2017 Nissan Frontier S King Cab In-Depth Video Walkthrough

Product presentation demonstrating the standard features on the base S Trim Level 2017 Nissan Frontier before upgrading to higher trim levels or optioning and packages

Today we didn’t look at the 2017 nissan frontier king cab s model now in this video we’re not going to be covering all of the features offered in the nissan frontier we’re only gonna be covering what features are offered in its most base model now this is america’s most affordable brand-new truck so let’s go ahead and get started now from the outside which you can

Start to see is these nice steel wheels these are 15 inch steel wheels steel rims with general robert tires now the good thing about these tires in specifics even though this is not necessarily an off-road vehicle in its space form these tires have an enormous amount of grip so there’s plenty of videos that you can see online where even on its base trim level is

Up it’s able to go off-roading without a problem now base space this vehicle does come in a manual transmission now the vehicle that we’re taking a look at right now it actually comes in automatic so there’s not a very many differences from the base to the to the for the manual to the automatic is pretty much the same model it’s just automatic just come in a little

Bit more expensive but not too much now from the outside as we take a run i’ll walk around the vehicle you’ll start to notice in a space trim level the rear bumper actually comes painted body color while if you start to going up in trim levels actually becomes chrome personally i think the in the painted model it tends to look very attractive but to each their own

You kind of get it chrome if you want to upgrade to a higher trim level but base you’re gonna get body colored bumper now walking around you can start to notice this nissan frontier it’s a it’s a tried-and-true design from nissan it’s been in the nissan family for a quite a couple of years so it’s been tested reliability you last a very very long time it’s part of

The reason why it’s still around customers still love it it is still capable truck even in space form so base warm it’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine let’s go ahead and open up the hood to take a look so under the hood it’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine you might be familiar with this engine as the qr25de one of nissan’s most famous engines aside from the dq

Series of engines which is offered in the v6 version of this vehicle now in this application you’re looking at about 150 horsepower 171 foot-pounds of torque and that’s 152 horsepower to be exact so it might not seem like much but in this lightweight vehicle it’s able to talk enough about a thousand and fifteen thousand two thousand five hundred pounds more or less

Give or take a little bit now again reliability is one of its main strongest points so even being a four-cylinder this engine has been used in a lot of applications in a nice altima rogue and a lot of vehicles worldwide and of course also here in the sea far frontier so it has power reliability and fuel economy on with the automatic version you’re looking at about

22 miles in the highway it’s not anything that’s gonna compare to something like the rogue or altima gas fires we’re used to the same engine just keep in mind is tuned to have a little bit to handle power differently and in a higher weight vehicle so of course it’s not gonna be as efficient but it’s still potent really really reliable a very little maintenance so

When it comes to this engine one of the reasons why it’s so good has a timing chain versus a timing belt so in the timing chain like this one has there’s no maintenance lifetime warranty is good as for the ip of the engine you don’t have some aving you know there’s really nothing to do with this we like a timing chain that requires frequent maintenance the spark

Plugs or you don’t have to maintain the first tune up to 105 thousand miles and now it comes to all changes on these vehicles every 5,000 miles or six months so again reliability affordability and very little maintenance that’s part of what makes a nissan frontier especially in this form a really really attractive buy again for what you’re paying it’s the most

Affordable brand new truck in america now continuing on with the video brochure there are a few key features that make this vehicle really worth it so now we’re going to talk about the outside features first before we actually start to move on to the inside so for starters one of the coolest things about this vehicle as an active brake limited slip differential

What that means not gonna not gonna get too technical but i’ll make sure to check out the brochure to see in more detail what that’s about you have a fully length full length pulley box ladder frame so this is not a truck based off of a crossover of vehicle like some of this can better this is a fully box ladder ladder frame so it’s a body-on-frame vehicle which

Is gonna mean it’s gonna be more more rugged more capable overall than a unibody truck which some trucks out there are now as far as a convenience is concerned here on the outside so it is the king cap so it is a two-door vehicle but you do have a rear seating as well so it looks like it would be only a two-seater but you have rear access swing doors suicide doors

Lurking so now with the vehicle sent all the way back there is actually a good amount of storage back here i did move around the seat so this is not going to reflect normal seating positions but as you can see it is technically a force of four seater with child with that system here in the back i can actually sit back here if i adjust the seat a little bit i’m

About a little bit under six feet but again it is you can have four adults in this vehicle if you so decide to or you can use it as a cargo area if you decide to so to keep tools a little bit safer you have little hidden compartments underneath with the cargo net here standard on this vehicle just from dustin come included with floor mats that is an option you

Also have back here you have the jacket in in there so it’s out of the way it’s not somewhere where it’s gonna be taken away from cargo area and let’s just move the floor mats here for a second so you can really have so you have a really almost flat floor here in the back a lot ton of cargo area really so as you can see with the seat adjusted just a little bit

You can put the seat backs and you have definitely a lot of cargo space for your tools for people you can have two people here sitting down again it’s not about utility with this drug so it is a work truck it in its base form it does have a lot of amenities as you can start to see a color display right there but we’ll get to that in just a second let’s go in in a

Close this rear hinge door again so you can see plenty of space a lot of usability you can get as this one has a bedliner is an accessory offering even in the space trim it’s not standard but again you can get a bedliner optional in this vehicle so let’s go and hop inside and talk about more comfort features including it here in its base form there’s no packages

That we have added in this base base trim four with an automatic transmission so what you’re gonna start to see on this one there is no power windows power door lock so again all utilitarian the advantage of this is to keep the cost down to make it to keep it as america’s most imported affordable work truck so let’s go hop inside and kind of get an idea what it

Is to be inside so as you notice it was a little bit noisy outside but once we actually hop into the inside of the vehicle it’s extremely quiet you can’t even tell that it it is on but keep in mind the vehicle is on so again the advantage of the roll-up manual windows you are more durable you don’t have to worry about any anything burning out and if it gets way

There anything lands on it so again this is more work so more work oriented so again as long as your hands work europe your manual windows are gonna work and same thing goes to the side mirrors so everything is manual adjusted you don’t have to worry about anything breaking down in the near future in the in the years to come again this is your work truck you’re

Gonna keep it for as long as you need it and everything’s gonna good any everything’s gonna work as good as new that’s really the point of this vehicle keep costs down but keep keep it usable for many many years to come now even though again it is a little bit more work oriented you’re just gonna start to see some pretty nice features so again this 5 inch color

Display you do of course have a bluetooth connectivity in this keep in mind this is all standard no options base base trim level connect your phone and bluetooth making receive phone calls but also bluetooth audio if you decide to so again no cables to connect no wires nothing just have your phone connected to blu blu to the ipod anything that you have connected to

Bluetooth we also have auxiliary and usb if you so decide to use that if not bluetooth can handle all of that you’ll have a standard ac so even and it’s more basic trim forms back in the day it did not have a standard air-conditioning system it had just a fan here with the automatic transmission we have a standard air-conditioning system with five inch display i

Have automatic transmission with controllable here so first year second year third year and then to fourth gear and on in the dry position so again you can adjust it to have whether you’re driving with more load so you want to keep it in the lower gears up a hill down the hill or you just want it to leave in a full automatic mode that is an option as well you have

A handbrake here at an easy spot excessively now moving out to the storage is one really cool feature with this vehicle is you have a forestry regular glovebox apartment a lot of space in there not too far out of reach so i can easily just bend in there and get and get stuff out of there but one really cool nice thing is the smugglers box you have here it pops up

Open really easy you have actually a little bit more hitting compartment there you you can see how deep my hand can go so when it doesn’t fit in here or if you want to keep the out of sight out of mind that’s where you’re gonna have it hide it now when it comes to these cc’s are fully cloth seats but it’s not a regular terrible easy to tear cloth as you can see

There are very rugged seats with side bolsters to really support where you are now these are more again work-related so they’re not gonna stain as easy they’re easier to clean and as you can see the fabric the pattern that he uses it’s meant for durability so these are meant to last for many many years so be comfortable but still have the ability to last a long

Time to last through work through this through materials being splattered on it anything like that these are made to last pretty much one nicety is this little feature that you see back here this little car with the swivel alliance this is your vehicle dynamic control so this is all standard in the base trim levels so vehicle dynamic control is because it works

In conjunction with the traction control system to keep the vehicle during certain emergency situations and it steered path so if your vehicle starts to slide the computer is able to take control i’ll help you out a little bit avoid some of that slide to make sure that it is just as safe as possible and in again in its most basic form so have safety features

Convenience features bluetooth automatic transmission ac for it being an affordable vehicle and and again being the most affordable in the united states it actually does include a lot of comfort features you have really nice two cupholders here again comfort and and being usability you have this adjustable size here but aside from just you know controlling it to

Have mitts a smaller cup or a larger cup this is rich it comes out for easy cleaning so again if you’re at a job site and you happen to be dirty you spill your drink anything like that as you can see comes out in a pinch literally in a pinch they make up so you just pinch it and bring it up so yeah and washable wash it dry and then put it back in its slot if you

Still decide to the center console armrest comes with this little plastic to keep it protected but it is removable if you want to take it out you have coin slots you can plug in any sort of charge or anything that you need right in there and again a huge in compartment down here so you can easily fit an ipad a small laptop fold it in put it in there if you need it

For work a clipboard anything like that you have your auxiliary usb right here and then another plug in a cigarette port right there now one other small thing i did want to note this also comes equipped with a tire-pressure-monitoring system so if there your tires low you’ll start to see a little light on the dashboard to let you know that you need air on your

Tire so there’s no more having to manually check every single tire to make sure everything’s inflated properly if there is something wrong with the tire blow pressure or too much pressure you can rest assured let you know that your vehicle is gonna let you know now one of the lasts maybe most important comfort features to see a glass it does come with with siri

Eyes free so if you happen to have an iphone connected to bluetooth all you have to do just press the little talk button here so instead of summing up needs on voice command you would actually gonna summon siri eyes free so you’re what you’re able to do send text messages concerning people treated like siri would be on your phone ask me questions if you so decide

To and it’s gonna be controlled through them through your vehicle through the buttons right here through the microphone that’s gonna be listed right over here and speaking of the audio system even though it’s just a 2-door you wouldn’t expect it to have a very good sound system maybe not even speakers in the back but this is a four-speaker audio system in its base

Form so what that means whether you’re in the front row or sit in the second row it’s gonna have a incredibly good sound so even though it is a work truck you can still listen to your tunes listen to your music through bluetooth and you don’t feel like so many some work tricks on even having a radio but again you don’t feel like you don’t have any amenities so it’s

A work truck but it still has a lot of comfort and convenience features for the person that’s gonna be driving it so they don’t forget about the driver and nissan also does not forget about the cargo that you need to haul so that’s pretty much gonna wrap up our video there if you have any more questions you want to know the different trim levels and what options

Are available make sure to check out the channel when we’re gonna go through every single trim level trim buy trim option buy option package play package and we’re gonna see what features are offered in the nissan frontier now keep in mind this mean the king cab it is available only with the long bed it’s a six and a half foot bed i mean i mean pardon me it’s i

Believe it is a six foot almost two inches six point six point one inches in it and a couple change there so again the the king cab only comes with the six foot bed mmm there’s no short bed available if you want a short bed the crew cab will actually keep the same wheelbase as this vehicle it’ll add the two doors in the back and make it a smaller bed but the crew

Cab is also available with the same bed size if you still want to so again fargo usability king cab with the long bed is standard so make sure thank you for watching make sure to check out the channel if you have any questions feel free to comment and we’ll try to answer as best as possible

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