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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG GLS 63 Review

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View photos and more info at: This is a Black 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG GLS 63 Review Edmonton AB – Wolfe Cadillac with 7-Speed Automatic transmission Black color and Black interior color. (Uploaded by DataDriver).

Your futures are 2017 mercedes-benz cls 63 amg this vehicle is featured in black metallic paint black and frame alloy rims or else of our black leather interior seating heated and cooled seats as well as key to anything with cupholders our backup camera navigation memory now moving on to the interior of the mercedes cls 63 amg we’ll take a look at the door

Panel which features our soft touch black leather with our grey stitching we also have our wooden trim chrome door handle lock and unlock buttons in front and then our chrome adjustments for our seat and a headrest i found out pure as opposed to on the side of the seat we also have our memory seat option and just in front of that we also have our obtain bang and

Olufsen speaker tweeter which looks pretty cool finished in chrome and down below that we have our padded armrest closed handle a chrome trim piece down below or aluminum i should say we also have our rear window lock automatic power windows for front and rear and we have our power mirror adjustment with mirror folden bang and olufsen speaker down below as well

Also finished in brushed aluminum power liftgate controls as well as our full window fold down storage at the bottom portion of the door panel and on the side of the seat we just have a nice aluminum piece instead of our seat controls which are found up here off to the left of the steering wheel area we have a soft touch leather our aluminum daytime running light

Selection as well as our fog lights and an electric electronic parking brake underneath we also have aluminum pedals our gauge cluster with our screen we also have some carbon fiber trim in there leather centered the steering wheel with mercedes badge in the middle phone controls off to the right and then controls for odometer off to the left we also have tucked

Behind we’ll see we have our u selection stock our sorry like your selection our ship or signal and under that we have kind of hidden away here our heated steering wheel option which we can just twist and turn on red let it light up and then this twisted turn off then it also adjusts our steering wheel and then we have our cruise control settings with our adaptive

Cruise behind that we have our pedal ship our paddle shifters finished and aluminum as well very strong feel to those our infotainment screen which i’ll come back to you in just a second let me take a look at the center area here we have our radio controls you can see our keypad off to the to the right and we have our cd player volume control and then shortcuts

For the infotainment screen flow that we have our aluminum buttons for heated and cooled seats we also have the option for our drive modes hazards automatic start/stop system on or off and then our park assist we also have our push start full soft touch leather through here then wood across the dash as well they also have leather across the top of the dash and

A speaker tweeter built in down below we have our dual zone climate controls with our sequential fan speed lighting small storage under that and we have our on and off for our cooled which is the blue and then red is the hid for the cup holders you can also see my turn those on and kind of get on this nice little light pattern inside of the cup holder the red

Is a little bit more unnoticeable then we have small storage or cigarette ash tray with a cigarette lighter or 12 volt charging port whichever you prefer this over top as well center area here so now we have the controls before the screen which we saw up top so we have our back and favorites you can also cycle through things using the knob this pad here is what

We control most of the screen with it does push in similar to the home button of an apple phone how it just pushes in see we can can go through all the settings to zoom and everything using it this pad here this is kind of like the touch screen area and then you just have your options down underneath pits and very wall to hold and then to use the scroll wheel

Right in front of that here you have our traction control manual option and then our sport suspension and lift our drive modes so we have our individual comfort sport sport+ and then our winter driving modes center area we have our dual the opening center console lid felt tray which is removable and then inside we have two usb ports the front seats are featured

In black patent leather we have amg embossed in chrome and then perforated leather in the lower portion of the seat again these are heated and cooled front seats above our rear view mirror we have our sunglass holder finish felt our dome lights and dome light settings as well as our sunroof and moonroof controls we have a full of black suede headliner and dual

Sunroof and moonroof overhead now moving on to the exterior of 63 amg we can take a closer look at the alloy rims with black and chrome accents in huelva mercedes center caps give our v8 biturbo badging and chrome on the side throw on our door handles your privacy tent and around to the rear we have our amg and gls 63 badging as well as dual exhaust we also have

A power activated lift gate now moving on to the rear interior of the gls we’ll take a look at the rear door panel which also has black leather with wood beaver chrome door handle and we still have our bang & olufsen speaker tweeter finished in aluminum more leather throughout the bottom portion as well as our windows switch bang & olufsen at rear aluminum

Speaker and then storage just to the bottom portion back of the front seats we have mesh magazine holders then back of the center console area we have the rear vents as well as the rear climate controls you can see the light just signals the current temperature in the rear and we also have our rear heated seat options and then under that you have our full down

Ashtray the rear seats are featured in black patent leather with perforated leather in the lower portion and this is a seven seater but we just have our extra set of tires for this particular vehicle in the rear right now the 2017 mercedes cls 63 amg please subscribe to our youtube channel for more day we hope to see you in very soon

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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG GLS 63 Review By Wolfe Cadillac Edmonton