2018 BMW X5M Review – Better Than A Cayenne Turbo S?


Next to me is the 2018 bmw x5m a 50 300-pound suv with an m5 motor in it all-wheel drive and looks that could kill with a base price of a hundred and one thousand seven hundred dollars it’s not for everybody but if luxury power and practicality are your focus the x5 m might just be one of the best suvs ever made special thanks to bob smith bmw in calabasas california

For making this review possible i’ve got a link in the description below to this exact x5 m if you’re interested from head-on the x5 m looks menacing its enormous front split grille let everybody know that this isn’t a normal bmw x5 if you look closer there is a tiny little x5 m badge on the kidney grille now to the side of that we’ve got these optional adaptive

Led headlights that actually swivel with steering wheel inputs in order to illuminate the road around bends when you’re going under 35 miles an hour under the hood of the x5 m is a 4.4 litre twin-turbocharged v8 that cranks out a healthy 567 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque for reference the base price of a cayenne turbo is a hundred and twenty four

Thousand dollars twenty three grand more than the x5 m and it has less power now the range rover sport svr has 18 horsepower more than the x5 m but it costs 12 grand more and for that price difference you could tune the x5 to make significantly more power if that’s of your concern in fact if you really want to boost power in the x5 m you can get a $3,000 tune

From dinan that maintains your new car factory warranty and bumps power up to 702 horsepower and 682 pound-feet of torque 700 horsepower in an suv i’d say that’s enough come around to the side and you’ll notice bmws signature air breather not only does this look cool and how’s an x5 m bad it also allows turbulent airflow like in the 7 series when i explain to

Escape out of the wheel well and actually pass down the side of the car for improved drag coefficient and thus efficiency now from the side of the x5m you can get a glimpse of the size of it at one hundred and ninety two point seven inches long it is a big suv but it’s not as large as you’d expect that length is actually three inches shorter than the new bmw m5

Yes it weighs fifty three hundred pounds which is quite a lot may i remind you that the tesla model s p one hundred d a sedan capable of doing zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds weighs 5,000 pounds not that far off of the x5 m this x5 m is finished in donington gray metallic one of eight standard colors available all of which are no-cost options you can also go with bmw

Individual colours for a wider range those are expensive however now there are three different wheel choices these are the 21 inch style 612 m and yes they actually come blacked out from the factory this combined with the interior color which you’ll see shortly and the x5 ms donington gray metallic fit together so nicely but the craziest part about the wheels are

The tyres they have on them in the front we have 285 millimeter michelin pilot super sports but in the rear we have three hundred and twenty five millimeter tyres that’s the same tire size as a mclaren p1 that combined with standard all-wheel drive allows the x5 m to get off the line in a hurry the rear of the x5 m is very muscular on the passenger side we’ve

Got the x5 m badge to let other people know that you are better than them and below that we have this beautiful quad tip exhaust that tips themselves measure three and a quarter inches in diameter and add to that menacing demeanor that the x5 m has now check this out when you actually open up the lift gate which is automatic of course but below that we actually

Have a tailgate that folds down and can support up to 550 pounds of weight that’s pretty cool let’s hop inside shall we the rear of the x5m has tons of space i have plenty of legroom at five foot eleven plenty of headroom as well even in the middle seat it gets even better when you’re on one of the side seats we’ve got climate controls down here as well as a

Button because we have that executive package for the heated seats there’s also a massive panoramic sunroof here as well in the rear with the seats folded down we’ve actually got seventy six point seven cubic feet of storage that’s 16 cubic feet more than the cayenne turbo s and 15 more than the range rover sport svr so if hauling kids sports equipment or going

Camping or being able to carry a ton of groceries is a priority definitely look at the x5 m the interior of the x5 m is finely crafted with exquisite materials and honestly it’s just a pleasure to be inside of the cabin this specific x5 m has majella full merino leather which significantly improves the excitement inside of the cabin although it does cost $2,900

But the red leather juxtaposed against the black leather with contrasted stitching carbon fiber as well as the gray exterior go together so nicely we’ve got three different trims available fine line oak wood aluminum trace and this carbon fiber on the beamer it is a no-cost option for carbon fiber on the gls amg it’s seventeen hundred and fifty dollars kind of

Nice that bmw throws in carbon fiber on their cars for free on the inside bmw has made specking out your x5m very easy there are a few entertainment and comfort options that you can choose from but the majority have been bundled into one package the $6,100 executive package which is fitted on this test car that comes with a full-color display active driving assist

Ventilated front seats heated rear seats rear sunshades as well as a wireless charging hot spot in here we’ve got optional apple carplay to make the integration of your phone and your car as seamless as possible we also have this gorgeous touchscreen color display bmws heads-up display system is one of the best in the business it provides just enough information

Its color its sharp it’s clear it’s adjustable in terms of its height and you can even link it to memory settings when i click em to here that programs the car into a custom setting that i’ve created but it also gives me a more aggressive heads-up display that shows me rpms in a nice horizontal fashion the speed limit my current speed as well as the gear i’m in

That allows you to keep your eyes glued to the road when driving the x5m focusing on nothing other than enjoying the car instead of while looking down or looking to the side distracting you from safe driving that 4.4 litre twin-turbocharged v8 is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission we’ve got steering wheel mounted paddles if you want to take more control

Of what gear if you are in and like all bmws the responsiveness is razor sharp putting paddles that don’t have good response on a car makes no sense and bmw realizes that so honestly it feels like second nature and in the blink of an eye when you flick those down shifts and up shifts the transmission responds get this for staggering acceleration performance in

The x5 f 0 to 60 this suv weighs five thousand three hundred pounds happens in 3.8 seconds that’s right 3.8 seconds for a massive suv that is an incredible feat but it gets even more impressive the quarter-mile happens in 12.2 seconds at 115 miles an hour how does that compare to the full fledged sports car the bmw m4 well the m4 does it in 12.5 seconds three

Tenth slower at the same trap speed x5 m is faster than an m4 bmw has given us complete control of the way the x5 m drives there are three different buttons that when clicked completely alter the way the x5 m performs one of which is the steering weight comfort is the lightest setting good for cruising the steering weight is nice and light but not too much then

Sport it tightens up quite a bit and in sport+ it feels heavier than a lot of sports cars do i quite like it however then we have a button to control the suspension firmness comfort sport and sport plus again there is a massive difference in the ride quality between comfort sport+ when riding over bumps in comfort it soaks them up very well and in sport+ they’re

A significantly less body roll but the best part of the x5m is truly the way that it drives bmw has destroyed the notion that suvs aren’t capable around the track more fun whatsoever get this the x5 m is able to achieve point nine six lateral g’s of acceleration on the skid pad how does that compare to other vehicles well the giulia quadrifoglio the fastest sedan

Around the nurburgring achieved point nine eight g’s of lateral acceleration pretty insane for an suv or any vehicle really an engaging driving experience and comfortable ride is what bmw is known for and it’s no exception in the x5 m we’ve got self leveling rear suspension active roll control to limit body roll through the turns and improve cornering ability

We’ve got double wishbone front suspension the x5 m rides 4/10 of an inch lower than the standard x5 for an improved lower center of gravity but numbers aside it really is impressive how this thing makes you feel in the turns and how confident you can be piloting such a big vehicle at speeds you didn’t know where possible with 325 s in the back that is just an

Astronomical amount of grip and if you kind of pretend that you’re not in the next 5 m you’re in an m5 you start to feel even more confident it’s that good and that fun to drive and really that’s what this thing is all about do you need to spend well over a hundred thousand dollars on an suv that has 567 horsepower absolutely not but there’s no other suv at this

Price point that will put as big of a smile on your face as this x5 m will combining luxury technology performance all into one package the brakes on the x5 m are impressive as well we’ve got six piston front calipers and it’s able to stop from 70 miles an hour in just 152 feet that’s four feet sooner than a cayenne turbo s and the cayenne turbo s costs quite

A bit more than an x5 m does well you can entertain your rear passengers with the brutal acceleration of the x5 m or shut them up whichever one you prefer you can also opt for the professional rear seat entertainment package that cost twenty two hundred dollars and gives you two nine point two inch color screens in the rear they’re also compatible with gaming

Consoles so if you want to play fortnight and you’re no longer at your computer or xbox you can play it in the back of the x5 another option for audio files although i tested the standard sound system out that’s equipped in this vehicle and actually quite good but if you want to take that up a notch there is a 16 speaker $3,700 bang & olufsen system that is

Pure auditory bliss more on the list of cool features the x5 m has to offer is the $2,500 m drivers package that bumps the speed governor from 155 miles an hour which definitely is enough for american roads to a hundred and seventy-four miles an hour but it also comes with a day of high performance driving school with bmw m that’s right they’ve got a school on

The west coast and the east coast and you spend the day honing in your track skills and piloting bmw m cars pretty cool so with that i think it’s time to put on the point of view camera and show you what it’s like to drive the x5 m from a first-person point of view let’s hit it i love the way this bmw leather wrapped steering wheel feels in your hands it’s the

Perfect diameter and then we’ve got these paddles mounted in the perfect position at nine and three that really feel good when you actuate them bmw does a great job at that visibility is really good in the x5 m massive front windshield and then when you look over your shoulder there’s so many individual little windows that really you can see all the way around

And then when you open that giant panoramic sunroof it feels very airy in the cabin very spacious in the front seats now the seats themselves don’t actually hold you in place all that well although this is not a sports car it’s a sports suv but i would like a little bit more support from the bolstering there despite being 5300 pounds and all-wheel drive and high

Off the ground this is just such a fun vehicle to drive those down shifts and that 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 the exhaust note has this soothing smooth tone to it and then on up shifts it has these nice little pops that sound very cool overall i’m incredibly pleased with this suv for the money the mix of performance luxury practicality refinement technology is off

The charts thanks again to bob smith bmw of calabasas california for making this possible i hope you guys enjoyed this review if you did leave a like on this video hit that subscribe button if you’re not part of the vehicle versions family yet i look forward to seeing you next video you

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