2018 BMW X2 2.0 20D M Sport xDrive

A true contender for king of the mid-size premium 4×4 class with style, space & efficiency

We haven’t had any at all and then we get two in two weeks this is the second bmw x2 m sport two-liter diesel in the beautiful metallic black sapphire 18 000 miles 2018 68 registration now this is a crossover suv with koopa styling it’s quite a new addition to bmw’s range of cars and you know what it’s a fabulous looking car it’s got all the panasonic and wow

Factor that a little suv should have because it’s it’s very quirky to deal with the life price in this car is 26.99 i know and for me it’s a massive saving against the list price and the way it looks and with the 190 horsepower with the master gun that this car delivers it’s just perfect for somebody who doesn’t want a humongous four-wheel drive so if you look

At this car the way it’s designed you’ve got quite a big front end it’s got ground clearance obviously it’s the m sport you can tell straight away from the refined front bumpers the bigger grilles it just looks quite angry but sporty led front fog lights front rear parking sensors full bmw led headlights with led daytime running lights with a new design pattern

In there the big kid niggles just there and it looks great i quickly had a spin on this car because i’ve never driven the last one that came because we sold it that quick and they’re super comfortable and there’s very little body roll and because the size of the car it’s quite punchy the 190 power is more than enough now this one has got a few extras one of

Them being the upgraded 19-inch alloy wheels which again looks superb for the car this size that’s just right you’ve got the color-coded arch kit front and rear with a full side skirts which flare out also color-coded gloss black window surround sun protection glass and i love this imprinted bmw badge on the back air pillar just there they’ve got the new style

Seats in these so these are very comfortable they’re quite plumpy but it is still bucket styling as well so they’re very sporty at the same time lumber support automatic gearbox with sports transmission which is paddle shift you’ve got a touchscreen media system which is navigation db digital radio bluetooth and then things like the heated seats dual zone climate

Control the ambient lighting and the door cards fun tantria and i love the matte blue finish being the m spot that’s how you can identify straight away that this is the highest spec car just because of this pinstripe here you’ve then got this brushed aluminium hexagon design on the inlays like i said this is a touchscreen media system very easy to use you’ve

Got two keys just here you’ve got the twin cup holders and more cribby hole space down there you’ve got the sport button you’ve got eco comfort you decide your driving pattern eye control just down here if you don’t want twitches to screen you want to use it using that you’re more than welcome to automatic park brake center armour which lifts up with more cubby

Hole space and underneath you’ve got further whole space with usb input just there now although to cooper style and suv there’s still lots and lots of headroom and legroom as you can see if i want to pull the seat forward a little bit because i want to show you in the back so this is my comfortable seating position i’m nice and high up i feel like i’m ready

For a nice long journey look at this remember it’s still a five-seater vehicle if i sat behind my false self i have plenty of space now the reason i talk about space is because when you’re buying a car like this you want style you want comfort but space is important because you probably have got a child or two and if you’ve got lots of books bags anything and

Everything you want to be able to move around and you can quite easily put two kids um child seats in here and they would be comfortable the ambient lighting carries them around the back the center arm mist just here pops down with cup holders just there you’ve also got the icy fix attachments if you have got child seats and every passenger has three point seat

Belts which is amazing you’ve then got the full flat led rear lighting system with the led um l-shape in there tinted rear light automatic tailgate and for that you just push the beam to the round hill and it pops up now that is a pretty generous boot it’s not the world’s biggest build but it’s not the world’s biggest car but for the size of the car in proportion

That is perfect the seats go down 40 40 20. underneath here you have a lot more cuba whole space that’s very big underneath here and this pops up completely as well press that button it closes up but the the thing i like about this is it’s got that chunky look to it if you look at it with the twin exhaust tailpipes one on each corner all the color coded lifted

Rear bumper high tailgate that rear spoiler it just looks different and different is good it’s the bmw x2 we haven’t had many you don’t see men in the road and that’s what i like about it a bit more unique but it just has that sporty feel to it and remember it is x drive so it is four wheel drive but you don’t need to do anything about it it’ll just go into four

Wheel drive as and when it needs to the electric windows and mirrors with electric falling moves is just down here all my headlights automatic window wipers you’ve got your normal steering column adjustment which is up down in and out and then the more refined finishing like see this top dash here it’s just nice and soft because it’s level wrapped it’s all stitched

In there that lovely piano black and you see this panel black down here it’s beautiful you’ve then got this curve there it’s the design factor everything’s a bit old tt but for the right reasons because when you’re spending twenty six nine i know you wanna get in this cat every time and go i love it because it is i think this is a contender for the evoke so if

You’re potentially looking for an evoke and you come across this video i wouldn’t rule it out because it has all that cooper styling it’s a two liter diesel it looks mega and it drives brilliant just come in my name is joe my name and number’s on the bottom of the screen give me a call drop me a text or whatsapp be more than happy to help you thanks for watching bye now

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2018 BMW X2 2.0 20D M Sport xDrive By Acklam Car Centre