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2018 68 Audi A7 2.0 40TDI S-Line Sportback

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Live Priced at £29,990 – Buy & Reserve Online

I tell you what what a lumper car this is for the money extreme value for money i’m sure it’s going to sell quick because this is an audi a7 it’s a facelifted model these cars you know 60 plus brand new 40 tdi 2 liter diesel exceptional fuel efficiency performance but it’s the looks for me this car has got incredible modern look sleek lines it’s big it’s imposing

And for the price is there a better car to buy than the audi a7 it is pure class from front to back one with the matrix light so basically this car look at that the dancing matrix led lights to the front and the rear i’d buy that this car for that alone really in ibis white this car has done 45 000 miles it’s a 40 tdi which is a two liter diesel 200 and 205 brake

Horsepower just under eight seconds not a 60. it’s got great performance but the looks look how wide this car is it’s super wide i would have made the grill wider at the front to give it even more imposing look when you it’s in your rear view mirror it’s a stunning car and it gives you so much technology and style for under 30 grand what a car 20 inch wheel upgrade

On this car as well i think you need the bigger wheels just stunning and if i show you inside first because it comes with technology package it comes it’s an s-line car of course it’s sporty but look at that interior it’s so up today audi have hardly even changed the interiors really to the current cars that you’ll buy today on a 72 plate if you could get a brand new

One of course so it still retains all the technology that audi still produce now privacy glass to the rear it’s also very very big so it’s a long car it’s called a sportback so it’s a five-door vehicle coupe styling lines and everything on the car are beautiful and stunning it’s one of the best looking should we say it’s brought back who pays on the road for me out

Of all of them you get so many lovely features on these cars especially the space massive boot space in the a7 five passengers will be seated comfortably assisted tailgate lovely designed to the bottom section of this car as well you’ll see just a great looking thing the 40 tdi like i say don’t be fooled it’s not a four liter it’s a two liter diesel engine which

I already produced it’s a new diesel engine as well s-line interior which is half leather and alcantara of course all your ex s line exterior styling as well what a beautiful beautiful car this is well you get for the money so electric seats will drive a memory tech pack with virtual cockpit s-tronic gearbox wireless phone charging satellite navigation smartphone

Interface sport seats a great car with build quality reliability from audi exceptional stuff really that audi do and you’ll know this diesel engine you know audi’s diesel engines are fabulous anyway but they just go on and on and on so at 45 000 miles on this car it really is in its infancy premium finishes as well so you look into the doors you’ve got alcantara

In the doors all this lovely brush chrome memory seats for me as a driver which are fully electric switchable down here lovely modern interface to sit in so it is you do sit in like a sports car feel sport seats low to the ground lovely sports steering wheel the s-line logo on obviously paddle shift cruise control automatic lights or mic wipers but for me really

It’s the cockpit in these things fully digitalized cockpit is part of the tech pack look at it’s so so modern bluetooth smartphone interface trip compute you can have it looking how you wish and then all this haptic seamless dashboard all easy to use all touchscreen navigation bluetooth smartphone interface going into the car settings you’ve got audi drive select

So you can tailor the vehicle to operate as you wish things like reversing camera full 360 graphic look down as well you’ve got digital climate control heated front seats aircon lane departure you’ve got a rear retractable spoiler which everyone loves on these a7s which goes up at speed or you can put it up like that manually your electronic gearbox hill assist

Electronic path break under here wireless phone charging it has everything style fuel efficiency lux performance i think the color is great the wheel upgrade all adds and then the matrix light add to the look of the exterior and the functionality of the car of course this is a great value car for an a7 if you’re looking for style and comfort and audi prestige

For a great price and this is the car thanks for watching

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2018 68 Audi A7 2.0 40TDI S-Line Sportback By Acklam Car Centre