2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van | Video with Anthony

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Hey william anthony out here prime motorcars from sadie’s ben sprinter and metris i want to take a second and showcase the metris you inquired about one obviously it’s a special order i don’t have a blue one in stock right now but it only takes a few months to order well let me walk you through one of the 2016 that i have left over this one’s got a few special features

On it i want to show you so the metro span turbocharged 2-litre up front rear-wheel drive which creates a lot of nice things for you as far as the drivers concerns for its handling comfort and the overall payload that this vehicle can do all of these can tell 5,000 pounds and they have a 2,500 payload which cargo capacity right here in the back it actually can haul

60 sheets of quarter-inch sheetrock right in the back this one unfortunately has the bin system which i can which i’ll show you some of the cool things about that inside this is a little bit more loaded up optioned 2016 you can take advantage of for a great price this one has the heated seats because the backer mat pilot navigation it’s got the view steering wheel

Right out of a c-class mercedes benz the leather wrap multifunction steering wheel very nice feels great in your hands it’s got bluetooth for your phone so you can take phone calls while you’re on the road and not have to worry about being distracted by the traffic i mean distracted by the phone call i should say and you get your heated seats right here a really

Nice feature to have up here in new england out here in the back it’s also got the heated rear windshield with the wipers and it also features the ranger bin system in here which we installed for our showpiece but it’s available for you now as you can see it’s got a six-foot general box right here comes also with a little mini toolkit area but you can customize

These however you’d like this is the general bin system like the basic one they have some for heating and cooling heat and plumbing guys electricity guys refrigeration service either way you can get a bin package that fits any needs you have the sliding door right here is great because it lets in a lot of extra wider space so if you had a bigger object you had to

Weasel in there you can get it in much easier also notice it’s got the composite flooring right here this is rugged and durable slides but it’s also not slippery if you get wet on it now let’s take this thing for a drive will william all right so this is one with the ranger ben system is actually a little bit nicer a factory one from mercedes-benz partition back

Here actually doesn’t allow the seats to go back too far the ranger one was designed to give the driver much more easier access to the butte if you’re bigger like myself to get the seats back so that way you can really enjoy the comfort level of the metris get some air going three different drive modes you have comfort manual and sport where it’s a manual you can

Shift it via the paddle shifters right here on the steering wheel like you would a mercedes-benz sedan you also have a track control option two air conditioning alright so one of the things that makes this van special its turning radius just 37 feet so i can turn it in the tightest of corners just like that not a problem at all this is one of the more impressive

Turning radius of any vehicle out there they’re designed for european roads so they’ve had the metris which is known as a different vehicle over there i think it’s the marco polo in a few instances for the van but over here in the metrics aside of things as far as american concern we have been able to experience a van that’s been designed to handle the european

Roads and tuning that europeans have had in their hands for quite some time so a lot of folks who drive these day handles just as well as some of my mercedes sedan cars and look at that turn straighter out in this parking lot just like that so there you have it william – 2016 metro saying i’d love to earn your business on one of these and discuss some options with

You my phone number is two zero seven five one zero two two five zero thank you have a wonderful day

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2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van | Video with Anthony By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough