2017 Toyota Prius – Review and Road Test

The basic concept that’s propelled the Prius to hybrid leadership for two decades worldwide is unchanged: an internal-combustion engine augmented on demand by an electric motor. But the vehicle built around this pioneering hybrid system has changed considerably, as KBB’s Micah Muzio explains in this video.

Taking your toyota prius to a racetrack is a dumb idea but not as dumb as you think yes it’s slow but the fourth generation prius handles better and is more fun than you’d expect kind of like our old friend bruce from accounting still rocking that iron maiden t-shirt that’s thrilling news for the tiny minority of prius drivers who long for better handling but it

Does raise an important question have edgier styling and slightly erode manners eroded the priuses essential priya sness the answer let’s consult the good book of epa-estimated fuel economy stats yeah that’s pretty efficient a doubly impressive feat considering the prius runs on regular grade gasoline the numbers look even better in the prius eco model supporting

Such thriftiness is a slippery point too for drag coefficient that bests the last prius is already impressive 0.25 figure with some hard facts on the table let’s get subjective i usually try to stay hands-off we’re styling is concerned because you know what you like but man there was some crazy styling action happening back there the nose is a melange of sharp

Lines and creases the tail is similarly stylized and some might say ungainly and the center console looks like a stormtroopers codpiece if you appreciate the net effect maybe you don’t either way the prius will not be ignored despite a confining vibe created by the dipping roofline maxy passengers enjoy plentiful head space while the middle position qualifies as

Reasonably inhabitable regardless of where you sit nicely contoured seats improved materials aside from the headliner and a maximum 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats make this the most inviting prius yet i will toss that to interior complaints however the cushions for the armrest are thin and there’s a hard base underneath making these marginally

Comfortable places to place your elbows a great place if you want to work up a powerful bruise oh why am i doing this to myself oh so painful wow and the visors don’t extend in this case there is a lot of space for the sun to blind you maybe toyota assumed you’d cover it with an npr tote bag yeah i know it’s a hateful stereotype of prius owners on a positive

Note the prius features standard smart flow air conditioning that improves cabin comfort and fuel efficiency by prioritizing air flow to occupied seats speaking of vehicle efficiency the driver can monitor it in various ways via one of two 4.2 inch displays mounted atop the dash the other highlighting details like speed and fuel status if you’ve ever driven a

Car it’s a little odd looking there instead of there for the speed but i promise you we’ll adapt opening the hood unveils a world of technology with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine and 2 electric motor generators the priestess hybrid powertrain develops a modest total of 121 horsepower though the base trim uses a carryover nickel metal hydride unit electrons and all

Other prius trims are managed by a compact lithium-ion battery pack facilitating city economy well beyond 50 miles per gallon the price for such efficiency is a lackadaisical zero to 60 time i’m about 10 seconds even so if you drive any los angeles freeway long enough you will eventually see a toyota prius rocketing along at ludicrous speed the lesson if you want

To drive your prius like a maniac you still can just takes a little patience when not braking city circuit lap times a smooth ride subdued interior noise and near seamless propulsion make for pleasant journeys we’re somewhat put off by the priuses tendency to wander on the freeway but our biggest dynamic complaint is reserved for brakes that feel official despite

A new active hydraulic booster blending electric regenerative brakes with the decelerate of power of brake pads is tricky i get that but after four generations of prius you hope for the brakes to be a little bit better dialed in if only to make it easier to trail brake on a racetrack or to stop smoothly california’s obsession might imply otherwise but you don’t

Have to buy a prius to save fuel for example you could also buy these smaller and cheaper prius c or the larger more expensive prius v beyond prius land hybrid versions of the kia optima hyundai sonata toyota camry chevrolet malibu and ford fusion each offer improved efficiency in a more mainstream package if you’re willing to dabble in grander electrification the

Nissan leaf bmw i3 and chevy volt are each worth a look in priciest form the toyota prius rings in at nearly 31,000 dollars but for $25,000 can still get a base prius 2 trim eight airbags a backup camera average seats led headlights passive entry with push-button start and a 6-speed auto system with bluetooth and a usb port higher trims add fancier features like

Wireless phone charging a cargo cover heated faux leather seats and end to an infotainment with navigation and a 7-inch touchscreen replacing the base car 6.1 inch unit sadly apple carplay or android auto are not available on the prius or any toyota available as a standalone package on higher trims is safety sense which bundles automatic high-beam control lane

Departure warning with steering assist dynamic cruise control that can bring the vehicle to a complete stop and a pre collision system with automatic braking and pedestrian detection there’s also an automatic parking system that with the push of a single button will identify and steer you into a parking spot thus freeing your attention to look at all the people

That are admiring or at least scrutinizing your audaciously styled prius it’s more beeping which brings us back to bruce from accounting rockin that iron maiden t-shirt you know what once more if bruce gets the job done he can be whoever he wants to be same deal with the prius he wants to dabble in the curb linear arts and look like an anime time machine that’s

Fine by us the priest still gets the job done lighting smoothly and quietly from a to b gingerly sipping gasoline with the thoughtful restraint of a perturbed canadian we’re happy the quintessential hybrid is exploring its wild side without forgetting its responsibilities

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2017 Toyota Prius – Review and Road Test By Kelley Blue Book