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2017 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve – T1684

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Hi this is don dawbrick here at knight ford lincoln moose draw just here to show you one of our fresh trades it’s a 2017 lincoln navigator reserve it is the l which is the extended length one and a four by four it does come with the 3.5 liter v6 engine and that’s paired up with the six-speed automatic transmission you got that nice front uh end that lincoln’s have

That lincoln grill and lincoln star in the middle got the nice little lincoln plate that they added onto the front front plate bracket block heated just above that those nice blacked out tow hooks comes with daytime running lights your fog lights nice big 22 inch wheels we’ve got lincoln gator back mud flaps all around the vehicle as you can see there with the

Lincoln plates on mirror caps are chrome you’ve got your turn signal integrated into the bottom there as well as your blind spot information in the top left corner with traffic alert warning if anything is in your blind spots got power running boards you’ve also got remote start um the key fob does come with your command side built into it you can see at the

Top there as well as the tailgate opener at the bottom you’ve also got your door keypad code to get in and out the vehicle using that see your power running boards deploying there you do have your mirror controls just on the top here and they can also fold your window controls as well as your door lock and unlock on the seats you’ve got driver memory settings

For two drivers and they’ll save the mirror settings your seat settings um as well as your pedal and steering column settings that you can see just up there do you have automatic headlights as well on your left hand side you’ve got your cruise control settings on the right hand side you got your audio control settings got that nice big 8 inch display giving you

Access to the infotainment system as well as your backup camera climate controls up front you’ve also got heated and cooled front seats in the front and in the back i’ll show you in a minute you got the heated seats universal garage door opener built into the top of the visor there got your moon roof plenty of storage inside this nice big console come around to

The back you can see you’ve got your bucket seats with your center console in the middle you can see your heated seat controls just between your climate controls in the back here as well as little clock little media controls as well and more power points plenty of space in the back with that third row down let’s open up the tailgate for you as you can see it

Is powered you’ve got a little backup camera underneath the sea and the lincoln badge there and that button is to close the tailgate and we can also power fold up and down those rear seats just at a touch button you can also see you’ve got left and right so if you just want to put one side up or down you can also do that close up the tailgate you got your parking

Sensors all around the vehicle it’s nice lincoln mud flaps and if you’re looking for the vehicle on our website the stock number is t1684

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2017 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve – T1684 By Don Dornbrack