2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo | Video Tour with Spencer

2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB

– Breezy oh spencer from prime motorcars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine we were going back and forth for a little while here i know you are down in connecticut we are up in maine and today we’re gonna close that gap with this video tour so talk to the phone we’ve got that sold ticket on it for you 2017 mercedes-benz sprinter 31,000 miles vans in great shape

Great condition one of the put together a little video tour i give you a little in and out of the van we’ll start kind of with the exterior beautiful white we got plastic bumpers pretty standard with mercedes-benz sprinters i know you’re gonna be doing this a little bit of what you know as a work fan so really comes down to the condition and i want to show you just

To what you know how good a shape the body panels the vehicle itself is so let’s come along the side of the van you’ll see panels look great no major damage and i’m looking at a major dings or dents and a bodywork that really looks like it needs to be done just again fantastic shape coming around the rear of the vehicle we have our two bay doors in the back that

2500 it’s a low roof sprinter perfect size of thing for what you need like you said this 2017 is hard to find sprinter vans people don’t want to give them up so we don’t have many pre-owned options but coming along to the driver’s side same thing as the passenger body panels look like they’re in great shape looks very clean it’s the 144 wheelbase i know that’s

Important to you easy maneuver easy to drive let’s take a look at the interior inside the sprinter we can take a closer look at the interior now pretty basic setup here up front we got our steering wheel turn indicators high beams cruise control settings right to the left there all of our life settings on this left corner hard for you to see where you are gear

Selector move our full parking brake right there climate control systems nice little clipboard spot here a little storage paperwork stuff like that door locking mechanisms hazards and then this is our center display so we have our radio our telephone multimedia navigation system all control from the screen via these it’s here so easy enough to maneuver through

It’s an ai system to have an end it’s a bandwidth navigation storage and cupholders up front more storage up top above those little mirrors you got there and then more storage in the center console a nice little closing hatch there a good place to put stuff paperwork pens business of whatever you’re doing with the van one of they give you like i said a quick little

Tour go over some of the features give you just a more personal look at it like i said i know you’re down in connecticut we’ll see you on monday figured a little video tour be a fun little way to kind of give you a glimpse of what you’re coming to see so if you have any questions i know we’ve been communicating via a cell phone but my number again is 207 two one

Zero four seven nine six my email is s ro let’s s ro e a driver omnicom fabrizio thank you for watching thanks for working one of those we’re really excited see you here on monday thanks you

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2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo | Video Tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough