2017 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4×4

Avondale Nissan

Thanks for taking the time to view this video this is your 2017 four-wheel drive v6 this is an sv model and here to avondale nissan now it’s brand new your sv comes complete with alloy wheels nice front chrome grille foldable rear side mirrors and of course this is your crew cab mistre 4-wheel drive this is your standard model sv comes with 261 horsepower and

280 foot pounds of torque shift on the fly four-wheel drive with a active brake limited-slip four-wheel drive hill start assist and hill descent control which controls your speed when you’re going down a steep steep hill or embankment nothing nice about these they come with plastic protectors right there and the tailgate keep you from getting that all scratched up

This flex feel capable so if you have an outlet where you can get e85 you can run in either 85 or regular gasoline without having to switch anything does have the locking tailgate as well and nice thing about this one is it does have a full six foot bed this is what they consider their long bed but it enables you to get that full 6 foot or if you fold it down you

Got almost 8 feet front to back versus the standard one which only comes with a about four four and a half foot bed which can kind of see the difference here much shorter bed a lot more utility with this particular model there’s not a lot of these out there so if you’re interested please try to come down and take a look at as soon as possible because there is very

Limited availability on these does have the keyless entry simply hit it twice i lock all the doors let’s be in the crew cab you got plenty of room in the backseat it also has the under seat storage or you can also flip the back up and obtain stuff behind the rear seat does have all your power options your power locks power windows power mirrors nice little cargo

Lamp light up stuff at night there’s your hill descent control and it is also shift on the fly soap up to 55 miles an hour simply just put it in four high to put it into four low you do have to put it in neutral to lock it down but it’s i wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re going you know super steep grade under 15 miles an hour does also come with an extra usb

Port and auxiliary port there along with an extra power outlet cruise control standard on this and also has your bluetooth right here and all your volume controls right here yes comes standard with satellite radio you got to glove boxes one there and also another nice alone right here okay great truck these things last forever very dependable and for the next

Few days we’ve gotten a thousand dollars extra bonus cash available on this truck that may or may not be there come the first of the month so if you’re interested to come down as soon as you can be available all weekend and look forward to hearing from you have a great day

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2017 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4×4 By Your Nissan go to guy!