2018 Audi S4 Modification | AWE AirGate Intake | 034 Motorsport Strut Brace

Slight change of pace from the detailing to show the installation process on a couple modifications on my B9 S4. Parts were sourced through Mops at Nemesis AutoSport. I’ll go through the short list of mods on the car in the near future. My goal is a clean OEM+ look. The car currently sits at 16k miles and I took delivery July ’17.

All right good morning my plan today is to install an aw ii intake and both 34 strut tower brace this is our baseline stock engine so i bought these parts used from a parts guy nemesis autosport run by mops for bending i’ve been buying all this you stuff up a zest for the bbs i have that those are all the best for you go to other parts i want to get the strut

Tower brace in first and then we’ll do the intake structure look pretty straight for female socket bolt here here music alright let’s show what we’re doing here so there was a 13 mil bolt here same thing on the other side there timo we removed those move the rubber gasket and then in the back is those two bolts also 13 mil so we’re gonna get those off now

Other stuff for size comparison though 34 versus the factory obviously a weasel id it means more looks better okay because in separate my 30 bill i can’t hit the frickin screws off that’s one side on i need shutter sound that’s our factory you think box logo doesn’t look bad 60,000 miles how does this crease so here’s our dwe carbon-fibre little

Blemish on the back okay so carbon fiber pm light here goes in there goes to intake out of intake and to engine looks good this thing’s $900 retail i want to pay that uw’s expensive stuff alright so my problem with this brace is i got a that i need to make up that distance and get it over that nut somehow stop crying so all these three pieces would

Be separate then you’d be able to get it mine were combined there’s thread luck on these which means we believe that the red lock on the second here’s a second line okay let’s close this out he takes on stroke races on the only couple might have is a strip one of the screws so i have a mismatch of bolt so what are new ones when they come all this other slop

The other one but they’re both on there you know it’s functional where you go for a ride i’ve started up now but here let’s take a look at it okay so awwe air gate intake this is the you can get a door there’s a there’s an optional door it’s like 110 retail so this does not have it obviously and then there’s the strut tower brace so it goes off and it connects

Back up there so there’s a bolt up here if you notice this matching bolts there’s no that’s disappointing so i have a new flat head ones coming will be with that but it’s on there that’s your bad i struggled i struggled with getting both those holes to line out given it was already preassembled you know maybe if you do this the right way and and everything comes

Disassembled and it won’t be such a headache but all these you know pieces especially with the one in the middle everything’s kind of dependent on each other so you gotta get all the line up i tried a bunch of different ways loosening tightening jiggling whatever but it’s along there so here let’s see what it sounds like all right debbie small weights is coming

From it all to check the paper i want to say a tummy claims like 15 horse of the crane we’ll see if it does i think those web that i know but first dirty we’ll probably get it cleaned up for parking but we’re offset

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2018 Audi S4 Modification | AWE AirGate Intake | 034 Motorsport Strut Brace By NC.Detail