2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Hello everyone we are classic cars in palm beach going to take a look at a 2017 toyota avalon hybrid and we do these videos here not the hyper vehicle we do them to show any blemishes or flaws that may be on the vehicle and that’s because we do a lot of out of state out of the area business and it helps to minimize surprises with those customers in a moment we’re

Going to start at the driver’s side front quarter panel and during the video we make our way around the vehicle the vehicle you’re going to want to be looking for dense things scratches or chips we’re going to point out things occasion on occasion as well so let’s get started a little paint blemish here it could be a bug maybe bug action is what it is i’m thinking

Another one some others right here that weren’t coming off the previous owner a little bit too long tire in the wheel you have some curb rash but you got good tread life left great shape on the tire making our way around to the front of the vehicle the headlights look great the grill you have some dents and some chipping the hood actually looks really good

It’s all coming off this pollen i don’t see any visible chips or cracks on the windshield coming around now to the passenger side front quarter panel it’s a good shape clean take a look at the tire in the wheel we got some curb rash you got good tread lift on the tire passenger side front door a little bit of wearing inside here somewhere there on the door

Handle it’s a passenger side door passenger side rear door a little bit of wear right here panel passenger side scrap yeah the son of scratch comes right off no worries clean you got one here looks like it was painted over you have a scratch you’ll get a little it’s pretty good size there paint it over looks like another one right here as well tire wheel

You definitely have curb rash again the tread is good on the tire around to the rear of the vehicle looking down low got some wear here some scratches down on the fascia the plastic got some chipping here some scratches into the you know it’s painted over looks like i’m loading and unloading into the trunk area the license plate go you got your normal wear

And tear from where the plate goes some scratches here in here you have some on the trunk deck as shot at well roof of the car from the rear here take a look in the trunk area this is the piece that goes up in there it’s falling out spacious though plenty of room coming around now to the driver’s side rear quarter panel here it’s painted over touched up paint

Some right here abrasions may be hard to see but they’re there get some water stains on the winch on the back window it’s tinted so maybe hard to see but young water stains tire in the wheel some curb rash tread on the tire left driver’s side rear door then you have water stains water spots on the window some scratches here scratches there take a look inside

Passenger compartment material good shape a few spots on the seats tear on the back of the seats but other than that they’re in good shape headliner we’ve got some pen marks it looks like up on the headliner on the roof of the car by the sunroof water stains on the rear view on the side outside mirror as well chipping down here decent shape dash looks good

Steering wheel is in good shape let’s take a look at the seating a little bit of wear don’t see any tears little spots right there no tears again it’s a decent shape seating on the passenger side in the front cabin good shape all right let’s start her up does have a sunroof it works good shape again the dash looks good there’s no warning lights other than

Fasten your seat belt on the instrument panel let’s take a look underneath the hood and into the engine compartment looks like i’m not sure what happened here compartment again it’s a 2017 toyota avalon hybrid here at classic cars of palm beach you can visit us at classic cars palm beach dot com

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2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid By Classic Cars of Palm Beach