2018 BMW 2 Series Coupe Review: The Current Best Diesel Sports Car?

This particular car is the 2018 BMW 2 Series Coupe 218D with the 1.5L Diesel engine which has 53,000 miles on the clock!

The 2018 bmw 2 series it’s a great looking car isn’t it you’re probably wondering haven’t you already reviewed this car and yes you’d be correct however this is the updated 2018 lci version and this car has four cylinders as opposed to free because i tested out the 218i last time anyway today i will show you around the exterior interior and finally take you for a

Leisurely drive around newcastle so without further ado let’s start this review since i’ve already filmed and reviewed a bmw 2 series it’s given me some time to further analyze and look into this car one of the things that really stands out to me is the outside aesthetics of this car i think the decades that pass by people will realize that the f-22 generation

Bmw series was a fantastically designed car for example you’ve got this subtle shoulder line that runs from the back of the car all the way to the front with these grooves and curves once you get to the front end you can see that design element goes full circle and it splits the car into its top and bottom half i find this really interesting and it’s something

When you see it you can’t unsee as for the model variant that i’m reviewing it’s the 2018 218d m sport now with the 2 litre diesel engine currently pushing 147 rate horsepower and 236 pounds for torque all to the rear wheels this car will top out at 132 miles per hour and it will take about 7.9 seconds to reach at 60 miles per hour this means this car is a whole

Second quicker to 60 than the two warning i that’s something to consider if you are stuck between deciding with a petrol or a diesel car i noticed i didn’t mention what the dimensions were like in the previous review so given the opportunity i may as well do it now this car here is about a foot shorter than the three series and about a foot and a half shorter

Than the five series and finally it’s tighter than both cars so if you thought this car was big then you’d be kind of wrong prices for a similar car to this 2018 model start from 15 to 16 grand if you want a good one and car tax for the year will cost you 165 pounds as it emits 111 grams of kilometers of co2 this isn’t that bad going given the bmw m2’s car tax

Is a whopping 520 pound year yeah quite hefty as for the boot the bmw 2 series comes with 390 liters of space you also get things like some tethering points 12 volt socket and even fold down rear seats the only compromise to the boot is that it has a narrow opening so it’s a bit of a pain to put and take out items but other than that it’s fairly decent now let’s

Test out the rear seat space and there’s only two seats in the back of there so it’s gonna be tight but as tradition let me get in the back and see what it’s like so give me two seconds and here we are there’s actually it wasn’t as bad as i thought i mean i could sit in the back of it for like a couple hours before i start feeling very claustrophobic but yeah

I’ll give it probably a 5 out of 10. just standard really the 2018 218’s interior features a few subtle upgrades over the preface lift the most notable of which is this new white and black instrument cluster you also get a new infotainment system which is quite clear and easy to use you’ve probably noticed the interior this car doesn’t look stuck and yes you’d

Be correct jack the owner of this car bought it with some mods already on it for example you’ve got some carbon fiber inserts on the steering wheel door cards center console and this alcantara lining on the dash all of which i would say look okay but i think i prefer the gloss black original finish one of my favorite elements in the bmw 2 series is just below the

Steering wheel and it’s this soft knee pad right here so let’s say you went on a track day to throw your car around some corners your knees are going to be nice and comfortable it’s a great invention by bmw another feature i quite like in the bmw 2 series is this little gear selector right here let’s say you’re in sport mode and you you know turn your car off it

Just automatically slides back over to the right and back into park quite convenient and um quite useful the one letdown in this interior is the volume knob no there’s nothing wrong with it it’s not you know got an issue with it it’s just the fact that bmw went it switched it over to write and drive it switched over the center console all the buttons right here

Apart from the location of the volume knob on left hand drive cars it’s on this side and you’d think on right and drive cars it would be on this side however it isn’t um you know cars got in but honestly um it kind of pecks with me and yeah it’s quite frustrating anyway i think i’ve spoken enough let’s finally take this car for a drive okay now let’s go for a

Drive in the 2018 bmw 2 series and first off i could already feel this uh it’s a very tight car the steering wheel is nice and big as well it’s nice and chunky i did kind of miss driving this car since i drove the 218i a couple of months ago i didn’t mention one thing in my main half of the review this car does have these like self-leveling headlights i have

Got a clip of it it does look super cool and at night jack did say it does kind of like follow the path of the road jack also does work at um virtue and he did manage to swipe up this car at a bargain i’m not gonna mention the price so you guys don’t get jealous um the usual price of this car well since when it was last listed was about anything between 17 18

Grand and the price he got it at was oh my god he he got it at a massive discount and you know congrats to him he did drive a mini clubman before this and he does say this car feels much slower than his clubman and rightly so it does have quite a significant amount of less horsepower weird way to say it well i know the route that i’m driving today so i could

Utilize the two series we are just about to go the dual carriageway um i’m going to whack it into comfort mode for the time being actually now let’s go to sport and let’s have the gearbox in manual mode i am quite a big fan of this new instrument pinnacle that we’ve got it’s white and black and it’s so crisp and clear there’s nothing wrong with the previous

Generation sorry not previous generation the pre-facelift dials these ones they just look a little bit more modern and a little bit clearer but i’ve got to say it’s a very stable car it’s very competent and it’s just mounted to the ground it’s very low i’ve just come out of driving a peugeot 208 and a suzuki swift right in front of us nearly just about to crash

Into an air glass because you can’t drive but yeah this is a very composed car it’s very low to the ground um funnily enough the passenger seat jack just sat it right now but it’s what is it much lower than the driver’s side but yeah on the motorway hell the zombie driving newcastle head what me what is going on um well this is i’ve gotta say though it’s a

Very comfortable car and coming out with peugeot 208 after driving what two hours this car you could you could feel like you could drive it for a good solid three four hours without having your back in pieces one thing i’ve noticed weirdly is they must have changed the indicators for the 2018 model usually with the bmw indicators when you push it down it stays

In its fixed position but with this it goes all the way down it’s like a normal indicator so they must have listened to all them complaints oh wow it’s silent even in like what comfort mode it picks up the torques there right given the speed for cruising right now does it feel like the speed oh no cruising it feels much quicker compared to the 218i which is so

Weird because they are virtually the same model just petrol diesel is the difference and the well technically the diesel has one extra cylinder and i think that just makes the complete difference this car has so much more torque over the petrol though okay so after 3 000 there’s actually not that much pick up to be fair i think it’s the low end it feels quick it

Doesn’t drive rather than sport a box i think it does because it’s not it’s not holding revs longer yeah so that’s the in-depth tool review around the 2018 series overall this is one of bmw’s best sports cars and if optioned with a manual gearbox it would just be the icing on the cake and my opinion on that will never change in all fairness i think this car suits

A four-cylinder engine more than a free cylinder and that just makes me wonder what that bmw m2 is like anyway thanks for watching and i’ll see you in the next one you

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