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2017 Kia Rio Review – Inside Lane

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This is the all-new 2017 Kia Rio and it aims to take on the Ford Fiesta and Skoda Fabia. The B-segment hatchback has grownup considerably with a mature premium design. Our test car was the First Edition equipped with a 118bhp 1.0 litre turbocharged engine. Kia claim 60 MPG combined.

Now when driving a brand new care i always seem to come back to the same phrase wow haven’t they come a long way so what i’m good saying that i think the reo is the best demonstration of the evolution of the brand yet you had the first generation kia rio that was well this is called it the first generation and leave it at that then there was the second generation

And the styling really started to move on with that car but its third generation where everyone starts to take care very seriously in the b segment and here we are with the 4th generation car a machine that promises to make life even harder for the likes of ford fiesta and scaler fabia this specific kia rio is the first mission and it’s all singing all dancing

First of the run incarnation of the newbie segment hatchback peers design work is once again a talking point as we see the latest incarnation of that tiger nose grill it’s very clean design with rounded edges those distinctive lighting insignias and generally a lower and wider stance the progress doesn’t stop with the exterior inside you’ll find a really nicely

Laid out well designed and in this first edition with it sort of matte red finishes very interesting to look at cabin it’s contoured and stilted and it’s not just a sea of bland grey plastics there’s gloss finishes and the center console is dominated by a new touchscreen infotainment display now there are some scratchy hard plastics on the door panels and things

But generally speaking the car feel was well screwed together and probably something will take a bit of a beating from the children speaking of the little monsters they’ll have plenty of space in the back with all three seats have good levels of legroom even the middle passenger with a nice low transmission tunnel headroom into bad either this first edition car

Get two-tone leather trim seat a pretty comfortable but maybe could do with a little bit more bolstering around the edges as you might expect the top specification car the interior is ladened with toys everything from heat even a heated steering wheel which is quite unusual for a b-segment car there’s loads of charging points all over the place it’s very very well

Equipped but then that said the mid-level 2 & 3 trims also are quite well specified with all of the essentials coming as standard the boot in the all-new kia rio is particularly impressive at 325 liters or 980 litres if you fold that its back seat flat now the first edition rio is the most powerful in the range and it comes with 118 brake horsepower 1-liter

3-cylinder turbocharged engine also produces 171 you can unit absorb which is pre peppy for a three cylinder car paired with this engine is a six-speed manual transmission of a good selection of ratios and doesn’t have any trouble with motorways thanks for that all-important six gear around town the little engine equips itself really well it’s quite refined

There’s not really any vibrations coming back through the cabin and it’s pretty quiet to the urban environment really suits the nerio it’s small proportions makes it easy to park a masti rear window is a little bit shallow you can have a reversing camera which makes life and actually dawdle and it’s light control weight to make it easy to drive and maneuver got

Really strong mid-range punch thanks for that turbo that talk has no problem pushing the car onwards the accelerates at a good rate ones that gets going in the turbo it’s called up there is some road noise that penetrates the cabin but i have to say and that’s under hard acceleration the engine is actually really refined at low speeds the nerio might not be the

Most enthralling car to drive in its class but the increased track the wider footprint does offer more of that reassuring grip here claim that in this model it’s 60 mpg combined and emissions of 107 grams per kilometre as co2 we sciency one of these well endowed first edition cars it’ll cost from seventeen thousand four hundred and forty five pounds which is quite

A lot for a little car we strongly recommend a two or three grade as they represent really good value to the amount of kit that you get inside them the all-new kia rio range starts from eleven thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds progression is a wonderful thing isn’t it thanks very much for watching and let us know what you think in the comments below

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