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2018 Aston Martin V12 DB11

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Producing 600bhp of Twin Turbo V12 power with the soundtrack to match & intricate attention to detail throughout, our DB11 is a true British luxury Grand Tourer. Exclusively styled in Onyx Black with a Sahara Tan Contemporary Caithness Leather interior & some special extras

Now i’ve sold some db11 aston martins in my time and this i think’s the best i’ve ever had it’s done 4 400 miles it’s exceptional condition the color the interior the specification is just fabulous it’s got this v12 engine which just sounds unbelievable have a little listen actually we’ve just warmed the car up and it sounds fabulous it looks fabulous and

I’ve just got the specification over from aston martin and it’s beautiful it’s finished in onyx black like i said at the start it’s done 4400 miles so if you’re looking for 600 brake horsepower sports car but this has got a little bit of class about it i just think the way it’s been done the color the interior everything about it is stunning and when we move on

Inside and i’ll show you the interior you’ll see what i’m talking about so if you look at the front of the car the nose cone you can see it’s got that grille which has been finished in the satin silver so the the paired for the options of the grilling silver the vents around the windows here around them pillars you’ve got the roof is finished in in the onyx black

But it’s broken up beautifully with them silver sections of the car and look at it it’s stunning the wheels it’s got them beautiful tennis book they’re called shadow chrome so they’re like a they’re like an anthracite color look at the con there’s not a mark on them unmarked beautiful even things like if you look at the center caps they’re the areas on cars where

They’re corroded and you notice look at the calipers where tears aston martin you know sometimes within time after a few years old you get a little bit of a wearing showing on there but it’s not it’s stunning this car’s still got two free services remaining with aston martin because it’s got its aston martin service plan and we’ll live price the car today it’ll

Be the best buy in the country but in my opinion it’s the best example in the country as well it’s absolutely stunning beautiful and if we move on inside look at this interior look at this interior and it’s the condition of the interior as well so that interior is called sahara tan it’s contemporary luxury leather it’s broken up with piano or black and it’s also

It’s got that bright exterior polished finish as well satin silver jewelry package so all like the little nozzles and things on the door handles are finished in a high quality alcantara roof lining look at the leather on the door cards it’s got the upgraded bang and olson bo sound sound system so when i start the car up now it’s keyless start you’ll see the little

Speakers rise there in them two corners what an engine what an engine it sounds beautiful it’s got the tech technology pack plus so it’s got the the upgraded saturn nav satellite navigation system which is very very quick and usable look at this it’s all the little buttons is saw with your multimedia and your bluetooth so it’s right up to date look at the condition

Though it’s so crisp look at the roof lining that beautiful alcantara roofline i even love look can you show you’ve got the alcantar around the seats at the base there the kick plates absolutely stunning camera system is fantastic it’s got the full 360 camera seats you’ve got heated and you’ve got cooled and you’ve also got memory seaters seating here as well

Let’s turn them off which is in that section there electric center armrest two tracker fobs are here it’s absolutely stunning on the seat even the db11 emblem on there it’s a two plus two as well so it’s not just a two seat you’ve got the extra two seats in the back and you’ve got a beautiful b and or speaker there in the rear it’s just a fabulous example and

The car like i said has done four thousand four hundred miles the big door cards if you look at that can you see that big piano piano black breaks up beautifully and then you’ve got this stunning color on all the little sections and the little knobs on there it’s just a beautiful car absolutely beautiful car followed up by a v12 twin turbo engine and 600 brake

Horsepower the the previous guy who owned this car lovely chap he’s just bought a new ferrari from me and he told me that the car would be would be beautiful and when it arrived i wasn’t disappointed i just knew it would be exceptional and that’s what it is it’s a stunning example with 4 400 miles beautiful interior externally it’s it’s stunning as well it’s

Going live you can ring me reserve it and pick it up as soon as you like it’s ready to go

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2018 Aston Martin V12 DB11 By Acklam Car Centre