2018 Bentley Flying Spur – Driving The 500hp Modern Day Phaeton (POV Binaural Audio)

It turns out you can still buy a VW Phaeton! Thanks to Boston Motorsports for tossing the keys to the 2018 Bentley Flying Spur V8. Find this luxury daily driver and more at

Welcome back i’m tedward and today thanks to boston motorsports we’re driving a 2018 bentley flying spur and if you’re a little confused about where the flying spurs sits in the bentley lineup let me elaborate this is the second generation and in the first generation it was actually called a continental flying spur because it was a four-door version of the continental

Gt so that means the flying spur is not quite as opulent and refined as its more expensive brother the melzan and mozan speed there’s also a couple of engine options on this flying spur this one in particular is the v8 and you had the opportunity to also get a w12 which means that this flying spur is basically the ability to continue buying a vw phaeton in modern

Times but before i show you under the hood and really what’s important what’s inside let’s take a look around this is on 21-inch wheels and it’s a square set up 275’s on front and rear and they’ve made sure to put b’s on everything including the center caps but also here on the other side that is a b here it’s just mirrored so it’s kind of funny you find little

B’s all over this bentley because they’re not shy about showing off how much money you spent on your daily driver back here we’ve got these really trick quad exhaust tailpipes and then under this trunk this is enormous this is designed for all of the golf clubs all of the luggage this is really something kind of impressive to see although it’s a driver’s car

The rear seats are quite nice and they do recline and there’s two settings for each rear seat as well as pulsing massage this one has the nice pile carpeting and the doors are very large this is a limo for sure even though it is kind of the baby bentley when it comes to the four doors there’s nice stitched leather all over the vehicle and everything you touch is

Basically going to be pleasing because that’s the goal is to make sure that everything feels premium and opulent so let’s take a peek under the hood before we go for a drive under here we’ve got our very forward mounted twin turbo v8 so despite the bentley logos all over the vehicle it’s got volkswagen audi group written all over it but that’s not so bad because

That’s probably going to put you in a better position for reliability and serviceability down the road so let’s jump in starter up go for a drive even though we do have soft closed doors they do tend to want to close themselves pretty naturally anyway i like the bentley key and of course the typical volkswagen switchblade it’s got knurled aluminium on the side

And a funky panic button over here you can insert the key over here but we don’t have to because we have comfort access or whatever volkswagen bentley calls it it jumps to life really quickly and it’s so nice to look at classical bentley gauges i really like the gauge cluster in this car i like the way everything forms around the driver and even the passenger the

Shape of this dashboard is fantastic it’s not boring and we’ve got a gorgeous breitling analog clock in the center of the dashboard the controls for everything are really simple but i really like the heated steering wheel button just directly on the thing it says heat done no fussing around no looking for things behind it no it’s just right there and then to get

Into drive we have our nice knurled aluminium shifter as well with big b on it because they gotta remind you you are a big dog i think people expect these cars to just soak up bumps like you’ve not hit them at all it’s not what they do you’ll always notice imperfections you’re always going to notice the world around you it’s really difficult to make some sort of

Sensory deprivation chamber that still allows you to drive it because if you can’t feel anything you can’t drive the car there are smoother cars than others this has a self-leveling suspension it does a good job of smoothing things out but you still are going to notice that you’re driving over you know junky roads sport mode let’s see how she accelerates i’ll

Tell you what yes there’s a 12-cylinder option on this vehicle a 12-cylinder a w12 that is probably very frustrating to find parts for hard to service quite expensive to deal with but this is 500 horsepower that will not let you down this is quite stout this is very powerful and then where it’s at home highway driving 80 miles an hour 15 1600 rpm this just

Wants to go and go and go but it wouldn’t be a british car without some omissions right i do feel like there’s more wind noise from these mirrors than i would expect from a bentley if it’s fine there’s always going to be some oddball thing in these cars the ride quality is fantastic steering is phenomenal throttle inputs i mean i really do feel connected to the

Car that’s a fine delicate balance when you get into these big luxury cars because like i said if you insulate things too much if you become a sensory deprivation chamber you can no longer feel what’s going on with the car which is the antithesis of a driver’s car yet they’ve managed to make this thing really docile plush but also sharp to the driver and you want

To make sure that driver inputs matter and that the damping that you’ve put in the steering and the throttle and the braking and the suspension aren’t superseding the driver experience no one’s behind us let’s get a taste of these oh brakes definitely i saved the princess kind of vehicle it’s a big nose to tuck into a tight corner there’s got to be a little

Patient with it treat it like a big heavy sedan and get the job done so unlike the rolls-royce phantom or the bentley azure that i’ve been driving around somewhat recently i could actually see this as a wonderful daily driver it’s special it makes a presence and a stance on the road but it’s not ostentatious and outrageous it’s got just the right amount of opulence

And luxury and it’s really entertaining to drive i don’t feel like there’s too much of a sense of occasion in the car which is kind of what you want you know if you’re having a daily driver you don’t want something that’s like tricky and complicated to drive because you’re chasing the car like you do on an old world bentley a pre-vw bentley because those cars they

Definitely feel more like boats and sometimes that’s entertaining but day to day not really my favorite thing actually we’re gonna go south cruising around on back roads i’m just immediately warned by the fact that vw did a good job making these cars more driver friendly because the old world bentleys the azures those types they’re a lot more loose there’s more

Dead space in the steering wheel they feel more like boats like barges that you’re coercing around a corner whereas this really does shrink around you and you get all the lovely luxurious features that you want in your bentley but you don’t have to put very much effort into driving it i’ve made the mistake of not putting on my massage chair and i see what button it

Is there it is that’s good stuff you’ll notice that we’ve got paddle shifters they’re column mounted and they’re in a very strange spot because they’re right here i keep reaching for it when i go for the directional it’s a little bit frustrating i would recommend these be in a different location or on the steering wheel it’s hard to look at the bentley lineup and

Say that this is more of like the everyman’s four-door bentley but it is i mean i don’t know what this originally cost i’m sure it was a very sizable sum of money except like if you just have money this is probably what you would want to drive i mean it it’s not fussy it’s handsome without being ostentatious handles really nicely i gotta say even for 5500 pounds

This is really nice to just chuck into a corner the good news too is from a safety standpoint you’re going to be just fine this chassis is beefy i mean you can pretty much crash it end over end at 100 miles an hour and you’re going to be okay i think you know if you’re if you’re in that echelon of wealth where you can use that money to be protecting yourself and

Your family like this is what i would want my kids to be riding all around in you know i mean cars have gotten so much safer over the years anyway so i’m not saying that your new camry isn’t safe it’s fine but this definitely has another level of protection that you just feel the size of around you it’s pretty wild all right let’s see how this all-wheel drive

System gets us off the line it’s pretty effortless sounds good too yeah this this v8 won’t leave you wanting for much more i like the old school bentleys i like the six and three-quarter liter v8s that came in the older cars they’re fun they’re entertaining but you know this is a not a big step down let’s see how she handles in a corner takes that mid-corner

Bump like a champion that’s not something i would feel very comfortable doing in an azure okay or a brooklyn’s this is really capable and i know it’s hard to see the germans take over an iconic uh british brand but they did a good job i feel like more people have animosity towards bmw with the rolls-royce than they do with volkswagen in bentley volkswagen and

Bentley honestly seems to be a really nice match they they work well together the turn-in is just really good like i i i’m kind of blown away at how pointy and capable this is although i shouldn’t be it’s a d1 platform from volkswagen you know we’re looking at a phaeton here i guess the question you’d want to ask yourself is do you want to be driving this or do you

Want to be driving an s8 the s8 is fantastic but it’s not a bentley so if you want the bentley you got to just go for it and now thanks to depreciation on these luxo barges you can get them at reasonable prices which is good i mean even even through the craziness of used cars prices right now you can still get heavily depreciated values which is great unlike the

Old world bentleys i could actually see myself using this as the daily driver this and the mozam but this honestly feels more daily drivable than the mozam because it has less of that like boat insulation feeling it doesn’t feel like you’re ever chasing it where it really does feel like kind of a normal car and maybe that’s not what you want maybe you’re buying a

Bentley because you absolutely don’t want to be normal i get that uh but to me this thing is just a joy so thank you to boston motorsports in brighton massachusetts for the opportunity to drive more on the lineup of the bentley collection because there’s always something else there’s always a variation whether it’s this i’m sure there’s a v8 s coming in and i’d

Love to drive a w12 to really compare it head to head but i gotta say i am absolutely not disappointed by the power of this like base v8 model thank you guys so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing i’m gonna go have a nice lovely relaxing drive back to the dealership to drop this thing off or maybe i’ll just steal it and take it for a while because

I could i could really put some miles on this thing man if you’ve got like a new hampshire house or a vermont house and you’re living in massachusetts rhode island and you’re doing like a couple hundred miles every weekend this is the way this is how to do it if you got some money i don’t have any money so i gotta wait see in the next one don’t forget to respect

The drive what do we have behind us is that a wraith looks like a wraith flying spur meets wraith seven series meets feyton there we go

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2018 Bentley Flying Spur – Driving The 500hp Modern Day Phaeton (POV Binaural Audio) By Tedward