2017 Ram 3500. 470k mile quick review.

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Boys you’re asking about high mileage trucks here’s another one for you it’s not the oldest one i have but it’s on the older side it’s a 17 470 000 miles let’s look at her four seven l 700. you know she has a bump some bruises but overall you know you guys got her all washed up she cleans up well still look at her um this one had issues with the braking system

I don’t know for the life of me i can’t really uh recall what happened but you know like step by step what all happened with the master but one day just went to the floor no signs of nothing and driver calls us up he’s like dude i was about to get on the highway pulled up to a stop sign and my brakes gave out it was the weirdest thing ever so we had her towed

And she gave us the run around she definitely gave us the running around she did well though um besides that this truck has given us no issues if you’re new to the channel you can go check out my other videos i have quite a few other videos of other high mileage trucks like that truck is getting a another engine well we’re gonna try to rebuild the original one

For uh educational purposes but that engine on that red one high 600s now you all going to ask what’s the maintenance guys if you’re a regular you know my maintenance but i’ll give you a quick rundown anyways front axle gets service every hundred thousand transportation 100 000 transmission gets an oil change every 50 to 60 in the rear end of the are on the same

Schedule 56 000 they get replaced typically i try to put on a oem diff cover that gives it enough then uh i think they come off the dooleys and i like those the most i don’t i i don’t like the oh uh aftermarket fancy ones but i do like the oem aluminum ones back in the day i bought them for like 80 bucks a pop nowadays i’m hearing they’re like three four hundred

Bucks um what i did want to underline is the condition of this vehicle ikea i mean look at this thing you know original seat yeah she’s a little tired but nothing crazy though you know armrest is still in good shape whoever was in here smoked but that’s about it well i like the tradesmen for their plastic panels probably not the most convenient thing and you’re

Going down the road but man do i like it you know the dash isn’t crap um for all you guys jumping off chairs and being like hey how much suspension parts have you replaced ball joints one set of ball joints guys that’s about it oh nope i lied they recently did a second set for some reason the aftermarkets that we put on there to that 300 dinner serve up or hold up

Very well i think at 460 we did the front end uh ball joints gearbox track bars they’re all oem besides the shocks if i’m not mistaken um from new these shocks are kind of weird they they weren’t doing their job very well so i put in some bilstein shocks but that’s it man that is really it um typical issue brake pads you know if you don’t change them on time they

Unglue from the bracket and they go haywire so give a couple years or 200 000 i mean if you’re working your truck like we are um even if they’re not worn out throw them out toss them out put some new brake pads on here uh grease your pins to the caliper slide on as long as you don’t lose brake pads those calipers serve you well and obviously if you read some so

They’re sliding well i can tell you all these crazy i wish i could tell you all these crazy stories but i can’t it’s pretty straightforward i really like my fourth gens bit of a rough road my fifth gen some of them serving me very well the others are uh kind of giving me hell no not that one it was our fault one of the guys jackknifed last december but yeah guys

That’s about it for unknown reason this master cylinder went kabooming and gave us the runaround but other than that there’s really no issues with this truck’s probably one of my favorite trucks i have an identical truck truck seven uh same color and everything same year they’re bought like a month apart or something like that um they haven’t really served me well

Oh god often guys will ask me my favorite years it seems like 16 or 17 and 18 are my favorite years of the fourth chance there’s no reason why you should avoid the 13 14 15. um you know if you could get the dealership to update your tuning on the ecm so you know engine’s a little bit more powerful shifting a little bit better uh 13 and 14’s got dual radiators

You know guys i can’t really see crazy benefits um i haven’t spent too much time with uh 15 16 17s personally behind the wheel because at that time i was my personal rig was a 14 and i was testing everything with it but it just seems what they did is they perfected the the tuning on the fan when engages howling gauges and that took the took away the need for the

Second radiator but other than that she is what it you know it is what it is and she is how she is and uh i’m on the verge is just trying to keep her my last shop foreman wanted uh decided to get rid of all the old equipment and the rightfully so there’s good reasons for him but the way the fifth chance they’re treating me i’m kind of kind of hesitant at this point

To make any crazy moves and get rid of all my equipment so we’re on we’re on the fence we’re starting to lean back towards keeping these trucks as long as we can and keeping them running so all depends on your crew guys if you have a crew willing to do one way or another and that’s really what it comes down to as always hello bless you may almighty fine day ciao bye

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2017 Ram 3500. 470k mile quick review. By PD Diesel Power