bar disconnect buttons that’s really what makes a rubicon a rubicon you can see that this one has 43 121 miles you get a compass and temperature temperature display leather wrapped steering wheel that is in excellent condition cruise controls on the

Right bluetooth and information center controls on the left audio controls on the back of the steering wheel and you do get auto headlamps am fm and sirius xm radio capabilities as well as bluetooth notice you get the kind of black almost granite crystal um trim around the air vents speaking of air vents you get your climate control here air conditioning works

Fantastic in this thing stability control downhill assist control 4×4 shifter on the floor and you get your five-speed automatic transmission passenger side floor mat and seat are in excellent condition as well no rips or tears on there smells very clean inside this vehicle i don’t think it’s ever been smoked in and then the front hard top pieces are in excellent

Condition as well does have a holder for a cell phone uh but it does have that badge there that’s underneath there and that uh gives you some information about the recon package as well unfortunately that cell phone holder is on there you also get a 115 volt 150 watt plug-in and we’ll take a quick look at the back seats the back seats are just as nice as the

Front seats no rips no tears back here it does have the latch child safety system you get those red seat belts back here as well and all weather floor mats all the way across these seats do fold down which is nice if you got to haul a bunch of extra stuff and the back doors have the child safety locks on them one thing i also want to point out door hinges look

Pretty good and we’ll take a quick look under the hood i would personally like to thank you for checking out the video today and hopefully from this hd video you will have been able to tell just how clean this wrangler is all the way around inside and out under the hood like i said we have 3.6 liter pentastar v6 motor engine bay is very very clean runs very

Smooth this jeep has been fully safetied and inspected by our server shop has a fresh oil and filter change you can see all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this wrangler is 100 ready to go i would highly recommend it from a quality and condition standpoint and to see more pictures of this jeep or one of our other 450 new and used cars trucks

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Second you will see a link to subscribe to our youtube channel on your left a link to more wrangler videos like this one on your right if you have not been to our website on the bottom link to this vehicle on our website click those check us out and we really look forward to helping you with this super clean 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon recon and firecracker red thanks again

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