2018 Audi S5 Quattro Coupe

With 354bhp of Audi V6 Power, Quattro all wheel drive & beautiful coupe styling, our Daytona Grey S5 with Super Sport Massage Seats, Technology Package including Virtual Cockpit & only 24,181 miles with Full Audi Service History is the perfect example

A proper example of this celebrated sports coupe now this is a one-of-a-kind car price mileage condition it is the audi s5 coupe a three-liter petrol quattro v6 engine it’s a great shape a great color in daytona grey it’s only done 24 000 miles which on a 2018 18 means that it’s crisp condition to the seats the steering wheel the wheels the body work these things

All matter on a car like this plus it’s fast it’s four-wheel drive it looks great it’s got the right spec and i mean by that it’s got the tech pack with the virtual dashboard not all of these cars come with that it’s got the upgraded 19-inch wheels this v6 supercharged engine is 354 brake horsepower but with the quattro drivetrain it drives so well estronic

Gearbox it fires through the gears with the noise to boot and it’s a great car i think it’s just under five seconds not 64.6 4.7 which means that it drives so well but daytona gray is the color it’s a pearlescent audi color against the silver styling the mirror casings which is signature to an s5 the wheels the red calipers again another upgrade this is a top

Example if you’re looking for a sports cooper you don’t want to break the bank you want a proper car full audi service history then this could be the one contact me on the number on the screen let’s have a chat about this car so from the rear end you’ll see dynamic indicators rear led lights little lip spoiler the s5 has the practicality as well because it has

The big boot space yes it’s a two-door coupe but if you’re looking for one of these cars you know that already but it has got the space in the boot for practicality inside again i mentioned this the condition of this car is all important in the seats so the seats are lovely audi rings to entry level you’ve got led switchable ambient lighting another option but in

An s5 as standard you get these super sport seats i think it’s standard my car’s got it anyway but they are massage fully electric and heated so the massage seats are a feature of this car which again make all the difference but i’ll mention it you know the condition of the car on the inside is absolutely stunning some of these cars you’ll see that i’ve got a bit

Of wear on on the bolster as you get in or they are a little bit creasy in the leather because it is a car that’s just over four years old you know but this car come and have a look i’ll try and show you as much as i can it hasn’t got that see it’s a lovely condition as you can see in the design with the super sport and the quilted you’ve got the s emboss there

It is a quality car this car so jumping in a big feature is the tech pack it isn’t standing in one of these cars so let’s just turn the hazards off and start it up that means you’ve got the digital interface behind the steering wheel and that is a real big driving feature of this car when you’re using it you can switch the full display like so off the steering

Wheel really really easy stuff to use and it makes all the difference to this car automatic light automatic wipers cruise control power falling door mirrors tech pack gives it the larger screen to the center which means that you’ve got this little pad here to draw nav destinations and mobile phone contact on here then you’ve got bluetooth you’ve got smartphone

Interface by plugging your car into the your phone into the car dab radio media interface important features of this car again drive selector you can tailor the car to to drive however you want from comfort down to dynamic and even into individual mode heated front seats climate controls all digital and then we’ve got 360 graphic with front and rear sensors hill

Assist electric park brake so really it’s got everything you’d want a little bit of space under the armrest but i don’t know if we can have a listen to this car tom and go around the back because if we can pick it out it sounds great when you drive this car through the gears it’s got that lovely little crisp noise to it and it’s a car you’ll enjoy all year round

Wintertime summer time it’s a very very good daily driver that will give you everything really from looks to performance to spec it’s the right color it’s the right mileage and it’s the right car that’s been looked after by an audi dealer only big features when you’re buying this car my name is richard use my number on the screen give me a call about this s5 thanks for watching

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2018 Audi S5 Quattro Coupe By Acklam Car Centre