2018 – 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Walkaround

Crazy Honda Chris (Automotive Advisor) in Iowa gives you a quick rundown on 2018, 2019, and 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Base features and functions for those that are considering purchasing one or already have and are looking for a refresher. If you have found this video helpful, you’re welcome to show your support by hitting that subscribe and like button.

Hey guys it’s me crazy honda chris and the sales department at randy kill honda in cedar rapids iowa and here behind us we’re gonna have a 2019 honda accord hybrid i’m going to walk around this vehicle show you guys all the cool standard pieces and functions for those out there exploring the used car market so you know exactly what a 2018-19 r20 cord hybrid has for

Standard bells and whistles you guys have any questions drop them down below in the comments i’ll do my best to answer those questions now let’s go get you guys all the information you need to make that well-formed decision right now all right so here we are right outside the honda accord hybrid at the moment comes with the key fob remote dirt comes standard use

Remote start all you have to do is hit lock hold this button down here for a few seconds you’ll see the lights flash is going to start right up it’s going to heat and cool the car runs on 10 million volts and the doors will remain locked for you okay so pretty nice and easy now we’re going to have all the honda synthetic features standard i’m talking about the lane

Keep assist adaptive cruise control your forward collision and road departure standard right here we’re gonna have a 2.0 non-turbo four-cylinder with the ecvt with the hybrid system i’m gonna throw a horsepower and total system torque right up there for you guys so you know what we’re working with now you can shut off the remote start if you want to by clicking

And hold this button down here for a few seconds and then boom everything turns right off now let’s also talk about the fuel economy you’ll be getting throw it right up there for city and highways you guys will be in the now now you have led lights all the way around i’m talking about daytime running lights tail lights then you have a low beam led headlights going

On right in here now we got quite a bit chrome action as you can see it’s going on you get a little bit chroma it’s going down below got a lot of chrome within the front nose going on then your turning indicator is going to be right up here kind of blinking as you can see as i’m hitting the lock button for you all right now here’s going to be your daytime running

Lights it gives it a nice kind of a grounded aggressive look then we’ll just step right over here off to the side you’ve got these nice alloyed rams going on we’ll step here towards the sides you can see the side profile of the vehicle there it is i’m also going to throw some exterior measurements up there so you guys know the exterior measurements as you guys

Are looking at that now let’s also share with you right here to go on the side you’ve got the chrome action on the front half of the windows you got body colored handles and then a body colored side mirror now the side mirror is going to be easy breakaway just simply come out push and pull so if you need to adjust it it’s good it snaps right back in place kind

Of locks so don’t be afraid to use a little bit of force we’re also going to have smart entry with the vehicle so let’s say it’s all locked up right boom boom it’s locked i come up have this in my purse my jacket put my hand in the handle it beeps it allows me to get in and out i can also keep this in my purse or my jacket walk right up here and hit the right

There walk away with confidence knowing the vehicle’s lock we also have the walkway auto lock feature so i can keep that enabled so any time i walk away with the key fob no key fob in the car get 10 feet away boom all doors on necklace lock so that’s going to be nice now those days of accidentally you know la la la oops had my key fob dropped hit the like button

Walk away because the sequence and order thing i cannot accidentally lock my keys in the car all right those days are over quick and easy there we go we’ll step here towards the back now here’s a gas tank it’s going to be a little door make sure the car is unlocked there it is a capitalist gas tank no longer two dollar cap you argue bait with worry about replacing

That down the road let’s say we shut this and lock the car no one can get in this when the car is locked so you make sure you unlock the vehicle first and then you can get access to that pretty nice and easy let’s step here towards the back of the vehicle once again you got led tail lights just for safety just kind of making sure everyone can see what’s going on

A little bit of badge of honor hybrid going off to the side a little bit more chrome action down below we have a multi-angle rear camera we’re gonna have a tailgate release or trunk release right here on the fob we’ll also have one on the trunk it’s gonna be right here next to your multi-angle rear camera previous owners left all this nice little goodies here for

Us it’s gonna be a 60 40 split seat so if you need to put some skis or other stuff you need to bring those seats down it’s not a problem it just here we go and then here we go okay as you can accommodate for that i’m going to throw voluminous space up there for your trunk so you guys know exactly what we’re working with now from that point let’s come right down

In here it doesn’t have a spare tire but you can get that as a kit from your local dealership if you want to you have the emergency funnel then you also get your tire patch repair kit right down there let’s open this right up now before we jump right inside and kind of show you guys the interior i’m going to throw some interior measurements up there so you know

How much room you’re going to have for friends pets cargo family whoever is going to be brave enough to tag along with you guys take a moment look at that now we’re going to focus right here on the door here quick you got a little bit of trim work going on you guys know about power windows pretty easy and straightforward some additional cubby space down below if

You want it do you have a cloth interior okay right here you’re gonna have armrests with some additional cup holders normally these come standard with carpet mats previous people bought the all-season mats left them with the vehicle as they traded in bonus and then we have a nice little courtesy pocket here on the back of the passenger seat from there now as

We kind of get up here for car seats you can have three areas for car seats so we can accommodate you and the family let’s check up front here all right once again pretty much easy and straightforward you guys know about power windows you got your locks you got your mirror selector the d-pad to adjust currently then the window lock button just in case anyone’s

Misbehaving then right down here you got some additional cubby space and then you have your trunk release right there it’s give me a manual seat so to use these bad boys all you have to do is pull up pump up lower this pump down you got your recline then you have a squeeze bar right underneath to slide forward and back all right so here we are right back up front

At the driver’s seat now let’s jump right in we’ve got the key fob in my pocket just when you get in the car make sure you have the key fob simply put your foot down on the brake hit the sturp and watch everything light up a little warm today so we’re gonna get the air going for us let’s focus right over here on the left-hand side we got some additional buns you

Got your trip so as you select that you can see on the driver’s interface trip a trip b this particular one has 20 000 miles let’s get some air going at us perfect now this is going to be adjustable for your driver’s interface screen just the brightness vehicle stability assist then you also have a quick point if you want to turn on and off some of the features

From there like your road departure let’s turn that back on forward collision and you have your accent all i’m using is this little wheel right here to navigate through that then just like something just push right in now the steering wheel release is gonna be right here off to the side to the left side there’s gonna be a telescope goes in and out up and down

Going to just as you see fit folks now we’re gonna be here at the steering wheel let’s talk about some of the steering wheel controls you get your main button here to turn on and off your honda sensing you can tell when it’s available by the green writing hey acc is your adaptive cruise control then lane keep assist system right there hit that main button once

Again it’s no longer available i can’t use it all right now your cruise control is going to be this you can set the adjusted speeds then cancel then you have your adapted right here this is us selecting the distance between you and the car in front of you okay more lines may further less lines means you’re gonna be closer once it finds a car in your range it’s

Gonna alert you from there it gives you a little visual like a picture of this car right up there on that screen so let’s say you’re going on a 47 the car frame is going 43 and it slows you down okay once they get out of the way you resume back to whatever your cruise control speed was set at now for any particular reason you don’t like that as you can see i just

Turned that off so standard cruise control as you see right there cruise mode all i’ve done is hit and hold this button here boom now is back to your acc okay this is your lane keep assist controls right there for your highway driving between 45 and 90 miles an hour if you’re going the proper speed and found lines on the road these hollowed dotted outlines you’ll

Be turned in white solid dotted lines for you okay so it gives you a visual confirmation once you grab your lane a little bit and it beeps at you then brings you back and recenters you keeps in the center of your lane all right you got your decelerator selectors right here i’ll throw some information down below so you guys know exactly what that means for you then

Over here on the left-hand side you’ve got some additional buns you got your stuff for your hands free for your phone pick up hang up voice command hey call crazy hannah chris on mobile phone answer you guys questions or whoever you’re gonna be calling now you got your home menu right up there volume controls up and down you got your different sources and then

You can go between your different stations right there let’s show you a little bit more what the home menu is on the driver’s interface all right power flow will show you what’s driving what and what’s charging what just kind of teeter tots power back and forth to give you that amazing fuel economy got your range right up here kind of shows you on the current

Tank that we have just less than a half of a tank we can go 290 miles traffic sign recognization so pretty much as you’re driving down down the road it catches the speed limit sign it will display it right up here for you guys so let’s say it’s 35 boom those are right up there for you all right let’s talk a little bit more about the stuff over here you’re

Going to have your wipers right there it’s going to be adjustable and mitten and then you got your auto lights low beam leds with your turning indicators now let’s touch base a little bit about the driver’s interface over here we already talked about where your tank’s at right there you got your speeder meter right there for you folks right here in the center

You got some additional information as you can see all of your honda sensing controls will be up here as you can see what’s going on as a visual where i’m parked at 66 degrees it feels a lot warmer right now maybe it’s because of the ties on then we got your miles down below 20 000 miles from there now we also have the fuel efficiency backlight pretty much this

Stuff right here this white light is going to turning from white to green when you’re being fuel efficient the green to white when you’re not being fuel efficient it’s pretty much a nice little visual coach to help you level up your fuel efficiency game all right now you can have your battery right over there the hybrid battery that is it would never be uh zero

Percent a hundred percent uh because you know as you fully charge or deplete a battery it damages the life of that so it has a program to help you with that it’s going to fluctuate quite a bit so that’s not a problem now you guys are probably wondering what’s going on with this blue and green right here right well pretty much have that needle as you’re driving

You see this mostly with your city driving it’s going to fluctuate going up and down so every time your brake has an engine brake regeneration pretty much it charges your battery okay has nothing to do with the brakes it’s just with your engine getting to a stop it’s pretty nice and pretty cool about that so there’s that then you can see if you’re using power

Okay so pretty nice and easy down below you can see they have all of your safety features a second ago just enabled and you have an ev down below for your battery use all right so we talked a little bit about that now let’s move over to your test screen now so as we move over here to the touch screen you got your pretty much basic controls here pretty nice

And easy all right so you can adjust the brightness of this by just clicking this a few times you can totally turn it off if it bugs you between your day night time driving you got your radio options right over here so you can listen to your music just hit it a couple times it shows you you have fm2 then you have am radio right there so pretty nice and easy this

Is going to be a tuner so you can see what kind of you’re looking for you found something you like just click and hold it will save that preset okay let’s turn up the brightness here again i’m sorry guys so now you can see what’s going on a little more all right so pretty nice and easy you have everything down below now you’re gonna have your time right up there

Media options you have bluetooth usb and then pandora right there okay we don’t have a cd player but hey download your cds onto flash driving so plug and play it’s pretty nice and easy you’ll see those right down here below all right now pretty much off button from right there you can pair up multiple phones as we discussed a moment ago you can fine-tune some of

Their base radios stuff like that as you see fit kind of hit the menu button here you can adjust the clock you’ve got some additional settings vehicle settings this is where we can customize all of your vehicle settings right here okay turn it off you’ll walk away out of lock you know when the door is locked all that stuff right there for you back button there

We go we’re all done with the touchscreen we’ll move down here we got your pretty much hazard light adjustable vent one way over there as well we have dual climate seen a little red light coming on as we’re turning up blue light that’s pretty nice so passenger passenger we got theirs i got mine is the driver we’ve got your fan speed right here on and off sync bun

So now i have all the power in the world you get your different modes front defroster rare defroster with heated side mirrors ac right here now this is going to open and close pretty much push the bottom it opens right up you got a nice little 12-volt plug-in down here you have a usb a nice little tray area for whatever kind of stuff you want to store in there

Cup holders and then we’re going to have your push punch here for your shifting all right so let’s say you’re driving down the road you can’t just imaginely smack you know a button pretty much you have to apply onto the brakes and then put it into drive or park or whatever so as you can see nice little green going on around there for drive then look you got d up

There for drive i put this in reverse right as i pull back towards you is green because park is red green and then look your multi-angle rear camera automatically displays down here is going to show you how the camera is going to act a nice 180 view to catch some of your blind spot a straight behind your view then a straight down shot from your rear bumper now

All of these views you’ll see your bumper in these all right whole point of that is to give you a nice little point of reference now as i turn the wheel guess what look at that it changes colors to let you know it’s not in line they also guide you what direction you’re going pretty nice okay neutral back in red so primo changes colors in between each one for

You all right you have an econ bun as you smack that econ bun you get a nice little green leaf that displays right up there see it there it is a little green leaf to let you know it’s on as if it makes you more fuel efficient for your gas driving okay most effective for highway driving you may see anywhere from two to four more miles to a gallon improvement on that

Depending how aggressive you’re driving now certain times you don’t want to use that let’s say it’s 120 degrees or something crazy out there do you want to be a fuel efficient or b comfortable because it affects the power of your ac electrical power and then your acceleration power so keep that in mind as you’re using it doesn’t do any additional wear and tear for

You i’m going to turn that off because i like to be you know comfortable you have your sport as you select that right on the driver’s interface to let you know hey we’re in sport mode a little bit of red action going on kind of focus right there there we go so kicks in right into gas for fun performance driving it’s right there if you want it then you have your

Ev mode pretty much it’s gonna be free battery pack that you can drive short distance right now a battery is not charged to the point when we can use that ev mode it will tell you right there you have electrical park brake simply just pull that right up you can see it’s on by the red light then also right over here as i’m giving you guys motion sickness you can

See the red break right there now to release that you can’t just hit that button back down or up you have to apply into the brake pedal then push that button in so you cannot accidentally hit that release button okay you have a whole break right here whole break simply if i have my seat belt buckle plug and a right end i can hit that button so every time i get

To a complete stop guess what it holds the brakes i take my foot off the brake for that stop and go traffic so that’s going to be pretty nice arm rest right here pop this right open so we can see some other cool stuff got a nice little tray can take in and out so that’s kind of nice i got an additional 12-volt plug-in down below that back down below comes in and

Out just in case someone makes a mess i can see one of my kids doing that we’ll take a step back here at the dashboard guys take a moment take a look at that nice little kind of trim work going on glove box deep enough challenge accepted fill it up forget about whatever’s in there i know i do that on a daily basis and then it’s going to be a lockable glove box

So we got a nice standard mirror you got your map lights going on a little place for the sunglasses little courtesy light within the visors guys thanks again for watching my video hopefully it was very helpful to answer all of you guys questions but just in case if i missed something or to answer a question drop them down below in the comments i’ll do my best

To answer those questions for you guys now if you guys are in the market you know what to do here’s my number i’ll show you guys how easy it is to join the crazy hot chris family here at randy kill honda okay i appreciate you guys the support i’ll see you guys at the next video bye bye you

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2018 – 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Walkaround By Crazy Honda Chris