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Good day ladies and gentlemen brandon doak from island owl mazda here in campbell river and i am here to walk you guys around this here 2018 buick encore a four-door compact utility vehicle powered by a 1.4 liter four-cylinder ecotech engine giving you impressive get-up and go and sleek styling let’s get you into it you can see this this bad boy has nice cladding

On the lower portion so that if you’re planning on taking it off the less than desirable roads not a problem you’re not going to wear and tear the lower body of your vehicle you’ve got wraparound led headlights and fog lights added on to this bad boy too sleek chrome accents and a blacked out slick grill there for you come up to the side of the vehicle and we have

Breakaway mounted mirrors those bad boys fold inwards and outwards with turn signal indicators on the outside here and blind spot monitoring on the inside which is amazing if you need to know what’s going on behind you those bad boys will do that this comes with proximity locks you press it that will lock and unlock your doors even when your hands are full there’s

Nice tinted windows back there keeping it nice and supreme and keeping the peeping eyes out of your back seats let’s get you into the interior where you have premium luxury you’ve got white cream leather on the armrest here power mirrors power windows power locks and storage here for cup holders and wallets and keys and premium leather seats with that cream color

To it gorgeous here’s two memory seats for the driver it’s all power operated for you you have automatic headlights let me turn this fan down because that thing is blowing like crazy all right guys here on the steering wheel check this out you have cruise control you can set you have hands-free bluetooth commands source selection and volume control awesome turn

Signal indicators rain wipers there and check this bad boy out if i go through my menu here you guys can actually see 26 000 kilometers this is just a baby you’ve got touch screen entertainment system over here where you can access your music am fm radio as well as connect your phone through the bluetooth or wireless connection there or the wired connection i

Should say you have your phone connection projection on-screen nav with the compass if you want to get navigation there’s an sd chip available as well down here is hvac so look at that climate control is easy dual zone as well there’s a heated seat there heated steering wheel for the driver you have the fan temperature here as well defrosting mode next to your

Flashers and your traction control press this little center console up you’ve got a little storage cubby in there right in front of your automatic shifter cup holders and another storage cubby great up here your onstar nav on the dimming mirror here for you and you have a power moon roof above us and get you into the back seat loads of room for even the back

Row passengers check that out lots of leg room lots of head room above you got the drop down armrest with the cup holders here an extra charging port right in the center there and then drop these seats down check it out you’ve got room to get into your cargo area wrap around tail lights i give it a sleek bold look and make sure people can see where you are

On the roads and as i come up under here give a soft gel touch this is a lightweight hat that lifts up with ease with the hydraulic arms getting you into your cargo area here’s an all-weather mat that makes it easier to slide things in and out and underneath you’ve got your spare tire in there as well which is sweet drops down with ease oops just like that boom

Bang you’re off to the races so if you and the family are in need of a compact utility vehicle that’s ready to do what you need it to fit the groceries fit the family take it to the lakes take you to the city streets wherever you want to go come on down and get into this 2018 buick encore we’re at 2280 island highway in campbell river or you can give us a call at

250-914-1695 and we’ll help you get you into your next set of wheels have a great day we’ll talk to you soon guys

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2018 BUICK ENCORE ESSENCE – 23862 By Island Owl Mazda #owlfam