2018 18 Audi A7 3.0 50TDI S Line Quattro Sportback

So surely the new generation audi a7 is one of the best looking cars on the road unbelievable presence and stance and this one’s just arrived at the 2018-18 a7 50 tdi quattro finished in glacier white the 50 tdi means it’s a three liter v6 diesel engine producing a naught 60 in about 5.5 5.6 seconds just under 300 brake 286 brake horsepower and it’s an unbelievable

Looking car this car’s got some really nice upgrades it’s got matrix lights front and rear it’s got the 21 inch diamond cut alloy wheels and it’s got full leather interior covered only 16 000 miles cars got a full service history and and with our live pricing strategy it’s 33 990 pounds what about value for money when these cars came out they were about an 800

Pound a month car now with 999 pounds deposit this car is yours for 499 pounds a month on a pcp contract with our low rate finance please contact me or message me on my number i’ll happily go through that quotation with you but look at this car the wheels make the car it’s a massive car but it’s really long it’s wide but the 21 inch wheels make the car if you

Get the car with 20s it just doesn’t look the same glacier white paint is metallic so it’s the it’s the upgraded paintwork as well then for a car that’s running 16 000 miles as you’d expect it’s beautiful all round one of the big things that i love about this couch is how we started the video there’s a sequential lights on the back which will show you straight

Away so it’s an unbelievable thing to to to see especially when the car’s dark but look at that it’s got the dancing lights at the back it’s got the the matrix rear light as well as the front and it’s just incredible front and rear parking sensors this car has also got reversing camera it’s obviously got the the electric rear spoiler as well but for space and

Practicality it’s unbelievable it looks um it looks unbelievable we’ve got the power boot but then you get a massive boot you get space in the back obviously being being a four or five door car so it’s great not only that the fuel economy on this car is incredible as well so it’s it’ll do about 50 miles to the gallon it is really really quick obviously you’ve

Got a v6 turbo diesel engine so it’s it’s you know a 300 brake horsepower car just under for a car this size it drives unbelievably well estronic gearbox in audi is is one of the best gearboxes super smooth gear changes and also it’s four wheel drive look at the back you’ve got the the fine nappa leather interior which is upgraded on the car you’ve also got

Privacy glass which against the white paint you just look superb and the side profile of the car with those wheels it’s beautiful beautiful car into the front again the all-new audi interior is just incredible this car’s got also electric seats with driver memory it’s got the new digital system so it’s got tech pack which i’ll show you on the other side of the

Vehicle but all touch screen interface so things like a standard in these cars how do you’ve just gone over and above so you get tech pack with virtual cockpit you get wireless phone charging you get apple and android carplay the voice control in these cars as well is superb audi have redesigned that but then again look at the lights at the front matrix lights

What a car it is beautiful s-line body styling then into the front you’ve got the lovely s lines i’ve already mentioned this you’ve got two-stage memory function for your seats for driver with the electric uh points down there keyless start as you’d expect and then you’ve got tech pack which basically is the redesigned audi virtual cockpit everything behind the

Steering wheel here is digital you can have your maps you can have your bluetooth your mobile it’s it’s a stunning stunning thing to have and in the new generation audis it’s all been redesigned redesigned so it’s higher definition and it’s lovely into the middle of the car you’ve got a full ceramic dual screen you’ve got navigation you’ve got bluetooth media

Phone applications and it works kind of like your iphone it’s all touch screen and so your seats of course you’ve got heated front seats you’ve got digital climate control you’ve got also a wireless phone charging point under the armrest here which is lovely all your your um usbs and then you’ve got camera system front and rear camera with reverse sorry front and

Rear sensors with reverse camera the boots up so that’s why it looks like it’s in the sky but then the carry-on dash the way the ceramic screen blends into the dashboard black headlining everything the car is stunning it really is the car is beautiful we’ve obviously got different driving modes for this car as well if you pop the car into dynamic and into sport

Mode it’s an incredible car to drive great traction great performance great fuel economy and then you get this lovely looking sports almost like a coupe it’s got the coupe lines but it’s beautiful the car in the probably the best colour don’t forget these cars were like 70 grand when they were new so 33 990 is an unbelievable price for this 50 tdis line quattro

Any advice or help you need on this car please contact me you can watch at me you can message me on my number here and i’ll be happily uh happy to give you any any finance quotations part exchange prices okay thanks for watching

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2018 18 Audi A7 3.0 50TDI S Line Quattro Sportback By Acklam Car Centre