2017 Toyota Prius Coolant Leak from Exhaust

Loss of engine coolant, headgasket? Something else in this case…

Hello friend how is it going welcome back to toyota maintenance youtube channel and it’s a time for stories i will tell you story this is the story of the new customer who discovered me locally and owns this wonderful 2000 17 2017 toyota prius he wanted to get it fully inspected see where it’s standing but there is a complication he just had very long diagnosis

Done by the dealer because he was losing coolant and basically he contacted me he found me while his vehicle was at the dealer for a couple of days and they were doing their magic trying to find out why that engine is losing coolant not the hybrid coolant not a converter coolant but the engine coolant and this is what he taught me he said i didn’t know what’s

Going on but the coolant in the engine was coming low i will have a warning light apparently there was coolant coming out of the pipe tailpipe if i grab a light i should grab a light and show you how clean it is inside it basically feels like somebody washed off the sides right there’s not even that surface rise to somebody steam cleaned inside of this exhaust

Pipe i hope you can see it trying my best enthusiast not even that surface rise it’s white perfectly steam cleaned and here at me some details from that diagnosis he said he paid like three hours of diagnostic when the technicians suspected head gasket on this engine and they were pressurizing it and looking for where that coolant is disappearing they came to

Conclusion that the engine is perfectly fine ly found the problem so his money spent on that diagnosis we will learn from it and if you guys have that problem in your previous in the future you will also be looking at the things which i will show you just now as vehicles evolve they are unfortunately and unnecessarily getting more and more expansive and complicated

That complication brings to expanse and to you guys who know these systems you know that this prius is complicated in this way there’s not just exhaust pipe here if a catalytic converter is continuing in the back toyota long time ago long time ago they put in this design also heat exchanger and i will show you where it is and that was actually the culprit at

The very end the text find out that the reason the coolant is disappearing in the engine bay there is that expansion tank it was disappearing from it disappearing from the radiator once again it was engine coolant the culprit is this part it’s this heat exchanger if you look here this one was actually leaking around here um hopefully you can see that it’s

Still that and there are maps of drying coolant all over it sometimes these heat exchangers fell internally they’d only go outside here they fell internally and then sent that coolant so if you look here it was leaking right here i hope you can see it that sun that coolant all the way here this muffler and it’s not right now this muffler is not full of coolant

But this muffler if you will shake it you will hear the water the coolant like in the bucket or something right this will be full of coolant and it will be dripping coming out you can see it wet still this vehicle came it’s scheduled for the repair because toyota dealers say we don’t have that part we don’t have it in the stock you can either leave it here or

Carefully with adding the coolant drive around of course the owner didn’t it came completely empty so i put some distilled water only not to waste the coolant and the dealer and his schedule probably a day or two is coming back to them they will be replacing this whole part i don’t know exactly what part how much is involved but you can see it’s a one part here i

Think he told me the guest he met after hip i believe i remember it was 1700 for replacing this far this is where it fails it might be dripping outside it might be leaking inside only or both it can be combined and these are basically two rubber hoses that are coming from engine bay if that ever happens to you i believe it can be bypassed ah to stop calling us to

Stop losing this coolant or bypass it forever basically this is an extra as usual these are extra features i personally remember before i left the dealer it was in 2013 very long time ago i remember me personally we were replacing bunch of them there was either technical service bulletin or there was a recall i don’t remember that right now i just wanted to really

Quickly film this for you so you can learn not necessarily your head gasket is blown and it needs an entire head gasket job which is expensive obviously you can imagine doing that this vehicle doesn’t need that the engine is completely fine the compression testing the pressure of the coolant through the cooling system didn’t discover any leaks inside of the engine

They discovered it was actually leaking right here at this part externally and i believe also internally however i haven’t been there i’m just telling you general or you can expect or you could check in the case that you have cool and engine coolant loss on 2017 prius or the similar years i see this vehicle first time today and i immediately discovered low brake

Fluid in the reservoir the front brake pads are fine but the rear ones are down to one millimeter so right now i in need to start immediately brake job it’s already 3 p.m the time flies i just keep filming and posting videos for you and not much is done so i want to share that with you make it easier for you in the future if this ever happens to you i hope you

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2017 Toyota Prius Coolant Leak from Exhaust By Toyota Maintenance