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2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4×4 – Walk Around And Tour

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Take a tour of my new 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4×4. We chose this as our next travel/exploration vehicle because it’s spacious/comfortable interior, ability to tow a camper, good power, and all around good looks. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will respond or make another video directly addressing your question. Thanks for watching!

Hello everyone welcome to the all over colorado station i wanted to do a quick walk around hi my 2017 ram bighorn crew cab with the 5.7 liter hemi let me go ahead and just apologize with the wind here a pretty mild day here in colorado but it’s pretty windy out so might have some wind noise so i apologize in advance for that but let me go ahead and give you a walk

Around i’m going to look inside the interior show somewhere with features real quick while also trying to keep this video short so it doesn’t take too long so on the outside here you can see i got the black we had some snowfall so i haven’t had a chance to wash it yet but it’s a little dirty we’ve got the 20 inch wheels the big horn has the chrome bumpers chrome

Grille and chrome rear bumper crunch dual-exhaust told her trailer tow group take a look under the hood so what are the cool things i notice about this is that the headlight these side mirrors have illumination lands when you unlock the door bell devil – good one the dark right now but these actually light up your approach which is actually kind of convenient

It’s going to quick look under the hood zone shock stay holding a hood open as well as a light underneath it is the 5.7 liter hemi this is completely stopped with the exception of the billet oil catch can that i have added you see that right there installation on that’s pretty easy you can find a lot of other youtube videos on that one but that’s that was pretty

Straightforward to do a couple pipe or a couple hoses to disconnect and reconnect but driver to thirteen millimeter socket as a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat and the interior you see i’ve got the what does it called the premium instrument cluster i believe comes on the bighorn package 8.4 inch navigation extended center console one thing that’s kind of

Nice is if you notice over here it’s a little bit less glare you actually have two club boxes over here i thought that was kind of nice keep the girlfriend wife happy with a lot of storage you also have cupholders little cubby holes let’s go outlet trailer tool group i’ve got the sorry this isn’t focusing very well the cold weather package this is going to be

Your heated seats high low and off have heated steering wheel and then the passenger heated seats you also have buttons to turn off the clark sensors for the front in the rear these will beat faster as you’re getting closer to something this is where i believe right here would be your or actually i think it’s this one right here i do not have the ventilated seats

And if you had those i think that’s what these two buttons are and then i believe these buttons are something to do with the air suspension which i also do not have but you can see it does have the tow haul mode which adjusts the gearing and the shifting and then also the trailer brake if you take a look at it has the eight speed rotary dial er i’ve read a lot of

Comments some people aren’t a fan some people like them i enjoy it i do see people’s kind of gripes if you kind of reach over it’s kind of a habit to almost want to grab the volume or the or the fan control when you do this so just that to be cognizant of when you get out of the vehicle to make sure you’re actually in park here is the selector for the four-wheel

Drive pretty standard got your two-wheel drive for all driving you can actually drive four-wheel drive auto all the time that’s more of a all-wheel drive where it keeps the back two tires it’s in river drive all the time unless it detects slippage in the front 4-wheel drive lack is supposed to be used only for slippery well there ice and snow to allow the tires to

Spin freely this should lock the front and rear differential i’ve read some conflicting reports that it’s not quite a true locking front and rear that it’ll lock wants it determines that their slippage and then it will remain lacked from their although i haven’t even had to use four wheel drive lock i we had some pretty bad snow here in colorado we went skiing

And it took us three and a half hours to do an hour and fifteen minute drive but a four-wheel drive auto did just fine and then you got your four-wheel drive low gearing for the extra torque real real tricky situations let’s take a quick look here at the steering wheel got your voice control got your phone buttons got your selectors for your dash controls and

Then over here you have a manual gear selectors and then cruise control you can scroll through all the different screens here i mean the vehicle info right here two tire pressure trans oil weight life and then this one probably just look at the whole submarines to everything at once and then your driving time and hours and all that these on this display are all

Customizable you can control what displays here as well as the range average current average in the temperature those are all completely customizable you can go in here to your see i’m scrolling over here go to your screen setup you’ve got options to change all this stuff so you go pick which one you want to which one you want to change and scroll over and you can

Select whatever you want as you can see it’s bottom left so it’s changing looking at the radio this is the 8.4 inch with navigation what we have here is a radio am/fm ss why they call this sirius xm now media this will do the bluetooth on your phone you can do your controls all manual are all controlled through the screen or you can actually do a mime the actual

Physical button still down here applications i haven’t got into this too much yet but you can get your i believe pandora or ir radio whatever you use climate again you can change your climate settings same controls as below but you do it through the radio and then your navigation navigation was i believe a $600 option i had to pay to turn it on but it’s pretty nice

And then you get your phone controls if you want to do phone calls or texts and whatever and the basketball and they call the foul and like you can able you’re holding on your hair let’s look at the center console here big fan of this kind of messy but i’ve got a plug here with two cords your phones can actually set right in these little packets and set straight

Out that’s very nice your your center console you open the first one got a change holder and then some hookups there is a usb input and aux input as well as a dedicated usb just for charging if i can get this focus on there doesn’t look like it the back seats actually very spacious here with a crew i’m a five-foot ten so let me get in here that is quite a bit of

Room between me and the front there i would say it’s safe to say you can comfortably fit three adults in here without issue at all some more cupholders schemes no crap so here the seats actually fold completely up on both sides and then this up these actually flip out to be little platforms so they pulled these guys out and then a whole seat folds flat you could

Do the same on the other side as well so you have that as a flat sort of platform good for dogs or i don’t know anything you can think of fold this back up lift it up each one of these has storage underneath them so pull that flat let’s lump storage same thing all the way from here on over so you can lift all these up and they have storage all the way underneath

Them back down that’s simple under the floor mats here you lift this up as you can see is you’ve got on each side you’ve got these little cubby holes more stuff ski goggles these are great so if you’ve got some wet stuff bathing suits and boots muddy something whatever you stick them it in here this whole thing completely removes take the whole thing inside dump

Out your muddy stuff rinse it off in the hose and put it right back in don’t have to worry about muddying up everything and like i said there’s another one exactly like that on the other side put it in the back got led lights that light up in the actual bed which is nice a nice mn get out of the glare of the sun and when you lock the doors the tailgate locks here’s

The location of the backup camera which this model is equipped with in the radio all right well hopefully that was a good run through for you guys sorry for the wind and if you can hit like and subscribe for future videos if you’re interested alright

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2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4×4 – Walk Around And Tour By All Over Colorado