2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF – Better Than The Soft Top?

The “RF,” which stands for retractable fastback, is Mazda’s new addition to the MX-5 Miata lineup. But does it offer the additional comfort and security that it’s supposed to? M.S.R.P. – $34,310.

I found it yup that’s me chris from auto academics and today we’re going to take a look at the 2017 mazda mx-5 miata grand touring rf select the soft-top miata everything is well balanced again knowing i can charge my phone while driving well maybe not everything but we’ll get to that a little later gracing our presence today as a machine gray metallic 2017 mazda mx-5

Miata grand touring rf the rf which stands for retractable bass back is mazdas new addition to the mx-5 model many of the features are similar to the mx-5 we tested last year and frankly that’s a wonderful thing there are 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 205 45 series high-performance tires heated side mirrors led headlights and daytime running lights and combination

Tail lights too because this car is the grand touring trim you’ll find a leather wrapped steering wheel handbrake and shift knob heated leather trim sport seats bose nine speaker audio 7-inch color touch screen with navigation multifunction commander control and a new 4.6 inch screen and gauges that were barred from the cx-9 similar safety features are present as

Well including tire pressure monitoring blind spot monitoring lane departure warning adaptive front lighting and one of our favorites rear cross traffic alert especially since there’s no backup camera present the optional equipment consists of the machine gray paint keyless entry system and the interior package for manual transmissions that adds a lua pedals dorsal

Trim plates and oil cap total msrp is thirty-four thousand three hundred ten dollars or about twenty five hundred dollars more than a soft the fastback roofline of this rf looks fantastic whether the top is up or down and can be operated at speeds up to six miles per hour as you might expect the power plant is the same skyactiv-g two-liter four-cylinder engine

From the original mx-5 that makes 155 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque the skyactiv mt 6 speed manual transmission sends power to the rear wheels the rf weighs about 100 pounds more than the soft top so acceleration is a little slower 6.4 seconds 60 miles per hour and 14.9 seconds for the quarter mile at 90 2.4 miles per hour epa-estimated fuel economy is

Slightly less – at 26 miles per gallon city 33 miles per gallon highway with a combined rating of 29 miles per gallon ottawa condeming saw an impressive 34 point 3 miles per gallon of top-up driving on premium fuel note that there was a bit more highway driving this time around though mazda actually believes that rf owners will spend more time driving with the top

Closed than open well when in rome the entire process takes about 13 seconds and only requires the press of a button buyers tend to be more attracted to hard tops than soft tops because of the extra comfort and security that they can provide and that’s why the rf was built mazda claims that the cabin is luxurious and quiet when the top is up and while it is

Rather attractive in here it’s not very quiet especially not on rough roads or at highway speeds this hardtop is supposed to be quieter than the soft top but i’m not so sure it is thankfully there’s an easy fix that’s more like it now this is how it’s supposed to feel when driving the mx-5 the wind is in my hair and the exhaust note is prominent but not eka

Weak as it is when the top is up the six-speed manual is fantastic the steering wheel responds as if it was connected directly to my shoulders and it’s as if every single quarter has this cars name written on it the only other requests that i might have is that the steering will be just a little bit thicker besides that this is a wonderful experience so there

You have it guys the 2017 mazda mx-5 miata grand touring rf while it’s not as refined as i thought it would be with the top up it looks fantastic and dries fantastic i like it hence in case you were wondering trunk space is the same – if you liked this video go ahead and give us a thumbs up and if you haven’t done so already consider subscribing to our channel i’m

Cristal model academics thanks for watching

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